Thats right. There, you go. Hi, Bold Bakers. Kevin has been working extra hard lately between the baby and the business. So I wanted to make him something nice kind of a thank you pie.. We are going to make a peanut butter and fudge ice cream pie. This recipe is actually from my book.. Kevin loves, peanut butter and chocolate pretty much mixed with anything. So he really likes this dessert.. It is made with my two ingredient ice cream. It is no oven needed, which is awesome, so were gon na get stuck in. Into my bowl with a pastel and mortar. You can also do this with a food processor were gon na add in our Oreos., And all you want to do is bash them up until theyre, nice and fine.. So now, actually I leave in the cream. With my cookies, I used to take it out its totally your preference.. It adds a little more sweetness and just means you dont waste anything., So you can use any kind of chocolate cookie or biscuit you want for this., And just so you know the recipe is on my website.. Ok, so just bash them until theyre, nice and fine. A few lumps are ok. Thats. Looking good. Now Im going to add in a little bit of melted butter just to bring it all. Together. Some people add in sugar to their cookie crust and I dont think its necessary., Because we have the sweetness of the cookies and the ice cream and everything on top.

. I think one of the reasons I like pie, so much is because there are different layers and different textures and different flavors, but if I had a preference it would be a cookie base, like all the time, always a cookie crust.. So here I have my pie. Tin so heres my little sneaky trick that I did., I lined it with cling, wrap around three layers of cling wrap.. Now I do this when I make a cookie crust pie because it means you can pull it out in one piece at the very end.. So the easiest thing to do right now is to go in with your hands and shape your cookie crust. Bring the crumbs all the way up. The side. So, like I said Kevin is big fan of peanut butter and chocolate and the longer Ive been in the US. Its definitely become one of my favorite flavors.. So there you go theres our cookie crust., So you dont need to pop it. In the fridge. Were just gon na put it over there. And now were gon na make my two ingredient ice cream filling. For those of you who dont know what that is its ice cream, I make without an ice cream machine and just two ingredients., Its pretty magical.. So if you havent seen it prepare to be amazed. So into my bowl, I have some heavy whipping cream. So with heavy whipping cream. Its called different things in different countries just check the label and make sure its 36 fat content.

That means it will whip up really well.. So with our hand, mixer here were going to whip it up until its kind of you know soft peaks.. So, like I said this recipe came from my cookbook and its probably one of my most favorite photos. We took. We just took one slice of pie and placed it on the corner of the table at the stylists house, Kate, Martindale and just put a little bit of sauce on top and I just absolutely loved it., Its so simple and beautiful a little bit like this dessert.. Now into this were going to add in condensed milk., If you dont have condensed milk in your country. I have a recipe on my website. Its super easy just milk and sugar.. Add that in there. And then again with your mixer, you want to mix it up until its nice and stiff.. So if you dont have an electric hand mixer, you can do this by hand. Its just gon na require a lot of elbow grease and take a few breaks, but its totally doable., Ok, its lovely thickened up. And into this were going to add in the star of the show some smooth, peanut butter.. The reason I use smooth is because were going to add in our own crushed peanuts. And then a little bit of vanilla extract, because I love me, some vanilla extract., If you dont, have vanilla, extract, feel free to leave it out. It just adds a little bit of extra flavor.

, OK back in with our mixer nice and high until its all combined. Thats it. I have to say this might be the fastest episode of bigger, bolder baking. We made that super super fast. Check out that filling. So check this out. This is peanut butter ice cream. You can put this into tubs right now, swirl chocolate into it, put jelly into it, its absolutely lovely.. We are going to put it into our pie. Crust.! Oh, my gosh, it smells so good. Kevin is gon na go nuts for this.. I strongly recommend adding the peanuts in there. It just adds a lot of really great texture.. This is a really great recipe for the family and if youve got kids home during the summer, this pie is a lifesaver because they can mix up the cream and condensed milk and they can add any flavor they like to it. So Im. Gon na add a few peanuts on top to make it look extra. If you wan na use roasted salted peanuts, for this go right ahead. That extra flavor makes it just salty and sweet and absolutely delicious and thats. Really, what Kevin loves is the salty and the sweet., So there you have it into the freezer for around 5 hours or so. Doesnt. Take long. Im really excited to see what Kevin thinks. Gem that has my name written all over it., So check this out. Kevin Oreo cookie crust, peanut butter, ice cream, filling and fudge sauce on top.

, Oh man, how do you like that? I love it because its a blend of my favorite flavors and ice cream, which is my favorite dessert. Thank you so much. Glad you like it Kevin. I hope you make it its gon na be a summer favorite. And Kevin, and I and Baby George will see you back here really soon Bye guys.. Let me have another bite. Yeah. Sorry, I was gon na.