You see him already pull it out to get his preferred line going into turn number one, since they paved IRB. Now that a cars just a couple years ago – and he could darreth on was up lie against the wall. I noticed in the truck race just last night Jones leaves the first time by for a song, alright here’s a look at Dale Norton, the ACDelco Chevrolet he’s. Now being shown in a left spot McLaughlin behind a with a 34 car back in 12 we’re, not making a move on font green and the Timberwolf machine, Clarence brewer own card, that is the card directly in front of her. Now he is being very, very, very patient. Early on and I’m sure they’ve reached a lot of patience of this young man don’t. He have pretty good race car and see if he can make the pass on the inside, pulls it down almost effortlessly and slide. Underneath mark Greene back on the outside that’s a good example of how the guy keep his motor RPMs wrapped up a little bit higher because he doesn’t have to pitch his car so aggressively coming out of the corner right through the center horsepower coming out of, because His rpms as motors it comes out caution free so far, should knock on wood and reset you just plead now. We’Re gon na see a rash of dasha flags last year.

Here they were Black’s 480 left 80 of the 200 laps are under yellow.

As far as you said, we have not seen the yellow hanky wait. One time now, look at Kevin LePage inside he’s in the channel on the wall. Contact thoughtful Dona Serafina. What goes around, you had to say caution, free Tim, I’m, really, sorry, well, he’s gon na throw Kleenex thanks guys what a tough break for Tim feet about, bringing out the first caution, flag tonight or lap number 49. You see it on the replay cuz. The cameras were right on top of that, but I don’t believe it was anything but just a race and deal look how tight these cars are right in here. This is about 10th place on now. If you saw Tim just come down a little bit, make it just a little bit of contact with the 30 car there’s no room at the Raceway Park here once you get bumped like that, we saw it in the truck race last night Tim’s hard to knew The ball and turn number one once again different angle. This time, Todd Bodine is the slim jim driver there his feet, it was car and Bodine. The contact LePage is there. Boy at barrier did a great job to get on the brakes, not to run into the back of feet of his cars and spun around oh look at there happy handy damage from ten feet away. He was fifth in the point standings coming into the night.

Just 89 points behind Lovejoy here is the power team machine, the Chevy Joe Bessey sliding off the turn.

That’S turn number two they’re coming off of turn: number two against the inside wall on the back straightaway now we’ll bring out caution for the second time here on lap 59 gee mental damage on the left side of bessie’s machine. There is the car number 44 of Tony Stewart and the shell Pontiac Joe Gibbs own car, damaged the rear of that machine. Try to find out what happened to why the six car spun out there, but if we can see what happened again here, isn’t over in turn, two. Obviously, the 44 car had to check up, as did Joe Bessey there, and then the 34 car Mike McLaughlin just got into the back of him. Can’T tell exactly why they had to slow up the different angle. It’S already Betsy had already had already been tagged and so had 44 had gotten hit from behind Stewart by McLaughlin. Now here is Tony Stewart on pit road, the 1997 Indy Racing League champion and the crew. Now, taking a look underneath that car 444 to see if there how much damage there may have been in that contact from the back and the front working the second caution flag of the night Indianapolis Raceway Park, 60 laps are complete. Our leader is the detainment we’ll be right: back Bagon, Indianapolis Raceway Park Marty agreed Bill Weber, Chad little and yours, truly Jerry punch, bringing you exciting, Busch grand national series action.

Second caution: o’clock tonight, due to this incident here coming off of turn two it’s from Randy Lajoie Zen car camera.

Oh, we can see there is a 44 currently in the six car of Joe Bessey having some contact. But what it’s not showing is that everyone kind of checked up there, but Laughlin got in the back of the 44 car and sent the six into the inside wall. Here is Bessie. A moment ago we were in break going out to the 44 car and pointing in that second replay. It looked like there may have been some contact in the 44 in the 6 and the 6 car got a little bit out of shape and then the 44 tried to slow up to. Let him get it caught and he got hit from behind. That may be right well, folks, that shot right. There should tell you the one thing we are under caution once again for the third time today, your own lap, 85 and that’s, the back that’s up that’s, the bumper cam for Shane Hall and the big a auto parts machined on steagald car here’s. What happened? Just a moment ago, broad board machine right here, that’s in between turns three and four, and you can tell Shane, got a shot from a pretty solid shot from behind and just backed it in between the wall. There turns three and four putting his hand up there. Saying what is the deal? Well, you know you’re in trouble when you’re suddenly watching we’re going and suddenly you’re launching where you been in the kitty, he got a little tagged from behind and boy a heavy damage on the back of the big, a auto parts.

Car number 85 crash on the backstretch Music. You can tell there’s cars everywhere debris all over the place. Aaron’S the Phil, Parsons carpark Green is involved. The four that is Manhunter debris all over the back straightaway is the now. The leaders will work their way through and try to slow down Karl Simmons feverishly waving the caution flag back here to start finish line that brings out the fourth caution. Fighting today here on lap number 92 see the NASCAR official down there waving the red flag that’s. The flag that says whether the pits are open or not. Oh, there is the dural looming for Phil Parsons. If we could see what happened, Parsons already sideways looks like some contact behind him, there’s mark Greene’s car and then marketing slides backwards to block to the track and that’s where it all that’s, when I’ve got real dirty Kurtis mark I’m, trying to get by on the Inside he’s up getting involved, here’s real time Music that was some kevin lepage. His channel walk in park camera the duck tenor. Machine LePage stayed up high. It was able to get by Music all right, different angle. Looking up the backstretch Mike Bliss, able to scoop by in the bad day car look at green. He gets up on the right front: fender Curtis, Parkins car, they Snyder’s machine there’s, Lance Hooper, going by all heavy damage on Phil farces, duralumon machine whoa, cut a record hold that thought: action, that’s, Dave Blaney in the Amoco car, the ultimate amico machine, pontiac bill davis, Own car he loops it back around.

There was some contact that’s over. It turns one and two and it will bring out the fifth caution flag feels like it happened. Getting into turn one jerry. They came to rest just right there in the middle of one and ii. Can’T tell exactly what happened yet we’ll see if we have it on the replay Music there’s, the Pontiac safety car with the field in tow let’s see if we can see entering turn one. What might have happened yet looks like a deja vu of what happened with 10 feet away earlier tonight. Just slight little contact and it’s gon na send someone back into the wall. That’S LAN soup for the WC, w Carly body slammed v 293 car to the outside. Concrete Elton Sawyer making it move. What Mike Bliss has dodged another one he and Linda Navy both able to get by and as the car this car number 93 update blamed. He came back down across the racetrack white flag for Dale Earnhardt jr.. His father’s best finish at IRP they’ll say you will in 1990, but they, the third generation driver from Kannapolis North Carolina at 23 years of age, looks like he is one turn away. Hang up his fifth win in 1998 they’re feeding David Bernard jr.