You may recognize him as family all alone, local mexican food restaurants for years it’s. Good to see you david it’s great, to see you terry thanks for having me on again absolutely well david you’re. Now the sales manager with three amigos tequila and what i’ve learned about them is that they’re, local and they’re family owned so tell us about them. Yeah. So three amigos tequila is a local and family owned business here in arizona uh, and these behind me are the four brothers who operate and cultivate the agave for that tequila. And we like to say here that, in order to have the best tequila, you have to have the best agave and these guys know how to grow great agave, oh okay! Well, if you’re, a tequila connoisseur at all uh, the the term agave is, is pretty important. Why is that? Well, so there’s a lot of different varietals of agave out there species uh, so to speak so uh we grill blue weber, agave and that’s. The only agave you can use to make real tequila. Ah, okay and it’s and it’s only grown in certain regions, is that right, that’s, correct and ours is grown in jalisco mexico, where the family originates from. Okay, all right so you’ve taken this blue, beautiful blue agave and turned it into six different flavors of tequila.

So tell us about the flavors of tequila: three amigos mix i’d love to yeah, so we have our traditional three here we have our flagships, our block of tequila, which is a traditional blanco.

Our 11 month rested reposado 11 months in the oak barrel and the two year age paneo, which is also aged in the oak barrel. Then up here is our upper echelons of tequila. We have our organic kosher, uh blanco tequila, which a little more refined and crisp eight year extra, a neo meaning it’s been aged for eight years in american white tart oak, and then we have our elegant tequila liqueur, which is a really awesome beverage uh. The flavor profiles on that or vanilla, cinnamon and agave nectar. Oh that sounds like it might be, a good sipping tequila. Can you do that? It’S excellent for sipping on the rocks? Oh okay, well: you’re, gon na mix us up a refreshing cocktail. It’S called a risado right so tell us: how do we make this at home, so it’s, one of my favorites, so first we’re going to add in a little bit of tequila here, we’re going to use the two ounces of eniejo the two year: age, geniejo, okay And then we’re going to add in about four ounces of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, or if you find a really good organic brand on the shelf, you can use that as well. Second we’re going to add in a little bit of rosemary.

This gives it a little bit of a twist on the beverage itself and then we’re going to add about an ounce of agave nectar that cuts through the tart there. You are okay, now we’re, going to shake it and always shake with a smile after we shake that we’re going to strain it over.

Some rocks we’re, going to top it off with a little bit of sparkling mineral water. Give it a little fizz and we’re going to add in a sprig of rosemary for looks, oh boy that looks delicious, so refreshing now um that that right there is so good. But you guys have a lot of recipes on the website too, because you have all different types of flavors and different profiles that go with different things: that’s correct yeah, so all of our recipes are in line with our different varietals tequilas, okay and then, of course, You could just sip it put it on the rocks if that’s, what you want to do right, put some sandals on and hang out and have a drink all right. Well, thank you very much david for sharing. All of that – and we appreciate you – let me tell you how to get it: ask for three amigos: tequila at local bars and restaurants.