I am home and hanging out on national tequila day, it’s a fun little holiday that we get to celebrate and today i’m excited to be celebrating with a brand new blender check it out. I got this brand new dash chef series, digital blender and my uh, and my dog is here to check it out with us, say: what’s up yogi, so uh. Thank you dash for hooking me up with this new blender i’m really excited to try it out. So we’re about to make margaritas to celebrate national tequila day. Here we go all right, so let’s open this baby up got our instructions, our warranty, a uh. I know this has a better name, but i want to call it a dipstick to uh smash up our ingredients on our lid here’s, the blender itself. All right here is the bottom. This is definitely the most powerful blender that’s ever been in my kitchen. I, like this beautiful red color matches the food processor. Everything in the box Music looks like there’s our blender, how it sits on top Music there we go all right guys, so this is the blender here’s. The base unit see this beautiful red color dash branded and what’s really cool. I don’t know if you can read the buttons on the video, but there are digital buttons for all. Sorts of blending needs there’s a suit mode, a smoothie mode crush, and what we’re going to go for today frozen to make our national tequila day margaritas all right, i’ve prepped, my ingredients, so we’re going to put this margarita together, Music, i cleaned up the blender.

You know to get new factory taste off, so i squeezed some fresh limes to give us some lime juice. This is actually a huge blender, but uh people in a small exception. Just me and my wife drinking today, not the little kids, obviously to feel i pre measure it out Music triple sec Music. I didn’t have any agave nectar or anything similar for sweeteners, so we’re going to go a little red today with granite, get a little splash of color in there and, of course, frozen. Margarita wouldn’t be a frozen margarita without smites all right i’m going to put the cap on the lid and nice and tight and, of course, all right here we go we’re going to blend, get them nice and close. We get a good view Music. I think for this we’re going to go to crust mode well, actually smoothie mode might even be better i’d say a smoothie is pretty close to margarita and there’s a timer on it. It presets there so let’s uh let’s go for it and make it happen there. We go, i don’t think it even needed my help there. It was actually pretty cool how it uh pulsed along the way. So here we go, the margaritas let’s uh, give them a drink. Happy national tequila day. One of the four me one for mrs personal profitability. Music, so it’s july 24th, 2020. Even though we’re in the middle of the pandemic, we can still have a little fun at home, make ourselves some good frozen drinks thanks dash for sharing this awesome happy tequila day with us cheers here we go happy national tequila day.

Cheers all right: well, the kids wanted to get on this fun action as well, so we made them some non grown up drinks. We have a fruit, smoothie ready to go just simple banana orange juice and strawberry. You guys want a smoothie yeah.