Absolutely igor polanski, he is a mixologist and a trade education manager with patron joining us now from vegas in his kitchen. How are you there buddy, hey i’m, doing great fantastic. Thank you for having me here, i’m extremely excited to celebrate the international tequila day. I thought it was just national, but appears to be international tequila day with everybody it’s universal before we even start playing partying on mars right now. What do you got for me? I already have one treat prepared right here, so you know it kind of proves the versatility of of patron tequila um. I made a quick uh blueberry julep, using our extra anejo tequila. So, while we’re talking, i will take a quick sip of that torture. To prepare myself for celebration of national international i’m, sorry tequila date, i love it very good, it’s everywhere, all right let’s make one of these cocktails listen. This is one thing i i can buy the bottle, but i have no idea what to do with it. Other than drink it straight so help me make something: that’s classy yeah, you don’t want to do you don’t want to do that? Why not make it uh really tasty, okay, you’re, not alone, but guess what you know for somebody who works for a tequila company. Obviously, this time of the year is one of my favorite times, because i get to do this kind of stuff and and teach people a little bit how to make a perfect uh cocktails in the home environment, using some of the tools that you don’t.

Really. You know need to go to specialty stores and ingredients that are pretty handy, so we’re going to start off with i’m going to use a shaker. But if you don’t have one you can just use a mason jar with a lid and that acts as a shaker and as a perfect vehicle to actually drink your cocktail. Out of there we got less dishwasher stuff, yeah that’s good this drink. I will start with uh patron silver and um. I need to put an announcement out that just couple days we were verified as additive free tequila, which is extremely interesting and important. We there’s a verification process created by the guys from tequila, matchmaker and tastykill.com websites um. They do research and provide the list of the tequila companies that don’t use any colorings any sweeteners nor any flavorings in their tequila and we’re happy to be on that list. I’M – very proud of it nice. So we want the pure thing. No, no fraudulent tequila here is patron correct, so patron silver goes in about two ounces, since we’re at home i’m, actually not gon na measure so i’m, just i hope, i’m experienced enough to to put a right amount. But again, you know today is an in is international uh tequila day, so you know be responsible, but you know enjoy the additive free tequila as much as you want. Let’S put it that way, um. So, by the way, the drink that i’m making right now is called the tequila bramble and bramble is a classic cocktail that was invented in 1980s by dick bradshaw it’s, the same person who invented an espresso martini.

If you heard of that cup, yeah of course, so yeah, so yeah it’s like drink from 1980s, but actually it’s, very refined, it’s, one of the classic cocktails and one of my favorite drinks. Originally, it features gin, but we perfected the formal and we’re gon na make it with patron silver tequila. So what goes in next? Um lime juice. I originally was lemon, but because it’s tequila, you know i’m trying to stick to. You know traditional classic mexican ingredients that go well together so about one ounce of our lime. Juice goes okay, he measures the lime, but not the cookies. Did you notice that that’s? That? Yes, because you know, because yes, the acid and and sweetener should balance each other? So for that purpose, um i’m also going to use one ounce of my syrup, and this is a quick syrup that i made so it uses a fresh blackberries that you can find pretty much in any store right, so fresh blackberries and sugar and water. So equal parts, sugar, water and throw some blackberries in it. Let it simmer for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go so and that’s it believe me or not. Our drink is pretty much ready. So if you don’t want to make a syrup, you can just throw some some some blackberries and model it in the bottom of your shaker or in the bottom of your mason jar. As i said, and what i’m going to do, i actually not going to use any ice to shake this drink.

Why? Because i use it i’m, using a very small crashed ice for this drink. You don’t want it to melt i’m just going to shake it real, quick. So all the ingredients mixed together and now i’m going to pour look at that it over my crushed ice and garnish with some fresh blackberries, and i have this beautiful mint just going to release some of his oils. Do you want to spank your mittens? He can’t igor with the national and enjoy this beautiful, secure potential. Bramble that looks so good, my goodness wow i love it. You just have mint ready to go see we got ta. Have a party at your house. We’Re gon na have to wait until 2021, probably but honestly, that that is fantastic man. Oh man, he’s got like a dozen roses out there. For us i mean he is just he is a man with style, igor’s class pleasure, yeah, listen um! I learned a lot about hosting people in your house, so i cannot host you live, but i’m, virtually hosting you and when you’re a great host. You always want to have a nice display, a nice set of flowers and to make sure that people feel like they’ve, been treated. Okay, we’ve been treated with great tequila good cocktails and some nice uh views on the flower. We use the the florals let’s put it that way. Igor, i just adore igor igor, is a great guy, igor it’s great having you buddy.

Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you all right, happy happy international tequila days, guys cheers same to you as well. Listen if you want to pick up some tequila for yourself, you know where you pick up patron anywhere, where great tequila is sold. You go to patrontequila.com as well. You make a drink for yourself gets patrons tequila. You get some of that.