The start was a little wobbly, the first game. You know we played good cricket, but probably didn’t have that clinical instinct to finish it off, and the second game was much better um against kkr and then third game again. You know we showed inconsistency in certain departments, but it was a great game where we from nowhere came back into the game and pushed it to support. But ever since then um we’ve been very consistent, trying to improve on all departments and and playing some consistent cricket. So you can’t complain after seven matches to be 12 points and having two losses: um and then one of those losses being a super over. So i think overall, as a coach i’m very happy, but there are definitely areas where we can improve and and keep improving, because tournament always going to get tough and tougher at the back end right. So this is something which moment. Indians never start off with such a good campaign. Is it? Is it some kind of you are as a coach? You are at ease and uh. What was this specific aspect? You guys looked at to get the campaign off such a way. Well, as a coach you’re. Never going to be at ease in a tournament like this, but i think yes, i mean something that we were conscious about the start, um of the tournament where we always slightly slower, and then you know you get into your stride and claw your way into the Tournament, so something we spoke, we knew the guys were in good form, guys had prepared well uh, but it’s it’s, all about getting into that awareness, intelligence handling situations out there in the middle uh trying to get them to understand the conditions quickly enough and and adapt.

So i think that’s, where we’ve, i think, came back strongly after that first few games, where we learned a lot very quickly how to play in abu dhabi, which is going to be our main venue um having to play eight games there and um and dubai, and And we had one game so find sanjay, which we played really well so um that that has been the key uh players understanding. You know how we need to adapt change, um their role, identification as well, whether they’re better spoilers. What are the situations that they are going to be in and winning those little battles out there in the middle with the opposition players? So i think wow so far, i’m very happy. The way that guys have responded to that. Okay, okay, so moments has got the momentum and we are, you know, writing it. Well. Could this be also a concern of losing the momentum considering the breaks we had? Well, it all depends how you look at it. I think, when you’re playing in these conditions, especially the first half of the tournament, the temperatures were very high and and the humidity level so having a few breaks in the middle always helps. I felt that that was a good option for us to regroup, get the guys fresh and going yes, you can say that you know you might lose a little bit of momentum, but after a four day break we came back and won a game as well.

So i think that the players understand and they’re responding well to the challenges um that we put across to them mentally and physically uh, so having the brakes is always good, but sometimes it can be an issue when you’re having a good run. You know that you know it stops that momentum but um, but i think that’s something that we will talk about and make sure that the focus is there and and that we approach each and every game with the same mindset yeah the next three four games is Going to be very crucial in this competition and and we’re looking forward to that right, i guess that’s, where the leadership team comes in, and this question is from radio one uh you shane bond, zack rohit, you guys have created a wonderful leadership team at mumbai, indians. So if you can take us through this think tank and uh what uh works for you guys, what is the individual strength you guys bring into in planning and execution? I think it’s, not just the start of the tournament. I think this goes back to when we go into an auction and and getting players the the the sort of people that we need to set up a skeleton in in the team and and responsibilities that goes along with that. So all those things are being spoken about being planned about, so not just the four names that you mentioned, but there are so many other people who are involved in that the franchise owners.

Everyone has to be on the same page when we are setting it up. So once that is done, i think what we and the management level uh do is to try and enforce those leadership roles among the group and getting them to take responsibility for those roles and and that’s something that we uh each and every day keep reminding the Boys and and try and make sure that they adhere to that. But i think over the years because we’ve kept the same whole group of senior players and who understands their roles in the team it’s been very easy for us to from season to season. To make sure that we evolve when we improve on that it’s, just the new players who we add into that skeleton is the ones who we need to keep an eye on and make sure that you know they understand what we’re trying to do so. Um it’s it’s it’s a great challenge to have and and something that we’ve realized that once you create a culture within a group, it’s quite easy for everyone to come in and adapt to that right now, a lot of players are waiting at the wings. You know uh there’s, grace nathan, sarah, many of them and it’s often been asked to you that you know it’s, probably a good headache to have, but as a coach, how difficult it is to keep them motivated well, that is something that, like i said earlier, like We’Re creating that culture within the group, everyone understands um that okay, there are players who is going to go out onto the middle, but the other guys are as important as anyone else in that group, because they are the ones who actually keep the guys on the Field on their toes, because these are very, very good players who we got on our bench at any, given time, they’re ready to go out and perform, so it makes a healthy rivalry within the group.

It’S it’s, a good, healthy competition, and we just monitor everyone’s attitude. Everyone’S uh focus um, whether they’re, actually, you know prepared for each and every game so, depending on that that’s, where we might make certain changes, whether they we feel that you know they’re, not physically capable or whether they’re not mentally fresh, then we will make those rotations We’Ll make sure that we manage those workloads. So that is one of the reason that we’ve got a lot of good players on the bench ready to go at any given time. So it’s, like i earlier said, it’s a great headache to have, but at the same time, it’s good, healthy competition within the group as well, which we have created, and i think what we try and do is to keep them fresh, prepared. Um not push them too much or not. You know let them relax too much. It’S a it’s a two month: tournament it’s, not a big ass for for for these professionals and just to make sure that you know they’re the top of the game and and it’s it’s and it’s also communication between the management and the players as well. Um trying to figure out any issues and all that and resolved it before it can get festered and be a problem for the group yeah mumbai. Indians wants to ask you about the pitches. Basically, now, as we see, is slowing down and spinners are expected to get a bigger role.

So could there be a rethinking on your part uh for playing three specialist pacers going forward well, it’s, something that we need to see how how if it will evolve last year as well, we made that adjustment at the back end of the tournament when we played In certain pictures that you know were suited for spinners um, i mean i cannot say that right now, because i think um, you know still. The fast bowlers have a bigger role to play in this competition and and whether given its power, play mid lows or the back end, so trying to keep that balance as long as they are making um contributions that they are that penetrate in the opposition. Battery line up it doesn’t matter what kind of surfaces that we play on, because the quality of the fast boarding that we have they’ve always going to create opportunities, and we got a couple of very good spinners who’s operating right now, um within the playing eleven and There are a couple of guys who are in the wings who might we might you know, look at given certain opposition, certain matchups um and if the condition suits yes, we will look into that, but right now, i’m, quite happy with the the combination that we have Um, seeing the way they’ve operated, what’s your review of james pattinson and coming in place of malinga, and how did the management brought him into the woman indian scheme of things? Well, i think uh i have to be honest.

There were quite a few names that we’ve discussed, but um rohit was the one who actually put his hand up and said you know. Pato will be someone who will definitely add value to the attack um. What he brings uh, which is pace. Um accuracy pulls a hardball and and and has that record taking ability which, which uh we always look at i mean rather than i know he was replacing mali, malaysia, deadpool specialist, but the requirement for us was, you know it was always going to be tough to Replace i like to like match for lassett so um. How do we compensate that is by you know, try and get someone who’s going to. You know create opportunities for us up front and the middle by picking up wickets, so that’s, where uh jimmy’s, uh name came up and and row was the one because i think you know end of the day. Captain um is the one who has to take those guys out to the middle and as long as he’s got confidence in each and every guy that he’s got in the squad. That is very important for us, so um. So that was the path we took and and jimmy hasn’t. Let us down, i think, from the day he arrived the way he trained, where he understood the role that he wanted, that the role that we wanted him to do in the team um he adapted really really well and and uh.

You know formed a really good partnership with uh polti and boom, and you know these three guys have been really really good um, so so far, it’s been brilliant and and um and really happy to have him in the squad. He’S, a great guy and and uh really really happy to be him having in in the work of things. Absolutely, however, if you, if you were to pick up one area to work on in the squad, what would that be? Well, i think um something that i’ve always kept pushing and pushing is the energy levels out there in the middle um we’ve been very good but that’s, an area that i i always feel that which is a controllable thing um. I know the performance is bad ball and all that it’s it’s skill, dependent and and some days you know some guys you know – will not be at that same level that they want to be but they’re trying but energy levels, especially on the field, creating that environment Atmosphere, um, you know, intimidation of uh, of pressures out there in the middle is something that i’m always um, pushing uh to get better and better um.