So as it 10 10 to 12 inch on dirt, a pasta, dough cut intuitive okay that last into my question by hologram wahoo Scylla. So, as a first question, question number 9: a pass at willful recursive a pseudo. So question number number no question about nine: who dishes of what evidence do we have for the origin of life from inanimate Peter? When I am? Are life 2? Kappa origin, miss ultimate question hit a key evidence is a proof. Esl teacher said Papa original art are proofs chiesa, so your work, isn’t scientists alike, evolution, output, origin of life, overcome co, editing, assigning order contribution dissident. So a bit aside, british scientist Azana salon JBS Haldane at first in 1929. Appetizer, such as that dead life is originated from inanimate matter, you know getting actually. According to him, life must have develop from the simple, inorganic molecules. Mana nonliving molecule to yourself, you know, gave molecule which was earning a nitrogen Huggle. Ammonia have loss of key inorganic molecules which were present at that time here to homogeny. You know you know, give Nick molecular silly. He named one I don’t know plasto ever alive flow reasonability exit on what I hate. What I was silly, but later later, keyhole Miller, number scientist as a man. Are you Ray in 1953, presented its evidences? There proves to be life, I’ve got a proof.

Nozzle idea, proof delay that day assemble an apparatus here, Akiko la libert data. When I was system it a great coil, a partisan Abu naal, a set up at a local a to create an early art atmosphere.

I got my boot Basara ago, boon million years, so I go tomorrow. Our treatments we’re set up to connect Vasily Henry Stafford labeled. It a Home Depot nobility is a Podesta rabbun allah which was supposed to consist of gases like methane cloud, kiki sled, conspirator agora transferred a no. I did not Ziggy. I guess, as I go to know here, to know Gordon atmosphere Kiki’s. Let me tienes la ammonium silica, Sakia, inorganic molecule AB, ammonia, hydrogen acid Arab sulfide, SLX cetera and ago in organic molecules. Laguna. So a black Tiffany had a lobotomy on her bone Allah apart us to mannahatta Nicaragua, atmosphere, critical asset about the create cooler over water, water or Allah. So this was water over one atmosphere to creat. This was maintained at a temperature just below 100 degree. Celsius. 100 Celsius of beador at a temperature maintained, gorilla and electric sparks where are led to his parks, to kill ad seg ordinal Jacob to publish on a B operable studio so be this would be Zhu. Li Kate, logically, electric sparks no delay, take a sec, so I went and passed through the mixture and zucchini gas or mixtures. Litter should be Pascal electrical spark tow to stimulate lightning, lightning, Karuna busy, busily a girl.

No a linear, lightning thunder storm Wasser. So here are denoted a total nigga laborda park Tiffany hit later set up a create cooler visually affected, ebola for about one week, a cocktail like a courier tequila at the end of one week, a one who can he could keyhole.

It was founded about 15 of carbon from mccain had been converted into simple compounds and amino acids which make up protein molecules formed in living organ. So I chopped up the result to keep a left key musalla 15 percent of carbon methane opacity to 50, carbon oscillator, simple compounds on a convertible or amino acid, or a menial citizen idea, more bodhichitta tacit protein, mona cheese’s, a protein or formation amino acid on rollers. A junior here, pappu full they walk walk. When i hit up a second window seat to polymerase a new satanic ibaka be living organisms. You can has a mulligan in a converter, forever. Buna. This experiment provides the appearance it wave is ends at a silly. Do you say they? You know: Gatica passe, amino 67 ella tiene que tienen que seguir. My life from the Liholiho evolved koyla now evidence that the life originated from in in millimeter or lifeless matter like innovating model energy molecules opposite. I evolve possibly eight where evidence a significant hit. We Altman David is a set up to a do. You know what about a loosely okay, so guess where it is Prague, business wise, Prague be silly better, each other father did later.

Okay. So next question nuclear sir question number two explain how sexual reproduction gives rise to more viable variation, then asexually put essentially production or demand variation can again. How does this affect the evolution of those organism that you put is sexually okay, okay, so answer during sexual reproduction? There is crossing over cross no xanadu sexual evolution.

Scores for crossing over chromosome current do depends a parental chromosome, Ballack Ballack, a contribution over a dozen retro almost too similar get okay trace it in half again so characteristics to mix water to somehow accessor. So that gives rise to variation here to connect variation. I have these various that are inhibited increase. The chances of survival of an organism here to connect organism or survive will do for questioned. Oscillate already explained couid, where i got slugged a good, so in sexual reproduction variation may occur due to erosion, DN a coping DNA. Does it a copy boy, kebab boulevard DNA copy go to exact the iniquity of Kofi hop on one article, so Madhava father was it a deal? Is a copy boy exact DNA copy, no co, editor mutation, the divisor Zeno’s or the mutation? Who is that you taking about, did a variable to a he’s about yourself, so there may be variation due to interchange of homologous chromosome during crossing over a million female Illawarra. Karanja variation kill a high before in sexual reproduction. It is not predetermined that which game it would fuse with and under given it depends only only on chance.

It is also a reason of variation. Okay, so this variation animal organism to end up dem self, to the changing just variation here to variation a hill. I mean is: organ: is Erin from girl or end up corpora rama’s. I have a village it advisor or an equalizer, and also help to give rise to new species.

New species new species evolved photo obligatory variation, ultimately variation at our main factor. What is it so question why lemon okie versus wa? How is the equals and any contribution of male and female parents in Serena poisoning on equal contributions are here? Can I come for sure when anniversary so answer, genetic material is most generating. Material in most organism is present in pair of chromosome on at a pair to get one a solution at a pair take a bullet x and y. Then I get male or female or xx noise. You know I’m a human or better. Yet what question so give me it’s in a sexually reproducing organisms, are formed by the process of MU, during which half of the delivering material goes into each gamete when the gamut from male and female pens fuse with each other, Dean’s, actually put the normal complement, its Priests or half of the genetic material comes from a female. A half of the from male dead chick artwork is a COBOL honey, so equals and econ division. One at Amazon now last question: question number 12: only variation that confer an advantage to an individual organism will survive in a population.

Do you agree with this statement a photographer hello assess. It have no explain good reason. Why or why not? Yes, variation net confront advantage to an individual organism. I hate it so dark it is. It can survive longer in remain and maintain. It exists in your business variation.

They all ultimately, variation of a potential variation. Jolla tomorrow survive in Lima Hebrew behavior longer time going to survive in the Kawachi. I said so you’re good to do it in their common mosquito bacteria be photo, for example, DeeDee Moore what’s. The proposal yet care we say explained no puedo oppose it. I hope wasn’t a visual to yourself. So, yes, variation debt confront advantage to an individual organism are inherited. Okay, so the organism can survive longer, Union environment and maintain its existent in the population. So human to a select chapter 902 photo Mughal the sake bara chapter on boy, actually chapter 9 huzzah blows a second I do in was eye opening type.