Slapper loses it slams. Luckily same plot on the track alex buncombe his part, it was. It was a mechanical failure that was a big hit, but fortunately it was in the passenger side and there the car rotates around and around and the nissan behind, and he got through he squeaked through and that’s the hitting that at the best part of 120 mile, An hour so here he comes through turn, six big slow. This is easy. There we go up. The inside he’s got a much better run. Oh it’s, not that easy, because he’s getting a little bit nudged onto the ground, contact and off goes lawrencevantor. The the bentley has been collected in that as well and the bentley’s gone off the circuit of jules zimcobiak, and that was really something. Kobiak was squeezing squeezing about four. On the left hand, side this is coming down and then he comes across and in fairness he comes back across heavy impact on the driver’s side for wheels bodywork shed. Now i assume the porsche is still on slicks, because the eight all of them are going for a spin. This is coming up into the bust off the arc. Bratislava, five cars are off, marshalls keep out of the way. Gentlemen, i think these are. These. Are all these cars are still on slick, says 57 uh mercedes there so dramatic final as we enter the final half hour. Do you want to be on the track or in the pits at the moment? There’S the question all those cars look at this another ferrari.

Bangs in they’re probably still completing their lap on slick tires, so the lamborghini coming probably doing 50 mile an hour, rearward bang i mean just well there’s there’s, a massive cage inside the cockpit. Now you can feel he lost this opportunity now, he’s, going back behind being shunt coming out of turn six cars all over the place, so that’s gon na be possibly a red flag because right now it is chaos on the exit of turn, six contact somewhere between The midfield and you can see there’s, four or five cars – heavy damage cars on the left, cars on the right. So this is a mess, so let’s have a replay coming there’s the lamborghini leading the way round onto the back straight and then about four or five cars time. Maybe a bit further back one of the audis gets kicked sideways. It gets slammed there’s, one of them there’s both of the grass and lamborghini seemed to be involved, certainly two of the green card and again when you’re in that sort of melee of cars, you don’t know which direction to go, because you can see a car literally. The exit of a rouge very contact on the way in and that is triple six, so it got turned round here’s the oh rouge view of that that’s, not a bentley that made contact that looked like a ferrari yeah. I think the tracking is um incorrect. So the car is sort of that is possible, so is schneider’s! Stopping no he’s not well there’s, triple six fucking hell he’s on fire, oh big time, somebody’s going off at the eggs that have seen so quickest corner here at porycar, so that’s.

The reason why we’ve got the safety car on track immediately now let’s have a look at it, because the ferrari’s on the outside gets hit by derrick pierce and then that fires, the audi across into the ferrari and boom into the barrier at high speed they go. So the audi seemed to get hit from behind by the team park, eventually huge damage to both of those cars yeah. The ferrari really looks to be the two one of the two that’s come off the worst, the angle that he hit the tower. They are that they already hits and knows that, but then you can see wheels coming off.