Now, if you didn’t see the Premier League predictions video that went up on the channel a couple of hours ago, you can go and watch that after this one there’s a lot of football going on as we all know. But yes, it is the FA Cup video and before we look at the semi finals, let’s have a little look back at my quarterfinal predictions and I have to say it went pretty well, I correctly predicted all four semi finalists, albeit not quite in the fashion that It did occur because Norwich Man United, I predicted a three nil away, win to the Red Devils and it ended in a 1 1 draw and then 2 1 after extra time, Norwich really hoping to go to penalties. Because, with Tim crawling goal, you’ve got a you got a back Norwich and a penalty shootout to be honest, like they did against Tottenham in the previous round, but Man United, making it through in extra time nonetheless Sheffield United up against Arsenal. This was actually before Arsenal’s. Really good run a form to be honest since then in the restart, and I did predict the away win for Arsenal, I predicted a 1 nil away win and it ended up being a 2 1 away win. So I was pretty happy with that. One Leicester, vs Chelsea, I predicted the 2 1 away win and it ended up being a 1 nil away win. So if I just reversed those two predictions, I would have got it exactly right, but I was happy to predict Chelsea beating Leicester as well.

To be honest and Newcastle Man City a slightly easier one, I predicted a 4 1 away win and it ended in a 2 nil away win, so that leaves the fixtures Arsenal up against Man, City and Manchester United up against Chelsea, so kicking off on Saturday. Tomorrow we have Arsenal hosting Manchester City Arsenal coming off of a win up against Liverpool and Manchester City just doing what Manchester City do they’re looking pretty good at the moment, and they are gon na be chasing this silverware. They love trophies they’re good at getting trophies Arsenal in recent years, not so much, but they are still the record FA Cup holders. So something could happen for Arsenal. I just I don’t see it it’s a competitive competition where there is literally all to play, for. I think Manchester City are gon na get the win here. I’M gon na give us an or goal, but I think ultimately, City will be too good. They’Ll be playing at full strength. I don’t have Sergio agero will be included in that full strength, side depending on injuries, etc, but there’ll be they’ll, be fired up and ready to go, and I think their attack will just be too good for whatever defensive line Arsenal can put up. Yes, they’ll they’ll have firepower going forward, could even score a couple of goals, but I see Manchester City scoring three, so I’m gon na go for a 3 1 win to Manchester City.

Now the next fixture should be a lot more closely contested. In my opinion, Manchester United up against Chelsea, now Man, United, the form team of the Premier League Chelsea, letting in quite a lot of goals at the back and Man United’s recent record against Chelsea – is actually fairly strong. So I think Man United are going to qualify to the finals of the FA Cup. I was going to give them the outright win. I was gon na suggest a 2 1 win Man, United, but again FA Cup competition, semi final knockout sort of scenario. It could be different, Chelsea are gon na have to go for it and Frank Lampard will want them doing that. So I think they’re gon na push Man United all the way I’m gon na go for a 2 2 full time result and then a 3 2. After extra time Manchester United, I think I think it’s gon na be a Fergie time style winner in extra Fergie time, obviously Man, Man United – to take the win 3 2 after extra time, meaning we would have a Manchester derby as the FA Cup final and you Never know what could happen because on paper you say Man City they just they are a better team. They could win that, but Man, United, the form, is with them and they always do play quite well in the Manchester derby. So you never know so I’m. Predicting a Manchester final with City beating Arsenal in regular time and Man United’s finally taking a win in an exhilarating 3 2 after extra time, so that is gon na.

Do it for this quick little FA Cup. Semi final predictions, video! Please do drop your score! Predictions down in the comments below let’s see if we can get them right, I mean who knows, imagine we get an Arsenal. Chelsea final, just like the old Europa League, where Arsenal absolutely stomped, you never know, Arsenal could upset Manchester City I’m. Very very excited for these two games, so yeah that’s gon na. Do it from me in this video. The next video on the channel will be in a week’s time. The Premier League final week predictions so yes, we’ve a like.