I am founder and owner of the cocktail, guru and we’ve been doing this show since March and it’s an absolute pleasure to always welcome. You live to my home cocktail. Lab here in my the town that I live in I’m being a little elusive folks, but seriously. What we do here on this show is we talk about positive news, and then we also make cocktails to celebrate this positive news, and today I have a real treat of a cocktail actually it’s a triple whammy. I like to call it, but before that I want to welcome you all to the show hello Sookie good to see. You thanks tell me that you’re here and I might even post your comments right up on the screen live and if you’re here. If you tell me what you’re drinking tell me what you’re planning on drinking – and let me know, maybe what you’d like to see in a future show, do you have do you have any positive news to share? Hopefully, we all get positive news throughout our days, especially now very important to hold on to those positive that positive news, those inspiring stories so today in positive news, this is a great one because it has to do with drinking our our great pal when we called Him Papa Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway was born on this day. In 1899, he was born in Oak Park Illinois. He was a major influence in literature and in drink making because he loved his witch cocktail.

Folks, the daiquiri that was his favorite drink when he drank his way through the Florida Keys and Cuba. There are some great stories out there if you’ve ever had a drink called the Hemingway daiquiri. That is one of my favorite cuck cocktails. Oh good, so soak, you would like to see a nice Bloody Mary on one of our episodes and thank you. I would love to make you a nice, Bloody Mary and perhaps we’ll feature that next week or on one of the upcoming shows. Thank you. Yeah, like we said we’re here, every Tuesday at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, live on Facebook and live on YouTube. So if you haven’t followed our YouTube channel, please go write or subscribe to it. Please go right ahead. Okay, so I never our positive news, but we want to keep the positivity going right. Keep it going. Friends we’ve got a cocktail for you today, so I call this my tequila PB and chocolate all right guys. This is an honor of national tequila day, which is on Thursday and national peanut butter and chocolate day, which is tomorrow so I’m combining all of those ingredients into a cocktail of there’s Mike, oh boy, Michael, hey, good, to see you Michael, is drinking 19th century Morning. Glory fizz. That is a really nice cocktail. I love it. Scotch absinthe citrus, simple syrup and soda water sounds absolutely delicious, Michael thanks for joining once again, some of our regulars here.

I love it okay, so this is my tequila peanut butter and chocolate dessert style cocktail. I love desserts, I have a huge sweet tooth and this cocktail is no different, so let me go ahead and show you our close up shots so that you can see what is happening here so right over here right over here folks. I have some chocolate chocolate syrup, peanut butter and some sprinkles, so what I’m going to do? First is I’m going to rim my glass over here let’s just place this spoon here, I’ll show you right up front. Just take a peek we’re just going to dip. Oh man, look at that just going to dip some of this right along the edge look at that and so that we get this really interesting. Well, peanut butter, chocolate, swirl action happening when it over here see and then I’m going to dip it in our silver and chocolate sprinkles. Oh look at that! Hey there. We go. Look at that I’m going I’m saying! Look at that several times here, because I mean I I’m in amazement: how good that looks. Okay, so let’s go ahead and shake up the cocktail here: I’m using peanut butter, so I’m going to put a liberal spoonful of peanut butter into my mixing glass. Oh there we go peanut butter is a staple in our household, our kids love it and I love peanut butter too. I use it in smoothies. Obviously, yes, delicious and smoothies, so let’s go ahead and take our tequila and I’m doing one and a half ounces.

I have yeah reposado tequila Reposado means rested for those of you who may not be aware so we’ve got one and a half ounces of our repla Sado tequila a little bit of barrel aged and recipe and reposado tequila as well as and yaho adds a little Bit more of a dimension into this cocktail, I have this. This really delicious cream, liqueur called Mozart, chocolate, cream, liqueur we’ll also add one and a half ounces into our jigger here, you’ll notice. I am obviously measuring my cocktails here: they’re measuring the liquid ingredients, because we want our cocktails to be precise right, which is why we measure our ingredients. Look at that really nice and delectable now I’d, like to just lighten up this drink a little bit, and I have another one of my favorite creme liqueurs. This is called some rista siz, an Indian chai liqueur. You can also use milk cream or some kind of a non dairy product if you’d like that is also really nice. All right good, I think I think we’re set here and now all we have to do is add ice. Look at this creamy – goodness, oh yeah, so I have my ice right over here. We’Ll fill up our mixing glass with ice and give it a really nice vigorous shake. Shall we okay let’s? Do it eight Mississippi’s right let’s? Do the heck out of this one all right? Oh this is you know like an adult peanut butter and chocolate.

Shake is really what this looked like to me. Okay, so let’s get our glass over here and ready our nice rim glass. Remember we did chocolate, sauce, peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles and silver sprinkles and we’ll just strain that right out. Oh yeah, look at that! That is some chocolate peanut butter. Goodness. Let me bring this up close for a little bit of a close up here and I’m. Going to take a little sip, okay, one second, oh wow, I mean if you haven’t, played around with peanut butter in cocktails, chocolate and tequila. This works so well guys. I mean the aroma from the chocolate, the character from the peanut butter, the the aged tequila. In there, the the cream, liqueurs, the chocolate and the chai it all I mean I have to say. I know it is Michael says: beauty looks crazy, rich, it is rich, it is decadent.