Okay, let’s get into it, so you guys can have lunch i’m ready for lunch too. I’M starving. All i had was like this little egg thing today: um, but yeah i’m, pretty hungry right now, right about now all right, uh, it’s, friday, happy uh, flashback friday. I also want to say happy birthday to our girl j. Lo that’s right, jennifer lopez is 51 years old today and she looks amazing, no doubt about it. Jlo looks amazing and i’m sure it helps having personal trainers, uh a personal chef, personal dietitian, Laughter. Whatever she looks great, i also want to say happy birthday to rick fox um. He used to be married to vanessa williams uh. He was a nba player for the lakers long time, player for the lakers he’s 51 as well, uh and local batting champion, who i still think needs to be in the hall of fame, barry bonds, uh he’s, 56 years old today, happy birthday to barry bonds. Someone just clicked in, let me see who who clicked in here elizabeth, hey elizabeth, happy friday and then uh carl malone. Carl malone is 57 years old. Today. Remember he’s played for the utah jazz funny story about carl malone. My son’s godfather used to always also play for the utah jazz danielle marshall that’s, my son, tyler’s, godfather and uh. We went to uh utah a few times to watch him play and uh i mean they were like on championship, runs and stuff and and uh.

So it was great because they got to do some playoff stuff dusty play some black mood, sunshine, all right, uh, yeah, so uh we went to uh, utah and uh at the time is myself and my son and his mom, and it was funny because carl malone Was trying to hit on her Laughter and my friend uh? He was like: hey man she’s, oh okay, no disrespect so funny, kinda Laughter, all right! So here we go. Um today is national tequila day, which is great right. National tequila day my boy e40 he’s got a tequila out. Um who’s, the rock the rock has his own tequila. Now so tequila is a very popular drink and i have a survey tied in with national uh tequila day. So i need some sounds like i need. Some tequila shots there we go um, so here are the states that drink the most tequila and – and some of these i just wouldn’t – have even imagined, but they say: nevada is the number one state uh for persons uh that drink tequila, the average uh per person In the state is 2.3 bottles a year, so the average person in nevada drinks, 2.3 bottles of tequila a year. Let me give you some perspective, so uh colorado is number two which is weird to me. Colorado is a 1.4 bottles per person a year. Arizona has the same amount: um, california, 1.3 bottles a year. I don’t know if i’ve ever drank a whole bottle of tequila, but probably i did i used to drink the hell out of patron back in the day and then all of a sudden it got weird.

Like i don’t know, i think the company sold and i don’t know i heard they got different agave plants, but i remember it just didn’t taste as good to me. Uh later on after it sold and then like texas is number six. They drink 1.2 bottles per person per year, so imagine texas and california, 1.2 nevada, 2.3 they’re drinking double the tequila than us, so that’s. My challenge to you is get our ranking up. We need to drink more tequila in the state of california, hello, gianna, what’s, up there’s, gianna, franco, love, her let’s, see happy friday, try paloma, tequila and grow. Oh yeah! No, you know what gianna i actually that’s. California’S number one searched how to drink. I’Ve been on those i’ve, i’m drinking those. In fact, i drank one two days ago and i will drink one today, so i got the little grapefruit soda and i slice a lot it’s amazing it’s, an amazing drink. Thank you, gianna. You guys that’s an easy recipe for tequila and it tastes there’s, no bitterness you just you can drink it and all of a sudden, two or three drinks in you got a nice little buzz right, all right. So yes, national tequila day and then that that was pretty much. My survey for uh for the tequila is so good. Yes gianna, it is so good. You can see gianna on kpix. She used to be at the game. We love gianna, though she is amazing, uh yeah.

She has some uh, some beautiful kids. Also. I got another survey and hopefully my bosses aren’t watching this survey, because this is not how i feel this is a survey. So this survey is the top things we hate about our bosses so Laughter. This has nothing to do with my boss or bosses. This is a survey that was done outside okay, i’m. Just relaying the message. Okay, here we go top things we hate about. Our bosses. Number one micromanage: nobody likes that nobody likes to be micromanaged right. We want to be able to do our job and if we do it right, we do it right and if we, if we messed it up, then we then we take the consequences but to have somebody breathing down your neck. Nobody enjoys that. Not that that’s ever happened to me so just letting you know number two they’re never available and they don’t respond. Huh. My bosses respond, i don’t know about you. Also uh number three is they’re. Incompetent number four is they’re. Rude number five is they’re condescending, so these are the top things we hate about our bosses, man. This is brutal. This is brutal uh. They have no empathy, uh they’re bad listeners. They gossip, i don’t, know i don’t know about uh. Boss is the gossip but yeah it’s on the list. Uh nine is they’re, they’re self serving and ten is it’s, a split, it’s, it’s kind of weird, so ten is they have a bad temper or they’re too nice.

That makes no sense to me i’m breaking up. Who am i, oh god, i am breaking up a little bit huh. My boss is just. I have great bosses, no i’m, i’m joking, i don’t, hopefully they’re not watching, but i have great bosses. I really do um yeah the top things we hate about our bosses. So that was kind of funny number 10 is um. Bad temper, like we don’t, enjoy their bad temper, but we also don’t want them to be too nice, so that’s kind of weird that’s, a weird one to me: that’s it all right so uh check this out, and today you could still text in your five uh Favorite old school throwback jams text them into uh, 844, 681 7102 uh put your name with it. Uh we’re gon na put somebody uh allow somebody to take over today at five o’clock we’re gon na play all five of your songs in a row uh so so put those in eight four, four six, eight one, seven one. Oh two, then tonight nine pm to midnight is the friday night house party, basically we’re, going to turn your living room into a house party turn us on leave us on uh it’s, three hours of mixes by dj’s air. In the era myself and a guest dj dj stallion, and then tomorrow gianna tomorrow, we have a new feature with guru. So guru is from 95 7 the game he does a show with uh, bonte and steiny, so they have a great show over there and guru.

He’S such a fun personality that we’re bringing him over on uh saturdays uh from uh 12 p.m, to 5 p.m, it’s, a guru’s backyard boogie, so he’s, basically gon na, be your soundtrack for saturdays it’s, five hours of mixing, uh it’s, all great jams. So what we’re saying is turn us on at noon start up the barbecue and just let it go because it’s guru’s backyard boogie starting uh tomorrow at 12 noon. Turn us on leave us on it’s gon na yeah, right guru, it’s gon na be a lot of fun. Guru is a great personality, he’s a lot of fun, he’s, a bay area guy uh, so make sure you tune in again. Tomorrow it is guru’s backyard boogie. The debut 12 noon, all right so uh you guys have a great weekend like i said we are your soundtrack for the weekend. Turn us on leave us on and uh. Do you guys just have a blast this weekend? We love you be safe out. There wear your mask all right: let’s, let’s let’s get this uh covet thing under control. Wear your mask. Uh continue to wash your hands for 20 seconds. I told you yesterday the survey says we’re only washing our hands for 19 seconds. One more one more of these, this that’s, all you have to do under the water one more. Second, all right, i’ll see you guys again monday 6 a.