Just oh, my god, um just out of nowhere. The white flag is out they’re gon na spawn with a big run. They’Re crashing christopher bell upside down. Watch it well. Daniel hamrick almost went underneath that four truck of christopher bell, it’s a testament to the safety thing, landed about six or eight times pretty hard. Unfortunately, what about brandon brown he slides through there looks like he’s going to be credited with a fourth place finish. I think he might have got in the back of william byron and that’s what got in the back of the four of christopher tyler larson spins sideways. He gets into the three the three into the wall. Caution comes out with three to go: ryan blaney hard. After contact with kyle larson where’s james busher, james pusher, trying to there, he is on the inside of the racetrack, going by the eleventh of tom bowden bill too it’s just been a terrible end of the season for this. This young man and you can see ryan blaney hart into that outside wall i’m glad brian’s out of the truck, but you can tell he’s shaken up kyle arson, just dives hard into the corner. Ty dillon made the corner as if larson wasn’t on the inside of him and uh like like, i said you can say, ty dillon came down or you can say that that larson got in too deep.

It certainly was just a situation where was going to the bottom of the racetrack as well.

Kyle ty had moved up to the second position, have moved within one point as we watch hard contact by ryan blaney with one within one point. I think fortunate to get away with that. How about alex bowman in the 88, he gets a shove he’s going to go sideways right in front of the pack inside alex trying to block they make contact around alex goes that’s. What we’re talking about with blocking you! You know blocking is one of the things you have to do. You also have to know when you can’t do it, but behind you just not going to win how much damage chase elliot get right here. Car goes around not sure he ever hit anything they’re coming. They’Re coming to the line with two to go with a half a car length on him now here comes carl back on the low side. Come on he’s, sideways upside down on his side, yellow is out, wallace gets into it. The 14 of bliss gets into it red flag, immediately, stop on the back. They want you to stop on the back. Here is the contact power that looks more like an open wheel, car situation, where you know they just ride up on the wheel and get airborne in that situation. I’D. Almost worry more about joey logano, because that right front wheel of that 33 was almost in his window.

Wicked crap carl coming up took the air off me enough to make it loose.

You see him is yeah. I just think i see he’s coming up the track. You know it’s these uh, those shark fins. They got him when you get a car underneath you’re right about that point. You feel the car’s starting to get loose and it’s unfortunate man. I felt like we had something to win with this thing, with the game straight away: big hit and jimmy johnson goes down. Oh man, chris busher on his lid and lands back on his wheels caution. Dylan gets into gilaland joey logano turned the 48 and busher goes for a big tumble. I didn’t think that thing was going to stop rolling there for a second dw, goodness down the back straight away, that 46 hard into that safer barrier, driver’s side yeah, the 46 of the net actually made contact with the 34 car and that’s. What spent uh sent him can’t do this for 10 eric jones around back across the field, the big one part two at daytona yeah, they can’t do this. Look like you, never even slowed down, and you see kyle here being tended to by medical officials and he is alert and obviously talking and that’s a great sign, elliot sadler, hit there by brendan gone and there’s the 54.. You saw the impact saved and they’ve stabilized or tried to that that right, leg and we’ll continue to follow the story with kyle busch injured.

In a crash here at Music and kurt bush went over and over the 2009 race.

I think you’re right brad, keselowski and carl edwards car comes up just a little bit and that contact with stenhouse was enough. Then he comes down into ambrose and it’s on dale earnhardt, jr net 88, just squeezed by there’s danica. She almost went over. You see danica up and against the wall with terry labonte, michael waltrip and the 55 just barely squeezed by boy. He is, and he is right up against that wall, but he made the pass. Oh trouble hard at the wall goes down. Noses byron went in hard. Oh matt kintz has piled in the bar and right byron on the bottom. He just starts spinning out, gets into the man it just oh, my gosh that car almost went over just hooked nosed. In how many times have we seen a car land on top of a ryan newman, i mean not good to see william byron climb out of that car. It is, and this is hard and it gets out of his car. Jamie mcmurray has climbed from his number one um, oh my. How close was that for harvick and for kurt busch, also, maybe a little damage to the right side actually from the 14.. I think we now know where the golden horseshoe went. We do tonight readers loose a little bit on that contact and hard into the wall is cole custer same situation.

He got loose underneath brett maupin wow. You got fire coming out the back here.

That was a big hit, see the winter net, down double zero, get underneath the 11 and just gets loose yeah. The 11 is just going by him and – and it looks like the double zero is kind of chasing his truck up the racetrack a little bit. He gets so close to the 11. and they make a little bit of contact and hard into the safer barrier for cole custer, and i think it was a situation where coal couldn’t get away from the 11.. I don’t think he felt like he could turn the wheel to turn away from the 11 because he was loose to start with chris busher and he gets tagged by defenedetto. Truex is in it, and so is the 77 of rookie justin haley right there. It just turns the 37 around when i had nowhere to go and truex had nowhere to go so happy to see that 37 car stay on the ground and not able to see the contact. But i know i mean the way that car turned so abruptly. You know the conduct was there and then wow look at this unbelievable track. Junior and the big one happens behind them. Oh, my god, Music, the three of austin dillon into the catch fix, gets up on the 11. now he’s on top of the 50.5 and now it’s just a longer ride.

Watch the car stop watch the car stop it gets into those poles and it goes from.

I don’t know what 180 it just pushes the three up into the air enough, that it rolls over the top of the car and then that momentum just continues to move him into the catch fence. Hang on this will be a wild ride. Music. That was tony stewart going underneath the thresh right away cars into the wall, ty dylan’s turned around and hits hard right behind you. Gon na be a lot of debris. There were four wide coming through the probe trying to come through the probe, obviously not that what Music 23’s carlos contreras there’s ty dillon’s car all torn up third place driver in the championship. Kale conley again, you can see he just kind of ran out of racing room i’m. Not gon na put all that on ty. He forced the issue for sure to make it happen, but he got squeezed from the from the outside of the 14 car. You can see there up in front of them here: go on middle middle holder, straight holder straight over straight locker down here. You all right, big push coming from elliott and keslowski contact elliott slam into the wall. Are you kidding me annika patrick casey kane? Oh man, Music, last second, from at least from that oh big, big hit. Oh you see, chase elliott gets turned around and around and it’s mayhem Music a little curvature to the car after he straightened it up a bit.

Oh trouble into the 52 trying to lock the brakes up issues on the back stretch.

I saw that one coming has the 52 of joey gase stopped on the track, and you got some more cars up in front and they’re all trying to get off the racetrack and boom, and there was a car in front of the 52., something that had stopped In front of joey, so joey has stopped. He was trying to avoid this. Exactly is that kevin harvick that harvick tried and slid by on the outside? Luckily, i think kevin made some contact with that car wow big big hit, kyle bush he’s, looking big, they get it. They touched down. I thought they’d be nice to each other. They weren’t hard impact on the 11 car head on. I don’t, like the looks of that car gets loose walks up the hill. They make contact Music. Then they really get together and that’s when the 22 went in the wall and 11 hit that inside wall hard Music Applause – oh i mean the whole car. Just came up off the ground and i don’t see any safer barrier in that area right there. I don’t need it larry. I am a little concerned for denny because that was an incredibly hard hit, so that’s denny hamlin being attended to at the scene. Joey controversy again, i know you’ve just had a chance to look at the replay with denny hamlin, your side of it inside trouble car hard in the wall, two of them keslowski to the line.

Caution has waved with keslowski the leader and crashing our harvick almandinger stenhouse contact between truex and almandinger, and then cole whit, turns kevin harvick up and into the wall and stenhouse and allmendinger whip slides along and crash cole way to spun into the first turn wall. Oh watch, it watch them watch them. Here we go. Oh, no! What timmy hill, just pile drove the car in front of him? Oh, my god, stayed up on the wall. He’D have been a whole lot better off, but he comes down the track. Caution’S been out for a while: where is he going bam? Yeah i mean you could see the the caution light basically blinding him as he was driving off into turn, one just a late call, and i had no time no reaction time to get there and Music it’s. All on me really, but it’s gon na check up in time. The double zero has crashed here in daytona rookie quinn house, for our 10 american roll. Also, now those fords had dropped to the back to try to stay clear of all this mess. Music. Oh geez is that the 92 – that is a big hit, that i think that’s the 92.. He was. Oh man yellow’s out he’s moving, oh Music don’t forget he had just stopped watch this car move right here.