Well, we have to have a special drink made with tequila. Oh, my goodness, and this one is so easy to make. I want you all to come on by and try this out today. Is these thirsty thursdays and national tequila day come on and try it’s really easy. All right see you later happy tequila day, everyone and happy bees thirsty thursdays. Now, today, in honor of tequila day, we’re going to make a special blue drink and i think you’re going to like it we’re going to use sour blue raspberry, our guest of honor we’re, going to use our silver tequila and mr boston special blue karate. I don’t know how to say this: it’s a blue liqueur how about that we’re, going to use some ice and some lime and we’re going to crush this up and we’re going to have a fabulous drink. Okay, let’s get started Music very good. I forgot to tell you i like to add a little sprite, a little sprite in here. Okay, that’s, good let’s, add some of our blue raspberry i’m. Going to tell you all all about this. I want you to try this out, because it’s really good. Your kids will love it. Oh, and by the way you can always make a version Music virgin version of this. There we go now. You all know i tend to get a little heavy handed with things.

This is our lime juice, see where i’m going so far.

Music let’s see how this goes. Can you see Music? You can tell when it’s done. You can hear that the ice, because i want the texture to be just like slushy. Here we go ready, Music perfect. Now here we go i’m going to wipe the rim with our glass with this line here i’m going to use. Let me put this over here, so you can see i’m gon na just put this in here. Wow look at this, and here we go look at that. You guys i have to test this out. Give me one minute. Let me see oh that’s good. I want some more of this. This tastes, like cotton candy, put some more of that in here and stir this up. You can always enjoy this with a spoon. Let me see Music yum oops. I’M. Sorry, you guys sorry for the interruption Music home.