Why? Right there, joe logano, if he could stay even with kevin, he would have an advantage of momentum down the back straight away, see if kevin could fight back on the bottom. Kevin may just been nervous about the track being dirty. You know picking that bottom lane was just a little bit safer by joey. Again. This is the first lap that they have run at kansas speedway because of the covet 19 pandemic, no practice no qualifying, and they are already up to speed here in kansas, it’s truex, kyle busch, making up row one both from joe gibbs racing truex had the opportunity He chose that outside line and look at the 18 of kyle busch surge ahead, yeah that outside line just was not quite organized bush. Well down the front straight away. The inside line was blaney, pushing that 18 down into term one for the lead you’re. Looking at the leaders i’m fixed on that bright 21 back there in the middle maddie d is trying to make that three wide work. You got ta attack on these restarts best opportunity to make any spots and, as we see kyle busch taking the white flag for stage number one. This is going to be big and i don’t think we can overstate it because kyle bush is the reigning cup series champion and he hasn’t won a race and he hasn’t won a stage.

This will be the first stage win of 2020 for kyle busch.

If he stays up front here, yeah rick, if you were to ask me that line in vegas, if it took mid summer to score a playoff point, it would have been a major line. The other way shocking, it’s taken pal bush. This long kyle bush went stage. One at kansas, teammate, denny, hamlin, finishing a close second martin trex jr, also out of the joe gets racing stable in third blainey kozlowski reddick, harvick, almarola, bowman and eric jones will all earn some stage points, but only one gets a playoff point. That’S. The first playoff point for kyle busch 56 laps to go in stage two great launch by brad, interesting to see him choose the bottom there, but he pulls up in front of the night team 19’s gon na try to get that quarter. Panel he’s got some great help behind him. Remember two tires on that two car that’s. My concern, i think, for two tires to work. You have to keep clean air if he loses the lead. It’S gon na hurt, but denny hamlet’s gon na help him wow that’s, surprising, teammate, martin trex jr, was on the outside and denny hamlin pushed the two look at delaney on the outside of hamlin. Trying to make it three wide. Now he’s got the preferred lane Applause. They race for the lead, martin tricks, junior, edging out kozlowski, has went across the stripe, but let’s see if kozlowski can battle back on that inside line.

Wow brad was brad arced it into turn one on the inside real title to 19.. You see truex hound in the two car branches, alaska sort of similar to how he was trying to get around his teammate denny hamlin earlier. He runs a little bit lower, trying to keep a little air on the nose of that toyota as he’s following the two off turn. Two down the back straight away: brad’s going to run that high side try to make him pass him on the bottom and that 19’s good to be able to run that good in the middle groove of the racetrack and maintain with the car that’s running the high Side here he is yeah, he just went he just. He just straightened out the front straightaway to make it shorter. That puts him side by side with keslowski. Can he clear him for the lead easily yeah? That 19 is good. Look at brad martin tricks, junior out in front denny, hamlin teammate right there and around goes to 17., and so chris busher brings the caution out all right: you’re, good Music, almost a driver swapped the situation. From a year ago, ricky stenhouse jr was driving to 17. Now chris busher brought back to roush fenway racing and you see the issue there for him. He was running 25th as we get ready for the restart 12 laps to go blaney and jimmy johnson making up row one when he’s by himself.

No good push from behind great push on that inside might send the 48 out of the lead here now, the 11 back behind the 12. denny hamlin’s going to come in there and help blainey on this outside line should be a lot of momentum on this. Outside line down the back straight away, look at him lined up big push for blaney hamlin in the second hamlet’s gon na try to get to the lead here. He’S got those four tires: he’s not going to give away this opportunity to win the stage. Denny hamlin wants to get things going in the right direction. After having such great success, he had three. You would call them bad races. 28Th. 12Th. 20Th for the 11th team, which he was so dominant, he and kevin harvick. Now it looks like he’s getting back to the old form that we’ve seen in 2020 for hamlet, blaney, trying to be in front of the two of keslowski brad running to the bottom, going to try to get side by side with him. I think he’s going to get there, can he hold him? Can he get to that quarter panel side drafting? Will it be able to carry enough speed staying away from it getting into one he dives down into turn three with the momentum from the side draft blaney on the high side can blaney stay there he’s pretty loose brad’s gon na clear, good racing right there by Teammates yeah laney’s car just too loose, hang on to it.

So what we’re learning about tires steve in the right situation? Two can work but they’re not going to last very long, yeah, better, be a short sprint. If you want me to hold on with two tires, as fellaini now tries to keep it out of the fence, oh danny hamlin, you talk about how much he struggled that’s a big slide job and eric amarola back there sure it did battle back here and take That spot back chase elliott on the inside denny hamlin on the outside green flag back in the air Music, pretty good organization on that outside line, good, pushing teammates working together, gets any out front easily three wide behind them tricks one in the bottom, oh there’s, a Big wreck huge heart, matt diminidetto, he gets tagged by austin dillon he’s in lane and all of a sudden his car is gon na. Just he’s gon na go to the right right there he had to get off the gas. He went right because, when he lifted the four got into the back of him but joey having a problem and that started all of this denny hamlin launching and chase elliott a little bit loose there with the help from kyle bush behind him chase. Just didn’t get a good launch at all, almost cleared entirely by the two cars on the outside line. Look at the 12 of blaine trying to get to the quarter panel of diddy hamlin, but chase is going to be able to push that atlanta car back out front more record.

The round goes to 95. – oh, my goodness! Oh Music, that’s ryan. Talking glad to hear that back there behind tyler reddick, he goes to the middle of the racetrack, got a great run going. There looks like the 17., oh no ahead of them. The 95 gets in the wall. Christopher bell and ryan newman looks like brian newman got into got into oh christopher bell, trying to get up in front of him. Then they make contact. Oh poor ryan priest, we talked about he’s had a string of last place finishes and wow such a junior and i in this booth when he was heading to that wall we were both cringing it’s, not not what you want to see, but it’s good to see Him get out of that car. Look at this angle of impact, so violent 3 400 pounds of race car just thrown up into the air after it bounced off that inside wall, william byron stayed out, we’ll see how it works for the 24 team, denny hamlin, getting a little help from ryan blaney. Behind him, they fan out back behind him side by side into one Music, william bavern hanging tight on that outside of denny hamlin got some help coming from matt kenza matt trying to push him out front. Brack has alaska to the high side trying to get the outside of that 42 car gon na have to try the inside down this front straight away: leaders still side by side, byron, five drafts and jenny denny trying to get away from him.

First time william barnes had clean air all night long learning how his car drives see. Blaney trying to get on the outside of the 11 11 fills that hole pirates clear well here we go and the caution has come out now. Oh see the 32 smoking a little bit there, corey le joy, great shot, see what harvick does here right to the rear. Bumper going through the gears nice job by harvick, he’s gon na stay committed. He could have went three wide they’re gon na stay committed to pushing that 88 car 88 clear for the lead now harvick has second, he goes to the outside he’s, going to try to take the lead away. Here comes hamlet on the inside textbook move. What a move kevin harvick is so smart and the top two as far as wins go in 2020 are running one and two harvick and hamlin, both with four wins this season, trying to slug it out here in kansas. We should cut that video and that could be restart not quite one on one, maybe 202, textbooks by kevin hart. What a move, the eleven of denny hamlin. It took a couple laps, but that car has come together and it is running the four down here in the closing laps two tenths of that lap dale. He made his time on the top, but that corner right there he ran the bottom thinking. Maybe harvick might be starting to go to the top to take his line away.

Think about the disappointment of indianapolis for danny hamlin, leading that guy kevin harvick in the closing laps, a right front tire and then a couple bad runs by the 11th standard. Can he come back redeem that indie disappointment past the fourth car in the closing laps they’re, just spotters saying he thought the full car was too loose throughout the top he’s going to have to he’s going to try to find a way, but he’s not going to Have to make a big block here: he can’t do it yeah last four races, denny hamlin, 12th or worse, even though he has four wins, they’re, always looking for confidence. This would be a huge confidence boost for denny hamlin he’s back out front at kansas. Only four to go: denny hamlin won here in october. The last time the cup series was on this track, trying to go back to back it’s a good corner for denny down there. One and two: this is where brad’s faster. He just move into the turn three. So much deeper does, but he just doesn’t take the momentum off the co. You know if he could be honest with what you just see it he’s a little better through three and four. I love the information it’s a mirror without having to look in your mirror. Right information to the leader about where he’s good and, where he’s getting beat and really what what the deal for hamlin right now is just don’t, make a mistake right.

Just you, don’t have to be great right now be good. Don’T have to be great, even if you give up two tenths of a second and two laps you’re gon na be okay. You just don’t want to give up two tenths of a second every lap for the next three laps, because he’s only ahead by six tenths. Make him pass you, though rick that’s, what i’d be telling denny hanlon right here if i’m chris gabe buddy? This is your race. I need three miles. A little extra space off the wall don’t give him the lead, make him come get you and i don’t think you have to tell denny hamlin much. This guy has won a ton of races. So many have said last year was denny hamlin’s greatest year. He wasn’t able to win the championship. Then he said that his loss at indy earlier might have been bigger than losing the championship last year. Well, now, with one lap to go diddy hamlin in position to win his fifth race of 2020., the gap still a half a second between first and second denny hamlin’s successes this year started off with another daytona 500 win. He says one of the biggest things he wants to do this year is be able to celebrate with his crew because he knows that’s who’s, getting him up front, giving him fast cars they’ve done it again, he’s done it again, kansas winner, denny handler. You know i don’t know we had the best car.

We definitely had a top three car all day, but uh just went and got it there at the end um. You know i saw the four getting loose and i you know usually when you’re loose you’re not able to run up high and uh. That was a benefit for us to be able to get that momentum going and pit crew did an amazing job, getting us out there in front of everyone else that had four tires but uh proud of this whole fedex team.