Nascar is back on the outside Logano and yellow and red down to the bottom, and they touch turn by Keselowski. Oh Ryan, Newman came down and everybody behind piles up. Oh 77, spin. Michael McDowell turn four crash troubled down in the corner up and in the wall. Martin Truex, aric almirola. Oh another wreck, oh no trouble back straightaway! Spinner! Oh Christopher Bell, Hamill drives around. I bet that fender cause that right rear tire to go down. Oh good boy, you’re going around Oh Hamlin, big crash Joe whoa big moment for the 24 think he got it yeah. Oh, he gets loose almost takes out chase Elliott boy, Blaney almost put chase Elliott down in the grass. Oh Christian wants to spin with Christopher Bell. He saves it. Harvick wins the drag race into turn. Three slides, OH almost gets in alien for guinea for wide off turn. Four good great. On the hot side of Kyle Busch biron Bowman battling Boyer who’s gon na get it man they’re gon na slam on another. Oh takes him three wide in the first turn: Clint Boyer threaded, the needle between cars and we’re, three wide again, Kyle Busch. He got way loose coming off the corner and they just fly on by him. Oh Danny gets high and Logano gets the lead, Elliot’s gon na get second, and maybe the lady or yes chase and takes the lead goes into the wall with McLeod.

He got by his teammate now he’s got to get by Ryan Newman, and here comes Erik Jones.

Three wide he is gon na spoil Boyer’s party right here, so the bush almost saved it. He collects Logano and he’s in the wall with Keselowski trouble, drag here’s the big one. Well, there goes half the field. Here comes the seven time Series champ up the outside Kevin Harvick to the inside turns Johnson, so Jimmy John’s, Oh around into the wall, our leader, Michael McDowell, up the racetrack, Oh trouble, William Byron backing up through the field. There was contact among several drivers and we are under caution. The race is not over for one Bubba Wallace guns it from the inside with Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick, his Logano faster in the bottom and chases up top. Yes, he is he’s going to get that lead, but can he keep it three to go wow what a battle here they touch little bump and run there from chase Elliott they’re up and in the wall here comes Keselowski and Kyle, Busch, okay, so here’s the conversation I’M afraid Jeff they’re gon na have to agree to disagree, no doubt about it and here’s Bubba Wallace walking out to salute the fans. This is probably the most badass moment right here and he’s won the first NASCAR Wednesday race since July, 4th 1984, when Richard Petty got his 200th victory. How about that mask? Ah daddy that did not work out for all Cowboys turns chase Elliott hard into the wall.

Almost back up into traffic, oh boy, chase, Elliott’s teammate causes the caution flag with two to go.

I think you’re gon na see some stay out here. You cuz you’re, only gon na go back racing with three or four laps to go decision time. Mike Wow chase Elliott comes and others stay out. Didn’T see that coming. Oh don’t, oh boy, Logano stays out. Byron’S stays out damned if you do damned. If you don’t and Bowman leads them to the stripe this time, Truex has a run he’s going to take. It downstairs, oh all, the way to the bottom three wide, Oh Jimmie, Johnson, all the way down the apron underneath Tyler Eddy. Oh the queue Keselowski squeezes up in front of him, Austin Dillon dives it into turn three. He is port Stenhouse third Stenhouse DiBenedetto battling behind Logano. Here they come for the white flag, Boyer for second from nowhere, Johnson third Kyle Busch for Erik Jones Smith white flag, one to go sponsored by credit one bank only at Bristol unbelievable beam, white checker. Here we go Logano the control, car and he’s out first by a car light Harvick and a little push from Kyle Busch. Do you want to lead here? Do you want to be second well all day long? I didn’t want to be in the field. She comes custard, he had a big run down the back down the straightaway howdy mantra: junior get to the outside of the four car Kevin Harvick here comes Blaney to the inside three wide three wide look at the speed Jones hands with that car all been up And it’s known at the white flag, it’s one to go is sponsored by credit one bank next flag ends.

It reckon behind chase Elliott round spinning around Ryan Blaney up behind Ryan Newman trying to get him to Hamlin Newman, backed up to Blaney big rock coming here. They’Re banging up one another Custer to the lead. Heavy tire rub on the for Kevin Harvick Blaney pokes out. Stenhouse is with him. Harvick got away from butcher reckon but up front they’re racing for the win back and Blaney is the leader. Stenhouse comes back to him on the bottom today inside Newman to the front nothing Denny Hamlin could do. What can Ryan Blaney now do to the inside three wide Jones with the most damaged car in the race he’s in the front Dillon slipped up high off turn. Four three wide not over yet here comes Eric Jones Nemechek. Try to push Jones Stenhouse Blaney a rookie is gon na win Kentucky. Can you believe it Eric Jones it’s gon na win the Busch clash with a car that’s ready for the dumpster off the final turn? Rookie Cole Custer wears Kentucky: can you believe it incredible checkered flag as a car spins through the quad oval that was Christopher Bell was at that happen, Newman off turn four for the final time Blaney to the outside to the inside here comes Hamlin up the outside Crash into the wall into the air, no it’s Newman upside down in a shower of sparks on his roof Ryan Newman comes across the line. Fourth, a fist pump from Denny Hamlin, who has won the Daytona 500 for the second year in a row.

Just two days later we see this tweet coming out from Roush Fenway Racing, saying Ryan Newman has been treated and released from Halifax Medical Center.