They’Re like I got hub, got two liters of PD right. We’Re gon na rip have a good day. He have a face, big yeah. I have a problem. I have no brake pedal every time I bump it the second or third time. I get pedal you’re trying around this first agency if it gets any better with the Heat’s. The green flag race take off still no brake three poor cuz it’s doing destroying the race track. Jeremy, I feel like a third fourth, so 22 spider is beating him really hard to block you off for it. First in third place cars making their pit stop we’re waiting on Martin Truex Jr already got a pipeline violate if a guy do a path through. Maybe the fastest car of the day having to serve out a penalty that means Ryan Blaney inherits the lead on lap 70 stage. One winner is Ryan Blaney by two car lengths over Kyle Busch got ta, find somewhere out there. Then Walker, island leaders down the Geico restart zone green flag is waving. Jimmie Johnson got into the outside wall entering into the Quadro. Will up the front straightaway? Did we have a tire down or just get away from him Wow what we do? There’S, a Tiffany bent over the wall Powell bus back across the stripe three car lengths ahead of Denny Hamlin Blaney on the inside Hamlin to the outside Blaney, now trying to get a little bit further head he’ll.

Take that number one spot away off there yeah hold it right over. Here comes Ryan Blaney back to the stripe. He will capture stage number two in a dominating fashion. I take a lead on a pretty good cars. Pretty cool bit green flag is back up about 23 wife, Erica Marty. You’Ve covered the record record here, Oh forever, v20. To squeeze you tight there, it looks like we just gave the 18 a love test. Spenders are square here: don’t, go parent; it up meet Don anybody. Okay, out of me, they say, get around the squirrel, hip huh there’s, a bunch of graph. Look like neighborhood up here, get the grill for sure. So you can get out. They can come in with a record they’re gon na stop the feeling the restart zone, red flags, though i holed up in there that’s hot. I now know what the turkey feels like on Thanksgiving Day spin of it feels about. Like the environment I slept in last night, red flag has been pulled in the green flag shown to the fields off the ground. Feels like stop out here. Calm down a focus. I love my teammates. I love my teammates fellows. Like me, mate come on inside inside the heli just turn in our door. Here I have no idea what he was doing. What about left Music last time I didn’t laugh. She fired off pretty good that a car he’s on kill, Holly everyone else.

Of course, how about this for Richard Childress Racing? They have the front row here in Texas, so surprised, Oakland, right now, man and wanted to. It is really good the RCR driver’s door to door with ten laps to go right up no he’s faster than three to calm down. You’Ll get a big ride here on the job right there, man one more time we do. This will go to Victory Lane. Man you’re better the other week, just be clear. We are a green light record gon na get to the white at the bottom of the racetrack Austin gon na try to win here in Texas. Get back will not get there. Music that’s right, damn cool right there.