Well, you mentioned adjustments. This competition, yellow, should be out anytime and you’re. Gon na have to decide yellow competition yellow for these drivers to make adjustments. Now the question is right here: the ten team: what do you do he’s having the brake issue? So do you just do a normal pit stop and see if the brakes work themselves out, you come up with a mechanical issue. Do you believe the brakes there’s options, but they have the golden egg track position? Rick you don’t wan na give that up you’re first you’re in front of the primary caliber role of Kevin Harvick. They stayed out Music Harvick’s, getting a big shove. Martin Truex Jr in that 19 right behind it. We had three cars stay out there, a lot of guys behind it took two tires left sides: junior very interesting, normally it’s a guaranteed rights, but a lot of guys are worried about left side wear. So we saw some left side tires, be changed. Ryan Blaney is the first car on four tires. Blaine is back there in there, although I want to kill her loose underneath Kyle Busch. These restarts are important for these guys to try to maintain or be able to tack mode, but man yet to be all attack mode. You put yourself in position to get loose, lift lose a lot of track position so now, with under three laps to go.

Tyler Reddick, holding on to the fourth position, but William Byron, all over him: there’s Ryan, Newman, we’re, scooping Ryan Blaney in the 12 and Rick.

Why this matters? The top of the screen is it’s been well documented, Kyle Busch, the car in second zero playoff points there’s one available, so he’s trying to run Blaney down not just four points, but for that playoff point not to mention the last few winners of Texas have all Won a stage so maybe deep down he believes. Can I go in the stage? Is that the momentum so right here you see he can close down to four or five car lengths, just not enough to get next to the 12th under two laps to go down. 20 20 0 plane points he had 25. At this point, the Kira go Ryan Blaney, though, with 0.46 second lead over Kyle Busch and now just one to go still in stage one. The Kyle Busch is closing the gap Blaney to the bottom of the racetrack Kyle Busch stays up in the traction compound Blaney continuing to go by the lap traffic right now there are 29 cars on the lead, lap, Bubba Wallace in 29th position. Holding on to the final, we lap position Bush, he thought about making the three wide title: William Byers, look at this battle coming to the startfinish line, for the stage in so Blaney is going to get the win of stage number one it’s a second stage win Of the season, things are happening, quick, as is it start to stage two Ryan Blaney Kyle Busch, making up robot top stayed on the racetrack behind four tires.

We see how it works out 3y in the middle of pegs, Kurt Busch, in the middle of that one. But they still stay side by side for the lead, eight restart the confidence level goes up these guys. They understand where the crimp is on this racetrack we’re gon na see these restarts for exciting he’s got side by side down the front straightaway for the lead, and on top of that you get a guy like Denny Hamlin Erik Jones. They haven’t seen the front of the pack today they’re now in the front. They do not want to give it up hard into the wall and the caution will come out. That is a lot of damage. Jimmie Johnson, having a good run modest, you even burn down or just get away from him. I don’t know Kyle Busch and Ryan Blaney up front making up roll one Music, the Geico camera on board with ty Dillon. What he sees in this chaos of the restart man easy making it three wide on the outside yeah it’s gon na be some contact there with him. The Boyar check up on that outside line because of that it’s, true safe she relaxed he’s asked his crew chief. Is that enough, whatever he’s doing in the car, he needs some feedback if something for fans needs, I don’t know fans realize this or not. Not only does the 19 team see that data every team can see that data, so every team can actually watch and see how Martin Truex Jr is saving fuel it’s.

Something unique in this series: those series that have that data they keep it Friday. But in this series they want everybody to see it trying to keep competition closer Steve. I think you mentioned it earlier that the winner of the stage has gone on or a stage has gone on to win the race. Well, Ryan Blaney is trying to say I’m. The only one who’s going to win a stage today he won stage one and now inside of two laps to go to win stage. Two he’s still out front and has a five second lead over teammate Joey Logano it’s killing my fantasy points. My fantasy points is what the twelves doing right here, because he’s just I mean he’s, just doing a nice efficient job Dale. You mentioned the gap he pulled by by taking advantage of traffic, but he continues to stretch his legs up to the five second gap. Yeah he’s drove away from Joey Logano, put down some bass laughs its complaint about that car, it’s brown, I wouldn’t change the thing and he will see the green and white checkered flag again it’s. The second time now. Lady has swept both stages in a race in his career field, approaching the Geico restart zone, getting ready for the final stage underway at Texas, his teammate, but Denny Hamlin, pushing Keselowski on the bottom, see Penske, looking very strong here, three cars of the top four he’s. So close to being cleared in Klaus key now the guards gotten they got, the advantage Keselowski side, drafting it’s critical for Brad to get this lead.

He’S only got two tires versus four behind him: Oh the 12 gets loose up the racetrack and the 22 almost into him. He has to check up, they all check out behind him and the four on this guy maturity to now three wide. He catches the 19 Cole Custer involved the highest of high two now below Cole, Custer wins at Kentucky and now wrecks out at Texas and that started that wreck started at the front of the pack on the exit of turn. Four and the wreck didn’t happen until almost a startfinish line. It just bottle, jammed everybody up, look at all the damage to Cole Custer and the 41 Mart truck jr.. He was one of the first ones that went around. It was the a team that got sideways hook to the 19. You see the 17 also Chris Buescher, with a lot of damage. Take a look at the replay here start. This is the start of it: good, restart, everybody’s, pushing each other that’s. What you have to do on these restarts Hamlin, pushing Keselowski, Blaney side trapped and holding Keselowski back that’s. What you do got a side wrestler everybody up and as they approach turn three Kozlowski with a big run clears Blaney. Blaney loses grip, goes up the racetrack and now that’s, because Joey had to lift and look behind it. Just stacked everybody up Junior let’s see how this 18 gets loose here. Oh, he gets tagged by the 10, the 10 get hit by the whoa yeah.

I think the one got the quarter panel, his ten turned him into the 18 and look at that behind him. Chris Buescher was having a really good day, just a bobble right there and he has to get out of gas Joey all the way out of the gas Harvick out of the gas. So watch the ten down there on the bottom, the one to ten turn yeah yep that’s here, nothing, intentional it’s, just they’re all three they’re all three wide and when your cars are that close to each other, they ever moves your car around a little bit. You’Re. Not in complete control yeah, we haven’t got a good look at that 18 car, but I’m surprised that the front split are still on that thing after it trip through the grass come to the restart just. Lastly, on the inside did he handle it on the outside. The graphic the inside was curious about that man. He gets a great launch in the matter. What Lane you think it is much like that great job see Ryan Blaney that second road, a number 12 car big push he’s been the fastest and lost some track position on that last restart. He pushed that Leno car did he handle him right to the outside of two car turn. Four, though, has to get out of the gas if Blaney had a great run, pushing that 11 car into the corner, but just too much got the splitter on the ground.

The lever goes up to track Brad in the it gets momentum off the top here. Remember now, Brad’s old two tires. All these other guys took four tires last time to come to pit road Brad still in the bottom groove. He working that high side chase. Doing a really good job making that bottle work, ladies, not been out of clearing Blaney’s car, is not as good right now as we’ve seen it most of the day. Blaney’S been much better. This cars, all over the racetrack to the mill of three or four watching that splitter and a 12 car bounce across the racetrack, but down here, it’s gon na, be helping him have the Carlo. It said how low Hamlet’s running we see that second lady, the fastest. Most of the day, matching compound in that second Lane starts to wear out. Hamlin is decided to go to the bottom watch, those of this 12 it’s hard to get so roof. The back of this left bar get won’t even see hurting to 12. That shows you just how many bumps there are through turns three or four all right. I do still want to take a look at today’s. You see. Hamlin has boasted that fast lap as he’s out front now. One hundred and eighty two point one eight six miles per hour: the average around this mile and a half track, that’s Logano now going by Keselowski, but Blaney, Almirola, Johnson and Elia at all on that list.

As far as fast laps that were turned, he just said Almirola, he is slowly working himself back up. This has not been a march from behind him, see the battle of the lead Blaney on the bottom. Rosie came off that corner his cars driving great did. He do anything about it. Don’T look like again looks like he can stay on the quarter panel to slow that 12 bar down lady back to the lead. He slipped up the racetrack cause right before that big wreck. Now, he’s drove himself back to the lead. Lady Hamlin, Elliot and Almirola are the top four and Numan up there in the top five good run for the Roush Fenway driver, Oh sadness and Ty Dillon hard into the wall once again over that pulpit up done the car up there. That was part of this accident come down. If you want Music, oh there, it is William Byron. Let’S, take a look William on the outside of the 13. It just looks like ty lost the back of his car up the racetrack into the side of William Byron Williams. Gon na hit the fence 13 into the wall. As you come into the restart zone, Tyler Braddock, Austin Dillon, making up the front row, Dilek hugging the white line, he’s gon na search out in front Austin Dillon to the lead his back straight away. His teammate red he’s gon na push him and Redick out of cheese, audience, it’s, really surprising great battle for 30 or 22 trying to block Lena Kyle Busch on the outside and now Kyle Busch remember.

He was through the grass caught his car was destroyed, wouldn’t be able to compete like this still in the battle Kevin Harvick on the Busch off a turn here comes Harvick, the racetrack and that number for Bubba Wallace on his outside the 22 gets a little high. There to build a corner brother speed, the side pattern yeah the 22 got high in the middle, the corner now let’s get accomplished to his inside down into turn. One redick closing the gap back up on austin doing his car trying to follow him into the bottom. Harvick did clear: Bubba Wallace back there now he’s clean, no choice, never three wide. We got ta call the Elevens around Denny Hamlin with damage. Also the 88. We saw Alex bullying swivel your cabin idea. Caution is cutter in another restart right: car damaged Applause under 16 laps to go right here, Austin Dillon, a great launch there exactly what Austin Dillon needed big run by the eight on the outside. He had a good shove from the 18 down the backstretch. They go. The 18 moving ahead, trying to take third from joy, Logano Applause, Austin Dillon, trying to get to that white flag, one more time around what lap to go the 22 and 18 Sam aside that’s the best thing that can happen for Austin Dillon from that eight. From that 18 or 22 pushing that eight car back up to the three he wants to take away the draft with the rest of the crew.

Everybody behind his son, ace born about a month ago, he’ll be cheering for dad he’s gon na win it Texas, Austin Dillon, gets the win, not bad for a silver spoon. Kid right, I’ll take that okay! Thank you! Everybody and RC re clr Bass, Pro Shops and Tyler Eddy. You race me clean one, two for RCR. This is big. Coming man, we’ve had good cars all year, Justin Alexander my whole crew. I got my baby ace back home, my wife, I love them so much.