So let’s talk to an expert, so she can sprinkle us on this national holiday. My name is carla: naboa i’m: the owner of vive an ice cream shop in the lower east side. I feel that ice cream is a great way to make people happy. I feel that ice cream is a to go product, that consumers are wanting as a dessert as a treat to share with others. So carla national ice cream day was never supposed to be an annual tradition right. National ice cream day was only supposed to be one day in 1984 way that ronald reagan passed a resolution saying that americans should celebrate national ice cream day july 15, 1984 and then americans just love ice cream and we’ve been celebrating national ice cream day. The third sunday of july, ever since but reagan wasn’t our only president who enjoyed ice cream, george washington, apparently loved ice cream. In a summer, he literally spent 200 on ice cream that’s a lot of wants, but washington did not get to enjoy ice cream in a cone right. The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 by ernest hamwe. He participated in the lewis world fair and he literally got a booth right next ice cream shop and he started rolling and doing his handmade waffle cones to serve ice cream. What about the first ice cream sundae? There are many claims about who invented the first ice cream sundae, but one of the most pervading theories comes out of evanston illinois in 1890, evanston passed a blue law preventing the sale of ice cream sodas on sundays.

To get around this local businesses started serving the ice cream with syrup, but no soda to avoid religious connotations and because businesses began selling their new desserts on other days of the week. The name was changed to sunday. Now you have some history, but here are some things you can do on national ice cream day. Some places are going over the top like serendipity and boca raton in their elaborate golden opulence sunday, which sells for a thousand dollars. It includes 50 scoops of gourmet ice cream, sorbets, a handmade chocolate spire and edible 24 carat gold leaves then, if you’d rather not worry about the whole melting thing play. Some themed games like these stack the ice cream scoops on a shaking cone, build your ice cream. Cart and bring the set to life or deconstruct an ice cream, themed food cart and then, if you need a more adult themed ice cream beverage, max brenner is serving up an adult themed, spiked, milkshake and then alamo drafthouse cinema is offering guests the cookie kong milkshake, Which includes oreo, crumbles, vanilla, ice cream and monkey shoulder malt scotch whiskey, so raise a cone and have a happy national ice cream day.