Well now we have completed the 2020 formula, one season by adding three tracks and four races to finish a very quirky 70th anniversary race. In the 2020 formula, one season of course admits of the corvette 19 pandemic, which canceled postponed basically switched around the entire season. We started off in austria with a double header there and we are now finishing in the same place as abu dhabi, with three tracks added. So we of course have been adding some of the track. We’Ve never been there before, such as imila migello and nurburg in the three round, the four rounds that will finish the season. We are heading to istanbul, the istanbul park, the turkish grand prix. We haven’t been there in many, of course, a scene of some great battles and including the very famous 2010 collision between mark webber and sebastian vettel. We are heading there again after imila, then the next two rounds will be at the same circuit at the bahrain international circuit in sakia, now it’s unsure what track layout they’re going to be. Of course they have two tracks: international and national circuit. The national asserted use. Um before 2010, then, of course the international circuit was added, so it might be one of each. It might be an inverted circuit, it might be uh go around the other side, we don’t really know what’s going on, but two races at the bahrain track. Again, a great certain to go back to as well one in the truck the second round of the provisional 2020 formula, one calendar, the one that was going to be happening in round two after australia, that first one that was going to happen with no fans.

Of course, that was scrapped after australia did so it’s nice to be going back to sakia, and this will be the first race for formula one in the middle east. Of course, in this formula, one season until the last round, which will be happening in mid december and that will be, as always, the abu dhabi grand prix it’s gon na be december, but it’s, the middle east it’s, the united arab emirates, it’s not going to be Called it’s a great season, the twilight race to finish the formula one season. This will be in mid december december 13th as well for the race it’s going to be absolutely incredible: a great race in abu dhabi to finish the circuit now there’s six tracks. Now that i’ve never been on the formula one calendar before, of course, the two in italy have just added mijello and imila the nurburgring, of course, and also now istanbul, so it’s, a very quirky circuit. But there we go now. 17 rounds have been added to the formula one season, it’s going to be absolutely incredible in istanbul great to go back to bahrain, two races, they’re incredible. We do love the dusk twilight race, the dart rage whenever they’re going to run it remember 2014. The battle in between lewis, hamilton and nicole rosberg, again checko and jensen, got into a bit of hot bother through that and, of course, fernando alonso’s 2012 radio messages you have. You have to leave a space in bahrain and, of course, the abu dhabi, the place where many world champions have been granted to lewis hamilton 2014 negro rosberg in 2016 and sebastian vettel in 2010, great battles there and that’s, where we’re going to finish the season in Mid july as well, i think that’s on my core percentage birthday as well, so be very happy about that and there we go.

There is a very quickly 2020 formula. One season done 17 rounds. Oh it’s, gon na be absolutely incredible. We have ten rounds left after spa it’s going to be incredible. Let me know in the comment section below what is your favorite race, not just of those four that i’ve mentioned what’s your favorite race through 2020? What track do you want to go to the most we’re going to imila we’re, going to mijello we’re, going to nurburg we’re, also going to portugal as well, one that i just missed off before we’re going to portugal haven’t been there ever last time we were in Portugal was back in the 90s. I think it was at algarve a very long time and we’re going to be finishing the the season in the place. We know and love, which is abu dhabi again in terms of fans, we’re, not sure what’s, going to happen now. Sochi is the race in a few rounds time which is going ahead with fans we’re looking at full attendance. Such is going to be an incredible circuit to look after everyone, the world’s media. The world stage is going to be looking at that race and going. I can’t believe this is happening and that might set a precedent for what’s going to happen in the next few rounds. Will we be seeing fans at istanbul and will be seeing fans at the bar in grand prix and will we be seeing fans at the final round the finale of the season in abu dhabi? We hope so.

We do really hope so. It’S been a massive change and it’s a really big sigh of relief to what was, as i say, guys a few months ago. I did the video where i said these are the provisional rounds, austria, spielberg hungary, two in britain, all this malarkey finishing in imola. Sorry in monza, which is the next round that’s where the season was going to finish until more races were added it’s, just amazing, to see more race being added in one track, sochi being added with fans. Hopefully we can get more fun and more races, uh that have found you know: abu dhabi and borrowing things like that. We do really hope so, because obviously it was absolutely incredible. Um to have the season started and now it’s a great feeling. It really really is. We hope you’re enjoying the season. We hope that you enjoy the last few rounds as well. Um stay on track with us. If you are brand new to our channel, we are going to be covering the hell out of the next few rounds. It’S going to be incredible, belgium is this weekend, so make sure you stay tuned. For that, please like and subscribe hit that notification bell. We have our f1 24 7 news coming out tomorrow. Preview on thursday, top 10 facts, f1 debate show race. Review, live stream saw loads of content for you guys if you are brand new as well, and if you are not brand new, we hope that you are still enjoying our content going forward.

Thank you very much for watching stay safe. We hope you enjoy the rest of the season.