Eleven is video meme team, ranger dream 11 match manchester united versus chelsea in the fa cup. Semi final, so friends, i open um up definitely go check them out now now it’s time to start our preview for united vs. So so very very good performance from united or, more importantly, definitely chelsea, revenge motivational twice in the league and once in the cup, so definitely head to head last 19 in his last 28 appearances effect, so he is a very good option for me: coffee decent. He can be a good option for this particular match. Now. Let us discuss he got changes. Teams in this particular match. I think 3dc rotation, hoagie, goalkeeper united states best second goalkeeper in the whole league. He is very, very good, argentina, national keeper, of course, he’s. A very good deputy david, otherwise brandon williams, will play center back will be mcguire and lindelof. There is a small chance at the back formation or williams. You will have to see a line Music match striker, although this might not be the safest, pixel, say marcus. Rashford. Captain and olivier giroud, vice captain coming up in key bruno or rashford don’t know, i think alternate penalties linger so not very short, but maybe rashford shot ugly penalty lesson. United martial captaincy is a very good option, but i feel martial a player home traffic. Still, i think marshall is in very good form and very good captaincy option. Agar apko told a safer jana friend, so i would say you go for a bruno fernandez and willian partnership.

Cookie friends billion great captaincy option. Yes, hey player. Friends are really good options. I feel all of them for captaincy vice captaincy through a tricky other match. Obviously, because all of them are great options: uh, rashford, captaincy, police’s, voice, captaincy is a very good option. I think particular teams may now defensive options. I’Ve gone for a weight, cheap defense, zuma, rudiger williams, less risk, because united car record is so good against chelsea. This season years are definitely possible. Martial captain rashford vice captain rashford, captain marshall, vice captain, even bruno fernandez, vice captain with martial rashford captaincy united, will win positions. Good passing numbers good time on the field example drop kirk. You can also pick romero basically a one nil or a two nil, united win cookie. United, obviously record is very good, so this is, i think, a more likely result than let’s say this sort of result. Your third team, medium yeah grand league, narrow chelsea, when underdogs this matchmaker, but people are expecting united g techie because you see a recorder against chelsea but i’m, not very sure, and i think chelsea can do really well uh. Captain crosstalk gold, conscious captain georgina once again hit the like button subscribe to our channel share it with your friends telegram, follow korea, because team news changes, hong kong telegram, channel update so follow us fantasy scout 11 football, video description below or, of course, hamari partners. The uh you know, football aficionado store, could definitely follow karega and you can go and check out their jersey.