We have junior panda today with us in my show down time by the way, give us Laughter very fond of watches. Dk is someone who’s very fond of watches. All v3 keeps sharing our whichever someone Music foreign taken. Okay. Today and then we can take off catching the ball a bit further up all right guys, two days off, we got another two more days before the game. I hope everyone’s rested but it’s time to switch back on. Okay switch back on. We were in a good rhythm now, back to that zone. Come on. Football was the winner: Music Applause Applause, my foreign Applause, Music, foreign Applause, Music, pam, pam Applause, Music, foreign Applause. I think a lot of reasons to celebrate today. You know it’s uh his birthday and uh. It was 150th game and we won and we’re on top of the table. So it’s gon na be a good night for us. Yeah we’ve got two birthdays here: birthday boys, one who’s there wearing his night suit. The other one is not here right, he’ll, be here soon: Music, all right, let’s get you started. Okay need these two jump down on the ground around your ankles good right here, yep just there and then around wrists as well, all right money back for you hold that position hold that position put some tension on there. Tension on there hold down a minute. You know about this Music, an aerobic test today evening or maybe tomorrow morning.

So after that activity plan was to do a little bit of cycling, got 45 seconds, still cycling a little bit of running, and if that goes okay, then we can do a strength, we’re sort of doing that order, just waiting to get the physio room and then Big cheese is outside so as soon as he’s here leave you with them for the first 20 minutes and then you’re. All three two done easier. Come buddy come so rather than double leg box jump, we’re, going to take off on one leg and i’m going to land on two all right, so let’s try right! Foot first, come slightly closer like this yep jump with good. More drive again want five off all on left leg. Good let’s go use that arm drive. So in that start position that’s our start position all right up, drive and then way so two legged landing again right.