Your anejos are usually going to be more expensive than your reposados. Your reposados are usually going to outprice your blancos. Now, before i get roasted in the comments, i understand that there’s expensive bottles across all three categories, but generally speaking, that’s how they stack up against each other price wise. So in this video we’re going to focus on posados only and keep in mind. These are just my opinions based off of years of drinking tequila, my knowledge of the market and just my own personal tastes in general. So without further ado, let’s go to bottle number one. Okay, so first up we have this deposit right here by g4. Now g4 was founded by master distiller, philippe camarena. Now, if you’re not familiar with the camarona family, you should be because they’ve been making tequila since 1937., now that’s four generations of uh tequila producers in their family. Hence the name g4 now g4 is produced at their distillery called el panlio and el bandio was ranked in 2018 by taste tequila as the number one distillery in the world. So, needless to say, they pump out some pretty high quality products, including the next item on this list, which we’ll get to in a minute.

So this tequila is made with agave that’s been baked for 22 hours. They use natural spring water as well as harvested rain. Water and they age everything in bourbon barrels. Now the resulting tequila is a super smooth, actually very light colored, as you can tell reposado, and the flavors are vanilla oak.

You get some citrusy sweetness and you get a little pepper, very, very smooth, tequila and a great option for under 50 bucks. Next up. We have this reposado right here from pasote and first thing: you’ll notice, that’s hand, blown glass, you can see the imperfections in the glass and this aztec warrior on the front is actually screen printed on there. So it’s already a really cool looking bottle. Like i mentioned earlier, this is also made of el pandillo, so it shares a lot of similar characteristics to the g4 that we just talked about, namely the fact that they use rainwater and spring water. They age in american oak for six months and they distill in copper stills. So the process is very similar. One thing they do with this is they cut out the heart from the agave before they bake it? That makes the end result a little bit sweeter. So it is a sweeter deposado, it’s, also very fruit forward. It has a bit of vanilla notes that you’ll get from a reposado as well, and it’s got some really cool floral aromatics, on top of it, so it’s a great sipping tequila.

I would not take shots of this, pour in a glass and just enjoy it slowly. This is a great deal for under 50 bucks bottle. Number three: is this reposado and it’s from el tequila? Now this isn’t just any reposado, this is actually their gran, so you’ll notice. This is more amber than the last two bottles we looked at.

The reason being is, this is actually blended with some anejo now it’s, technically a reposado, but it does have anejo in the blend. Now el tequila they’ve been around since 1959.. The original founder’s grandson tony sales is the one that runs the company now tony’s, dad juan antonio was actually named a gran tequilero, basically making him one of four people with that very prestigious title. So, needless to say, this family knows what they’re doing. One really cool thing about them that separates them from 99 of the other distilleries out. There is the fact that they have access to volcanic mineral water from the volcanic tequila, so that volcanic mineral rich spring water just adds to the flavor makes for a finer tequila. Now the flavor is very traditional reposado. Now there are notes of macadamia and toffee and additional oakiness, and that additional oakiness probably comes from the fact that there is added anejo to the blend, but overall great option for under 50 bucks, great sipping tequila. If you like aniejos – and you like reposados, you 100 will like this bottle, give it a shot so bottle number four we’re.

Almost there comes in this yellow box and it’s, a reposado from siete legos, now notice the horse on there. Sierta legos was the name of ponchovia’s favorite horse, which inspired the name. Siete legos translates to seven leagues was, which is basically the maximum distance. A man can travel by horse in a given day, so they’ve been around since 1952, and their process is very, very traditional.

Very authentic and it shows in their products they actually produce the first patron products back in the 90s. So i could stay here and talk about them for hours and i think most tequila enthusiasts and aficionados could do the same but i’m just going to cut to the chase and say sierta legus produces fantastic products. Everything they make is delicious. This reposado has such a true deposado taste with the cooked agave. It has that oakiness and it’s actually aged for eight months instead of six, like most other distilleries and it’s, just a full body, just great sipping tequila, i don’t have to say more than that. Look them up. Trust me. The tequila world agrees. This is one of the best reposados out there and it’s for under 50 bucks. So here we are, we made it to bottle number five. Thank you for sticking with me. I’Ve saved the best for last. This right here is actually one of my favorite tequilas of all time, and it just so happens to be a reposado that falls under 50 bucks.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to a reposado by tequila fortaleza. Now fourth alessa was actually the first distillery i ever visited and it’s really where my love for tequila started now i’ve been going to the last, since i was a little kid because that’s, where my family’s from but it wasn’t until my adult years, where i started To get interested in tequila tasting and the process and everything that has to do with tequila and, like i said it, a lot of it started here at fortaleza, so fortaleza is owned by a man by the name of guillermo salsa.

Now i know you recognize that last name we’ll talk about that in another video, but guillermo comes from a long line of tequila producers, starting with his great great grandfather, don senobio salsa, who started making tequila back in 1873.. So a lot of knowledge and tradition has been passed down, generation to generation and that’s, probably what leads to such a fantastic product now, on top of that, their process as well is also very authentic, very traditional. I know i keep throwing those words out there, but that’s the best way to describe them and out of all the other ones we talked about. This right here is the most traditional and the most authentic. They start with cooked agave and brick ovens the same way. It was done 150 years ago, then, from there it’s moved to a pit a circular pit where there’s this big stone wheel called a tahona.

You can actually see it right here on the bottle. Now the tahana, like i said, is a big stone, wheel and it’s dragged around in a circle by a donkey, a horse, a mule whatever for hours and that’s. What grinds down the agave! Now, a lot of your other distilleries out there they’ve kind of automated that process. They use machines which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this is how it’s been traditionally done for the last 150 years, um, but anyway, so moving on. They take that agave. They move it to wood fermentation tanks, where it ferments and then from there.

They take it to copper stills, where it’s, twice distilled and what’s left is a fantastic product, very, very high quality, especially for the price. The fact that you can get this quality tequila for under 50 bucks blows my mind honestly. If they charge a hundred dollars for this bottle, i would probably pay it’s that good. As far as flavors go you get your cooked agave flavor. You get your oak. You get all the flavors that you would get from reposado, but it’s just perfect honestly, i don’t like to throw that word around a lot, but as far as the reposado goes, this is basically perfect. If you want a true reposado taste, this is the best way to get it and again it’s such a bargain for under 50 bucks. So i could stay here and talk about it all day, just like i could, with sierta legos it’s just another one of those companies where there’s so much to be said.

I could talk about the bottle. I could talk about the hand, blown glass. I could talk about the pina at the top that’s hand, painted i could talk about all the initials on the neck of the bottle. I sit here for hours but i’m not going to do that. Just take my word for it. The reposado from tequila fortaleza is one of the best bottles you can get, especially for under 50 bucks, so that’s the end of the list. If you guys enjoyed this video, please make sure to give us a thumbs up.

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