I am like so freaking hot right now. I actually had to go and grab a cold beer just to kind of like take a sip and like cool my ass down because i’m, like dying uh, okay, i’m, i’m, starting to feel a little bit better and i’m starting to cool off. But, oh my god. When i first got home, i was not a happy camper, so for those of you that do not know this today, yes, yes, it’s national tequila day what and i’m really bummed, because my sister nikki is not here with me, so nikki i’m. Really! Sorry! Your ass is missing out. I want to tell you i’m sorry, but what i’m going to try today is. I hope i say it right. Hornidos is a hundred percent, the agave. This is a reposado and it’s 40 alcohol. This is what the bottle looks like. So anything on the back Music yeah, just talking shit, whatever okay. So the other reason why i grabbed the beer, no joke it’s, because i don’t have any limes. And if i don’t like this, i need to chase her, and i know my sister nikki is probably when she’s watching this she’s going to be like you, don’t need a chaser. If the t keel. Is that good? Well, i don’t know if the tequila is going to be good. Nah smells like tequila.

What are you gon na do so to celebrate happy friday to celebrate national tequila day, cheers to you all Music wow, oh holy shit, fucking, a oh nicki! I wish your ass was here right now, damn oh, that shit like was burning my tongue.

Okay, i may not have any more of those today i might have to drink. Some of my other tequilas i’ve already tried for you guys holy shit, wow yeah. Now i got ta breathe for a second damn: okay, that’s a little too much for me, that’s a little too much holy shit, i’m. Gon na be honest on a scale of one to ten i’m gon na, give it a five now my sister nikki may give it something else. I may you know, have her, try it out for you guys. I oh holy shit. I, as soon as i put it in my mouth, no joke. I could feel the burning on my tongue. Ah yeah, i won’t buy it again. I won’t now some of you may be like. Oh, i love that that’s great, more power to you. My sister may love it i’m, giving it a five. I i i’m still actually even feeling it right here. Oh god, thank god. I had that beer to back me up. Okay, yeah i’m gon na have to go and grab one of my other bottles of tequila that’s, already open and uh that’s. What i’ll be drinking one of those i’m done with that today, at least i tried it.

At least i tried it i’ll try it again when my sister nicki’s here and i’ll do it with her, but other than that no freaking away man can’t. Do it can’t? Do it anyway uh? Well, i hope you all are drinking some kind of good tequila today and um.

Having a blast me, i will be having a blast once i grab one of my other bottles. What are you gon na do anyway? Okay, this is what i tried: horny jornitos reposado. This is a bottle. I found it at abc liquor. So if you want to try it, i would say check there first, if not check your local liquor store or whatever you got near you mom and pop and um see if they sell it it’s a bit too much for me. Okay, you guys have fun today. Have a fantastic weekend be safe, don’t, drink and drive me i’m staying home, so i don’t give a shit. I can drink all. I want i’m. Sorry! I just had to roll that in i’m.