Can you see anything barely a little bit by my nose, but i don’t know how to like. Okay i’ll keep my eyes closed. Okay, good and kelly is wearing um eye mask she made from scratch. Also hey. I just got some fabric out it’s gauze, all right, i didn’t have anything well. Kaylee, okay, kaylee made me a mask and i know what’s that i’m sorry. I wish i had it believe me. I do okay, so here’s the thing we we love uh taste test around here and we thought let’s, blindfold, kelly and kaylee give him four ice creams. We i just want you to identify the flavor i’m gon na start with this one right here, because i think it’s the easiest and when you identify it. Please just like say your name and let me say your name because i don’t want you uh, giving the other person a hint if they don’t need a hint okay. Oh, my goodness, i didn’t, i just never realized how hard it is to stand up straight in heels, with your eyes covered honestly, it messes with your uh equilibrium. Does it really i’m saying it just feels that way? You must have a lot of balance, though. If you need to fall over. Let me know: okay, kaylee hold held at your hand. There we go there, we go it’s, a glass okay, so don’t drop it there.

We go. Oh uh, yes, okay, you have a spoon in there too.

You have a spoon where’s, my mouth. Now you just need to taste that wait. Can i smell it? First of all, yeah. My eyes are seriously closed too. Just tell me when you think you know. Oh it’s, coffee kaylee, please let me pull on your face. I’M. Afraid i’m gon na. Is there anything on my spoon. I know i was wondering too. I feel like i’m in bird box, hey sandra, wait. What happened on my spoon? Okay! Is it coffee? Yes, is that what you guys yeah – and you are correct – haagen dazs, coffee, ice cream right here, you know what i it’s so good, that’s good i just want to eat. Is it good um? I can’t get it on my for on my spoon very well wow that is pretty good. I’Ll try to came in there. You can see that better, they’re, okay, by the way these are all haagen, dazs. Okay, i’ll, take your image. I love hogging dolls. There we go i’ll take it. Are you gon na you want to keep eating that kelly cole he’s, not giving it to me kelly’s, like i love this ice cream. Okay, thank you. So much did you that scared me how to do kelly. Did you strategically place? These flavors, where they wouldn’t, be nasty after one another. When people i tried to go easiest to hardest, actually, okay, so this next one, i think, will be relatively easy.

I’M gon na show this to the camera.

Now again, these are all haagen dazs. Okay, and just i mean just tell me what your initial thoughts are. Okay, is there a method to our madness? Are you asking kaylee first or me first um when we say it together, or do we just say it won’t? Well, i’ll just ask you, take a bite and let me just ask you use all your senses. Can i just tell you i’m so thankful for my sight to be honest, so smell it see what you think i didn’t smell anything. Oh, i think i might have smelled something i’m gon na taste, those two with you. Oh oh that’s, that’s, a potberry. Is it strawberry? Let me look at the name again: um. Okay, it is not. I know what i’m gon na guess. Okay, is this? Not strawberry? Kaley, what do you guess uh neapolitan? No, what no taste it again! Oh cherry, oh that’s, a good guess! No, but think other fruits raspberry, it’s raspberry. It is raspberry. Is it raspberry, but it has an actual, very fancy. Roll what’s, it called. Did you get a chocolate bit in yours kelly? Have you tasted chocolate? Yes, just now you say: okay, i just want to make sure you get all the flavors yeah. So there is chocolate but what’s funny. Can you guys guess what kind of chuck? What do you want to do? I’Ll keep eating it. Well, go for it, i’m, not stopping.

I have a big bite Laughter.

This one go ahead. Caleb, i guess dark chocolate, but i don’t know it tastes too. Milky milk chocolate, i don’t, know normal. Okay keep eating. If you want, what do you mean what kind of chocolate it’s a dark chocolate it here’s what’s so funny i just tasted it myself and i think the name is misleading. Oh okay! So are you ready for the name yeah? It is called white chocolate, raspberry truffle. What that’s good, though there’s no way that it tastes like white chocolate, see that i didn’t get the white chocolate. Yeah mm! Hmm, i taste milk, chocolate i’ll! Take i taste dark chocolate. I’Ll! Take your glasses! Take your um pork out. She has no like i’m, just assuming that you can see me kelly and i’m reaching for your glass, but you can’t, okay, no! You are i’m just like standing here. I just want to keep the eyes. Okay, all right! This next one, i will admit, it’s going to be tricky that’s, why i got it good and oh there’s, the clean one. We do need something in between to clean our pallets. Oh, i don’t have anything for you to clean your pallet. Try to um salivate a lot really quickly go ready to go salivate: okay, kaylee! I was gon na suggest, smelling coffee, kelly, open your hands. Okay, there we go okay, i’m gon na taste, this one as well. Don’T worry viewers; i’m, not double dipping i’m.

Just using a spoon and then getting rid of it, i just want to taste it with them.

Okay, i’m. Trying to get this, i feel like. I have a huge scoop. You do very huge. I feel like this is an alcoholic ice cream kelly. What you why? I know because i i have no tolerance for alcohol and i i can taste it in a little hint of see. No, i don’t think there’s, i think it’s alcohol flavoring, i don’t think it’s alcohol. No, i know but i’m saying i always can taste that flavoring. If it has something – and i want you to try to guess what kind, if you can mojito wouldn’t that be something if i got that right um, let me see it’s stuck on i’m, just going to see if you can guess what it’s kind of fruity. Okay. Okay, so go along those lines: kaylee with fruity it’s, a dagorita it’s, a daiquiri, think more of um, a glass of wine old fashioned. Oh wine, it’s wine ice cream. Yes, keep going you’re, so close red wine, chardonnay it’s, another way to say a flower rose. Yes, how about that rose? This one’s called rose and cream rose isn’t that weird that is so weird. I had no idea there was a interesting, but it doesn’t have real alcohol in it. I don’t think so. I liked it. I was looking at the boy. Oh you’re at the dubai okay kelly is totally disoriented right now, you’re gon na blindfold us and inebriate.

It really jared. Who do you think you are jeremy’s trying to get us drunk with this ice cream i’m telling you, i don’t, think there’s any alcohol in it.

It’S just flavoring, i promise okay, i mean i tried to look. Okay, are you done with this rose? Are you tasty? Pretty tasty rose rose? Okay again. I tasted that with you and i i was not a fan of of rose in an ice cream, not the best. I don’t think okay, this next one am i oh there’s, more no you’re facing towards me the side. I am yes, okay, you can face. Whichever way you like, i have no idea. Okay, this next one did we get a shot of that, because that this one sounds very unique to me. There we go kaylee and miss kelly. There we go. Okay, don’t drop i’ll be trying it also this one. You might need a few bites. Okay, wait. I didn’t have anything on my spoon that is different. Oh that’s, another alcohol that’s, another alcohol isn’t. It you got it isn’t, it you’re right kelly. Oh, you got it, but i don’t know what kind you’ll just wait: that’s, not as strong as the wine, though no keep going, though think i want you to there’s a certain element. You need to taste. Let me make sure it’s in kaylie’s yeah. It is. I almost would have guessed like pistachio, no because there’s a chunk in there that you need to get.

Is this tequila? No kaylee. Can you do another bite, so you make sure you get the chunk dip down there here. Can i help you sorry? I got a chunk of stuff.

Okay. There we go there, we go take that. Are you going to feed me too? No, no! Actually, keep going. No, no close, though ish um. What else um did you taste the chunk? I think. So, what is it? What do you think it’s, not a cherry i’d say this is my least favorite. I don’t think it really has much flavor honestly. Are you guys ready for the reveal yeah it’s called rum raisin? Oh it’s, a raisin okay. It wasn’t that chewy though ladies you can take off your blindfolds now. Okay, can we reveal our favorite? Yes, absolutely? Oh, i didn’t know i would i can’t. I thought i was like this. I had no idea was okay, so jeremy, my favorite was the second one. I do like the coffee, but the second one is very good and then last two i could do without yeah, but that’s how sensitive i am to out that taste of an alcohol. I can taste that rum raisin wow. She had to look at all the covers. Yeah, the coffee was pretty good. Oh okay, all right thanks! Ladies, this is interesting. I felt like more than four well next week. Maybe we’ll do it again, then kaylee for kaylee all right! Thank you, jeremy! When we come back, we have some celebrity birthdays.

Let me have some of this. I want something.