Today, i’ve got for you three easy tequila drinks. First, up i’ve got the tequila sunrise, so we’re going to be using a sierra tequila we’ve got some cointreau, some orange juice, some lemon juice and let’s get shaking so we’re going to add some ice into our shaker Music. So you’ve got to be very careful with tequila we’re, going to do probably about 20 Music and a quaint row. Music straight in this would probably be a great time to mention that the elite gold campaign is still running so please, head over to the website, buy a gold bottle for your chance to win 500 pounds of cash, so we’ve got tequila, cointreau, lemon juice ice And orange juice, we’re gon na shake it up: i’m wearing white again today, Music, Music, give it a try, Music, lovely, so i’m gon na add lemon let’s put a lime on top like this Music tequila Music. Next up we have the tequila diablo rojo, so we’ve got our sierra tequila. We’Ve got some sugar syrup, some lime juice, some ginger beer sold on the website and some pomegranate we’re going to mix it all up. So we’re going to start off with our tequila we’re, going to add to our shaker, probably about just under a double, i would say just under a double then we’re going to add some sugar syrup in there i’m gon na measure it this time i’m gon na. Do one pump two full pumps, which is probably about two two spoons teaspoons? Then we’ve got our lime juice, so we’re gon na shake that together, i’m gon na pull that out i’m gon na go for the gingerbread open that up Music and just pop that on top let it flow then we’re, gon na add some of our seeds.

Pomegranate seeds, we’re gon na put them just in the corner. There make them look presentable. Even when i’m drinking for myself, i like to make sure it’s a good looking drink there. We go then finish Music with a straw. So next up we have the classic tequila. Margarita we’ve got the same tequila, our sierra, some cointreau, some lime juice and we’re, just going to start by putting a lime around the rim of your glass. Here all the way around the rim cover it and we’re going to pop it. In some salt now, like, we said, use anything that you have in your home, doesn’t matter, if you’re a beginner you’re an experienced drinker use what you have so you just want to kind of frame the glass with salt, give it a bit of flavor if you’re A perfectionist you can make it even there we are so we’re gon na add tequila into our shaker. Please be careful with the tequila, probably about 20 to 30 milliliters and about 20 milliliters of cointreau pop that inside then we’re gon na put some lime juice into the shaker, probably about three four dashes Music, some dashes and we’re gon na shake it up strain it Into your glass, so then we’re just going to pop a lime on the edge and a straw and enjoy your margarita Music and just as a bonus drink for you, i’m, going to show you the one columns.