Really excited to talk about tequila on national tequila day. This is a. This is something that you know. I think we celebrated this last year on our show as well, but it is a big time for a company like patron isn’t it it is. It is, and of course, this year i think it’s a little bit different for everyone. The way that we’re celebrating but we’re really trying to make sure that we give everyone at home the opportunity to celebrate as if as if it was last year as if things were normal and talk to us about patronage as a label as a company. A very big history with the in the tequila industry – absolutely so i’ve worked with patron for about two years now and at patron we really we hold a couple things to be really important to us. We really want to make sure that we preserve tradition within the tequila industry. We use all 100 weber, blue agaves and in our 30 plus year history we have always been and still are 100 additive free and have recently been verified by tequila matchmaker, also to be 100 additive free as well so very important that it’s just straight tequila straight From the agave plant – yes, 100 weber, blue agave, going into all of our products very good and let’s talk about some of your products.

You have several of them, spread out there in front of you. I do. I do over quarantine, they’ve sort of dwindled a little bit more than they normally would have, but uh i’ve got our core line here.

Our beautiful uh. This is a barrel. Select reposado that we’re going to be making a cocktail with as well. I’Ve got a couple from our roku line, which is 100 tahona. Only tequila i’ve got our platinum here, which is triple distilled, so i’ve got a few varieties, we’re only going to be using one, but i i like to have a couple around me: it’s, like family and it’s great, to have that selection when you’re going into a Store and making a purchase of tequila it’s great, to have some choices absolutely and the great thing about patron being the company that we are we’re available in a lot of different places and there’s a lot of varieties to choose from. However, you would like to celebrate national tequila day. Well, let’s let’s get a let’s get a cocktail going here. Show us show us the cocktail. You have in mind for us today, absolutely so what we are going to be making today is called a paloma. This is one of my favorite cocktails to make um it’s a lot of people know the margarita and they feel like very comfortable with the margarita, and i feel like this is kind of like a margarita plus up in a way.

So first thing we’re going to do here is we’re going to take our glass and we’re going to give it a little half rim. Here with a salt and sugar mix. I like to use the salt and sugar because it adds a little bit of that salinity but at the same time, a little bit of additional sugar sweetness as well.

And i like the fact you use the grapefruit there to do the to to rub to get the salt and the sugar to it here. Yeah very nice. Absolutely very nice touch! Thank you. So after we have our glass all prepared, we’re then going to take some fresh lime juice we’re, going to use about a half ounce of fresh lime juice, so i’m going to use my handy juicer here at any time, as with all cooking with the fresher the Ingredients you use the better the end product. Absolutely we highly recommend fresh juices if you can get them right now in all of your cocktails that you make with patron so next we’re going to use some light. Agave nectar we’ve got about a half ounce of that going in the cocktail as well. We love to use agave nectar in this specific cocktail because it really gives a round and really additional depth of flavor to the cocktail. So then, speaking of fresh, we are going to use some grapefruit juice. I used to live in texas and i love grapefruit juice.

Everybody drinks, grapefruit juice down there, it’s sort of a texas staple so we’re, gon na add two and three quarter: ounces of grapefruit juice. In there and then last but not least, the most important thing we’re gon na use some of our patron tequila. Now i selected a reposado for this, because the reposado has a light kiss of oak uh that we age it with basically, and it helps add again to the depth and flavor of that cocktail.

So this is one of our barrel select versions right here, uh, but the the normal one that you see looks a little different than this, but i assure you it’s, it’s the same product, so we have all of our ingredients here in our shaker and then we’re Going to grab some ice and don’t skimp on the ice. I highly recommend adding a bunch of ice in here because you don’t want to get too much dilution and the more ice the less dilution you’re going to get pop on the top of that shaker and then give it a couple good shapes. I think you’ve done this a time or two. Yes, i certainly have i’m not doing it as much now being at home, but definitely fun to have the opportunity to do it with all of you, since i don’t get to do it at a bar or anything like that anymore. Right now so we’re going to add a couple more ice cubes in there to our glass and then we’re, going to strain this mixture over top here and then final step, we’re going to add some sparkling water.

So a lot of recipes do use grapefruit soda in mexico. You can use squirt or harito’s grapefruit. I really prefer the fresh grapefruit juice added with some soda water, so i chose topochico again it’s kind of a texas thing, but i love topochico because of all the bubbles, so we’re going to add a little bit of sparkling water at the top and then we’re Going to give it a little bit of a stir to make sure that all of that is incorporated and then a little straw here and then we’re going to add our grapefruit wedge for garnish a beautiful drink and that’s the paloma.

Oh man, it’s hot, as it is right now that would definitely hit the spot. It would be cool and refreshing absolutely that was sort of my goal: it’s. Definitely a porch zipper to really cool you off. I like that a porch zipper. I like that, a lot, because, right now, it’s sitting in the shade on the porch, is a lot of relief getting out of the sun and the heat that we’re having here right now, you know what we’re talking about tequila before i let you go today. What is that one thing that most people that one misconception that a lot of folks have about tequila? Oh, i feel like everyone’s. First experience with tequila, maybe wasn’t the most positive experience. So the one thing we always say is you know now that now that maybe you’re a little older to give to give a 100 agave tequila a chance and really taste the flavors of the agave, especially with patron.

You know we roast all of our agave and clay ovens. We really have this beautiful depth of sweet and round agave flavor. So i say if you’ve had a bad tequila experience before it’s national tequila day, maybe give tequila another shot absolutely and enjoy one of those porch sippers right there and enjoy a paloma with me all right, stephanie tesler! Thank you so much for stopping by with us. Today it is patron tequila. Thank you so much stephanie. Thank you much so much for having me all right.