Welcome to the lab guys. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! If you did not know today is national ice cream day, guys national ice cream day and i’m. Here today, to show you three different ice creams that we can eat as gluten free individuals or individuals just watching what they eat or how they eat. If you want to do it, um just one flavor, if you want to do it plant based or if you want to include some rice somewhere. So i have three different ice creams and i’m going to show you a famous maker that we all know and love at some point in our life. So number one is breyer’s. This is breyer’s, vanilla, ice cream, vanilla bean and yes ma’am. Yes, sir it’s gluten free. So i’ll be pigging out on three types of ice cream today, that’s right, i deserve it. So for all of you who haven’t had ice cream in a while here, you can take the first bite. We all know how delicious bright is this, so today is just an excuse for me to enjoy as much dessert as i, like. I told you guys from time to time. Dessert is my breakfast. You didn’t hear me say that it’s a secret. Sometimes i need dessert for breakfast, so everybody knows that brian’s vanilla is delicious. No, i think i’ll eat some more. I can do that. This is so delicious guys, bryan’s, vanilla bean ice cream, naturally gluten free and guys.

This is going to surprise all of you because it surprised me this right here is oakley guys. Yes, you heard me right: this is 100. Vegan is gluten free and it is plant based guys. So if you are looking for a delicious chocolatey ice cream dessert whatever, if you’re a vegan or your gluten free guys, you need to try oatly guys it is delicious it’s, so chocolately good we’re gon na try. Some now remember this is national ice cream day. So you can have as much as you like guys, it’s a chocolate chocolate good time now, if you’re, not careful, if you’re anything like me, you can eat this whole thing guys i wan na. I just got it out the freezer, so i just want y’all to see you see that right, that is 100 vegan guys i don’t know how they did it whoo this ice cream is delicious it’s plant based and it’s natural and it’s gluten free, and they have More than one flavor guy, but i happen to love the chocolate you can find it at your local whole food market, it’s a shame because before the night is out, i will finish this. I might not finish it right here, but rest assured – i will be finishing this tonight, so how many of y’all remember the huge bucket a neapolitan ice cream back in the day, if you remember neapolitan ice cream from back in the day, dropped me a heart in A chat because every time you went to a birthday party, you never had the choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

It was all lumped in together and guess. What back then. I decided in my mind that i didn’t like chocolate ice cream it’s because they lumped it together. I don’t like chocolate winners with something else when i eat chocolate. All i want is chocolate. If i eat chocolate ice cream, i only want chocolate ice cream and that’s. My palette, yours may be different. You may like neapolitan, but the reason i did vanilla, chocolate and strawberry is to show you that’s how gigi get down. Remember i’ve been on this gluten free journey for 18 years. I’Ve tried a whole lot of products and i’m still trying new ones, because this industry has evolved guys and yes, this is made from oats oats guys and it’s delicious and it’s kosher guys. So so far, we’ve had the vanilla, the chocolate. Now we have the bubbies hawaii mochi strawberry ice cream. This is my very first time trying this. This mochi is premium ice cream, wrapped in sweet rice, dough, okay, we got ta open this. This is my first time trying: oh it’s, a tray, y’all, oh m g whoo, i don’t know y’all. If it’s good, i might be a finisher whoo, oh yeah. This looks so good. Yes now, yes, sir, the perfect marriage of vanilla and strawberry together, one bite – i know you probably don’t – eat after people, so i’ll give you about this one. Yes, i’ll eat two. Just so you know.

So. Basically, mulch is basically a rice dough, which is gluten free and it’s, a coating on the outside of the ice cream, it’s delicious guys if you’ve never been to this channel and you feel compelled to become part of the family. You are welcome if you haven’t already thumbs up this video. Please do so guys on this channel. We provide you with product reviews, restaurant reviews and recipes guys and soon and very soon we will be getting back out to the restaurants and showing you the gluten free options that many of our restaurants have created, guys there’s our whole world out there for us created And dedicated to us gluten free lifestyle, individuals, but this channel right here we’re going to explore it all guys we’re going to come in the lab and we’re going to create some things. Some of them will come out right and some of them won’t, but guess what we won’t waste it, because we here provide you with tips and tricks for product management, product and money management and time management. All three of those go together. I normally say money management and time management, but you got to manage the products as well, so that you can save money right, that’s right. I know you get it, but thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and again. Do not forget. Today.