Thank you for having me, oh, my goodness, who is that bundle of joy who is on your lap resting so comfortably well, she’s, quite a big bundle of joy. Her name is and she’s a rescue dog rescue by pact she’s been with us since 2012.. Ah nirian crumpet, it is an honor to have you both on afternoon, express now let’s talk about your organization and the work that you do with animals. Okay, so um march of 2012, we saw a need in our community to help abandoned animal stray animals. Our core mandate is to sterilize because we believe by sterilizing we reduce the number of unwanted, abused and neglected animals, so that’s how one of our core values and what we do the most. But we do. We do rescue and rehabilitate, and we rehome and since um march of 2012 we’ve done just over um just close to 30 000 animals. Yeah wow, okay leary, is that the number of animals you’ve been able to take care of since you’ve been operating close to 30 000 um. This includes animals that we’ve taken out um from their circumstances and we’ve, rehabilitated them and rehomed uh. These are also animals that we run township program, which is where we go to household, where people are very underprivileged and they sometimes don’t have food or electricity for themselves. Uh we’ve, taken on the care of their animals, then in terms of food and treatment and uh.

It also includes part of our feeding programs in terms of feral cat colonies, etc.

Talk to us about the type of assistance you’re providing to these animals and talk to us about some of the success stories you’ve encountered. So we’ve done quite a lot of the tesla studies, the ones that stand out the most. For me, um it’s, a little dog named um um ritz, was um. Basically, we think we suspect that his leg was uh broken by his owner when he attacked a bird and so um. He was a little york, he crossed doggy and we thought we needed to put him down, but we are we’ve amputated the leg and he lives. Quite a happy long life um and then there’s another dog named tequila. She came to us completely emaciated, uh, skin and bone. When we offered her food, we had never seen any dog eat food. She was like this close to just eating the bowl as well, but if you look at her now, she’s so dumb and healthy and it’s, just knowing that you’ve got them out of those situations, i’ve given them the life that they deserve, i just see them so Happy it just made everything so worthwhile neary girl. On that note, i think that you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back and everyone who is there at the phoenix shelter helping out in a more desperate way, giving a voice to those who don’t have a voice.

Now you’ve already touched quite briefly on your sterilization and you as an organization, are pro life but you’re also pro quality of life.

Please may you elaborate on this for us. So when we get every single animal that comes um through the dog, we always treat each animal as if they were our own. So the decisions that we make with them are very much based on the decisions we would make for our own kids. But before that happens, we always give them a fair chance, and so we have animals that come into our childhood, that um they come in with cancer or they come in needing an amputation. I mean i have a dog that has no eyes so long as their quality of life is not affected and so long as they’re going through chemo when they feel happy – and you know they still want to love, we continue, but they always come to time where You have to make a decision, because quality of life is what it’s all about, and so we that’s what we mean. We are pro life, but we more pro quality of that. Well, i can only imagine that it’s a very difficult decision that you guys have to face. Whilst you do the incredible work that you do, but to make a difference, you also have to it comes with a whole lot of responsibility. So, thank you so much and your incredible team for making those tough decisions and making the incredible change to the lives that are vulnerable.

Now you have started a feeding scheme to help the animal owners as well.

Why did you feel compelled to do this? It’S just everyone’s taken such a hard knock ever since um. You know the lockdown has happened and we’ve seen, families lose their job and they were already struggling on minimum wage um so when when they were hit, but now they have to stay at home and they can’t work anymore. They had no food for themselves, leave alone. Food to feed their pet, so when we started going around and we started feeding animals, we saw that there was such a great need to help its families, and so we decided to start fundraising for temples and what we actually do is we go out and we Give approximately between two and 300 hampers every month, but we have a meal guide inside. So we make sure that we explain to them how to utilize that hamper for 30 meals for a family of five. So we know that they sorted out for the month and then we also provide their cats and their dogs with enough food for the month, and so we know we’ve done something bigger than just going. You know beating the animals we’ve now enabled the family to feed themselves, and it gives them time to try to think about what they could do next month, so we’re hoping that we can make a difference. You know niri throughout this entire show.

This monday, we are focusing on the family structure and how much of a vital part, animals and pets are within this family structure.

So the fact that you guys have decided to go above and beyond just helping the pets and helping the actual families that house the pets is truly incredible and truly speaks to the message of of today’s entire show. Now, what word of encouragement do you have for others who see your work and want to try and follow in your footsteps and help their fellow south africans? So i think that you know very often we wan na we see things that we wan na change, but we think we’re just one person. I think that um we don’t have to be a collective unit to make a difference. If each one of us reaches out to just a person or one animal, we can make the difference and to those people that are currently struggling, there’s always hope, and if you go through it today, you’ll get through tomorrow. Take it one day at a time advising us to take it one day at a time: south africa that is niri naidu out there in the phoenix treatment and care center, helping these dogs to repeat get rehabilitated and, in turn, rehabilitating an entire community. Thank you.