It is a hundred plus degrees here today and if it’s not it should be because the show the heck feels like it. The minute we brought the marshmallows out they automatically lit on fire, so toasted marshmallows. Anyone, no okay, um, so we’re going to be doing something. New um we’re going to be doing the ice cream, sculpture challenge in yeah. So you can just imagine how that’s gon na go um first we’re gon na throw these okay and there to try. So first we’re gon na start with um getting what you get to use to grab the ice cream and then we’re gon na go to what you get to use in the ice cream um. So let’s go yeah. So, first of all, we’re going to be using our lovely scooping tools. We have the lowest on the board, your hand, um fork golden spoon and then scoop so i’m, aiming for the fork. Now. Oh yay go on the spin scoop hand, nothing yay. So i have three options: all right. Second, try going for the fork, nope, nope nope. I hope you knock it off Laughter, okay, third attempt, because i’m terrible at this take three nope. Oh nope, nope nope, oh, oh, okay! This is like fifth try or something. Okay. All right we’re just going for it. Whatever goes in. I say you just struck them all at the same time, so now we’re going to be tossing to find out what we can use.

We have marshmallows stirrers, sprinkles and many umbrellas so that’s what we can aim for and this time, if you strike out like dad, did five times you don’t get anything umbrella, no way, nothing else, many umbrellas that won’t help you at all all right, so we’re, just Gon na have two minutes to go to sculpture, with this ice cream that nobody likes so um dad’s gon na be using his hands and umbrellas. So i’m gon na be using luxurious tools, so we’re going to have two minutes: let’s open it dad. You can time to start the timer we’re running a sculpture out of ice cream, sculpture, ice cream, sculpture, okay, and it is officially 93 degrees outside okay, hey siri, set a timer for two minutes Music. I know it’s up it’s done for the great reveal Laughter. Do we get to try them now tastes like lemon, wow that’s? Why we didn’t like it all right so tell us which one you thought was the best my melted, snowman or dad’s alien um, make sure you comment down, which one you think was best and tell us other fun challenges. You would like us to try gross. Not this ice cream so remember to like and subscribe and eat more ice cream right.