So, yes, that is how, in in in fitting tribute to dan house and is how we’re starting today’s video welcome back day of the day, that’s a fun intro. We have four of the days on top of the tequila and a disappointing lack of tequila. Our technically second day for today is national for more engineer day. An interesting interesting specification because uh yeah um, like the thing with thermal engineering, is it’s so wildly different in different places of the world different place in in big countries like america. I guess different parts of the country even because you’re having to deal with completely different problems, because your problem is fixing temperature like here, we don’t have ac units because it’s generally colder than it is one like we have fans for. If it is that warm and we have radiators and heaters for when it’s cold in america it’s generally harder, so you have ac units because you’re fixing that you know you’re fixing a different problem. But then you also have like ac units that are also double as heaters, because there are some really cold states and then there are some states that do just have radiators. But i think even they have ac units as well, because again still gets warm randomly, because america’s temperature is all over the place, see our property. Our precipitation is levels are all over the place.

Your your temperature is all over the place. It’S, real real, weird go to national amelia earhart day next, just because i don’t feel like i have much to say, i vaguely have an idea who they are like she’s isn’t.

She, like she’s, a the first female pilot to do a certain very long trip, but i can’t remember what the trip was and since you are some of those people that sort of disappeared off the face of the earth randomly, you know it’s one of the things People say is, and the ended up in the pewter triangle. I think that was a thing right, like i don’t know, that’s what i mean i don’t know a lot about it because we don’t cover it because it’s american, i think it’s america, is it even america. I don’t, i don’t, know know nothing about it and i don’t really care but cool she’s she’s. She is, i guess, as a historical figure, but i i i know all about it today is actual drive through day and i don’t typically use drive throughs. For one reason or other main, one is because most of the time i have to make it alterations for stuff, because y’all put pickles on everything and pickles are awful when it comes to like burgers and stuff or like mayonnaise mayonnaise is well. I i i will stand by that. Mayonnaise is not a sauce. Mayonnaise is a base to other sources like because i uh i mentioned.

I think uh was it yesterday, maybe the day before about like sriracha mayo or something yeah. No, you got like a good sort. Like a good like or chipotle mayo, even would be a good option, even like garlic mayo, if there’s enough garlic in it it’s just mayonnaise on its own, is sloppy and kind of just unpleasant, really yeah.

So, for one reason or another of me disliking things i generally don’t bother with jeffries, because i have to make alterations to everything. I guess if i was the main, i guess the main reason i would use a drive through is maybe for a drink drinks and stuff like i’m, just getting like a like there’s a drive through costa now which – and i think, there’s been a drive through starbucks Forever but i don’t i’m, not the biggest starbucks fan like it’s, okay, it’s, okay, but a rather like custard is actually decent. So i wanted like a cut, maybe and even then it’s like again, they’ve got decent food, so could be like there’s. A lot of you know whatever weird frozen thing i choose to get because i’m, probably not going to get a hot drink if i’m in a car and a panini or a toasty sandwich. Love me the hell out of toasted chicken bacon from costco let’s go costa. No, but never never bother getting food in costco, because the lion’s massive for food that i don’t imagine actually to be that great god in retrospect, that’s even more out of date.

Now was it it, and it was already pretty pretty out of date. Our last day today is national cousins day. I have relatively mixed feelings about most of my cousins. As usual. All the people on one side of the family is fine and then that’s how the family gets muddled because there’s a lot of i don’t, know i don’t.

I don’t interact with outside of the family too much and i don’t really ha. I guess i don’t really share a lot of interest with them and or anything like so i kind of just kind of just here just any time: i’m in defense with outside of family i’m, just like, i guess, i’m, just i’m, just gon na i’m, just gon Na sit here and whatever like it, was a wedding and we went to some random place and thing in scotland like somewhere up in scottish highlands. I think it was a highlight. It was up a mountain. I think it certainly seemed like it and it was definitely in the middle of nowhere and we went and we went and i went and i did end up just sitting sitting there most the time drinking, uh, rums and double room and coke. I think – and i had like four or five and alcohol doesn’t do anything for me, so i don’t even get that benefit right. Alcohol doesn’t really affect me, so i just sort of yeah and i’m like i’m, not i’m, i’m, not that kind of party person.

I say that kind of product, like i don’t i’m, not the sort of get up and dance party person right, like my uh, which was a year ago now, jesus um it’s. Almost a year ago, my birthday is august 5th, so yeah we’re almost there, but we didn’t have that. But we did have karaoke set up because that that is my kind of party, but yeah getting up and dancing and and even even if that was my kind of thing i don’t – i you know i’m, not.

I don’t socialize well with a lot of the people there so i’m just sort of like and i don’t know i don’t know what to do. I just i don’t just be here on my phone, but i also kind of don’t really know anyone don’t care so yeah that that’s my experience with with with my families, at least with that side of the family, because with again with this other family, it’s it’s A lot better, i know them at least fairly well, i know them to a decent degree, like i’m still awkward at social gatherings, because i’m me and i don’t – do social very well, regardless of content. There is a very specific type of person that i’m very comfortable with and everyone everything else is i’m going to be some level of awkward with you, and there is. There is various filter, filtration processes into the uh. How how well are we going to get on um things, my favorite, one, that i noticed i do is um joke flirting, that’s that’s great, if you, if, if you, if you play along with that that’s a good start, if you would start that that’s even better? Yes, like just casually 100 joking, like it’s, even better, if you would do it you’re doing it in a situation where the best one was with that i had with um in our uni accommodation in first year there was so they ran by the by the end.

After people had got kicked out and stuff which i think i’ve mentioned here before, they ended up basically being a group of like four of us, two of which went home almost every weekend, and so all the time over the weekends me and the other one would Just kind of hang out and watch movies, but the number of times they’ve come back and we’ve ended up making a passing comment. I thought we weren’t going to talk about that. Just count like completely just out of the blue right like and it’s funny and that’s a great. If you have that sort of a sense of humor, i think we’ll, probably like that’s, a good sign it’s like definitely a good sign. If you have that sense of humor, we’re, probably probably going to get along at least to some degree, because that’s funny i don’t know, i don’t know why i find that funny, it’s so funny, but it’s great it’s, enjoyable. I i’m sure there are other things. I do, but i can’t think i had like that’s the one thing so far that i’ve, like noticed as a thing that i do with a lot of my friends that i have done to some capacity with a lot of my friends. Is that sort of comedy so yeah that’s that’s? Probably a good sign it’s like that uh we have the capacity to get along anyway, that’s it days wise i’m. Just telling stories now, which i don’t know some of the episodes that i just end up telling stories, are some of my favorites, probably because, like just like what was it that dende referred to it as out like alex law, and it is it’s it’s, alex law.

It’S law about me, so if you’re in for the lore about me, this is a lore about me. Episode uh! If you want more lore about me, do you think do consider joining the broken flock and subscribing, because a lot of the time i like all, i can think of to do when it comes to the days, is just tell you, you know a related story or Um, you know give my opinion on it, because there’s only so much i can do especially with current climate in regards to this. So that is what a lot of these evolve into, but there is other stuff we have planned again. I am actually now planning things for after this series – thank god, i’m starting ahead of time, because there’s a there’s, a lot of planning going into one of the projects. We’Re doing, and i think it’s going to be fun. I earlier today did do a twitch stream, and the plan is to do one on sunday, i’m, not sure what it’s gon na be yet might be. The late like uh, the continuous legend of dave but i’m, not saying that for certain uh, if it’s, not i’ll, probably be like hades or heroes in the storm again, which is what today’s ended up being or some tft or maybe i’ll actually play some league that I haven’t played in forever and normally play with people, but i’ve not talked to any of those people in a while so i’m out of practice in many regards so do go over there.

The link is in the description, do follow me, and so you can get notified as to when i go live because i’m trying to go live more often if you are not caught up with the series. This is 206. I think we are now officially out of cruiserweight territory and if you are not caught up with that go watch the playlist. There is a link to the playlist that these videos are in in every video that is in said playlist. So do get yourself caught up. If you are not, it will be very much appreciated and i’m sure the view spike would tickle the algorithm, while speaking of digging tickling the algorithm. I don’t get much promotion because the algorithm is stupidly, designed so, if you’re not going to do that to at least share this or one of the other videos. My recommendation at the moment has been to go back a few days. Slash, maybe about a week by this point to communication is key, which i liked the message of. If nothing else. This has been a long episode of that’s that’s gone to sleep. Wake up. This is staying in there’s a stay. I like the background i like having. I have all of these uh wallpapers saved that i just most of them. I found over on twitter or on deviantart, and i wish i had uh. I kind of i feel like i should probably have been saving all the artists names because i feel like someone’s.

Eventually going to ask where i got them from, but that is a lot of effort, but there is a reverse google searching, so it is possible to find possible, but not necessarily easy. But yes, what else? What else? What else? What else uh embrace the chaos embrace? The chaos my my sort of aspect in life – my aspect – is a god for those who are very new here. I have a bit i have a bit of a god complex and that god complex is. I am the aspect of. I am the living embodiment of the aspect of chaos, actually that’s strictly the law, but i have behind it, but that’s a good enough description of it and the final final final point, which is to remind you that our goal here is to change the world to Make this place a better one, and i will see you hopefully i will see you and again.