I’M anne and welcome anne’s cup is empty i’m taking five because i don’t have yeah yeah. Here we go again but welcome everybody. Coffee cleveland, even though take five – and i drank all my coffee – i still have some of mine in there, but today, what is today and why are we coming so late on a friday afternoon? Well, it is up today is friday july, the 24th, and it is national cousins day and we have cousins that we never wire yeah, but they we know some particularly watch this, so shout out so shout out to you cousin, but shout out to all of our Cousins, yes, shout out wherever you are that’s right, because we have a lot of good memories. We shared growing up with our cousins. We had cousins that we were close with because we lived within 25 miles of one another, and then we had cousins that when we’d go down to our vacation, we’d go down home and there were cousins there. And then we even had cousins in kentucky that we would go see once in a while. Ah so i mean you know: didn’t want the day to go by without having you give out a shout out to your cousin and if you want to say hi, cuz and just leave it, you know like a uh, you know what a comment yeah yeah. You can just say: well, you know i well memories of my cousin.

Well, maybe you need to call your cousin and say hello. Maybe you haven’t talked to your cousin in a while. Send them an email just send them a yeah, just send them a message: hey you’re thinking about you, because it’s cousin’s day, we should have done it earlier in the day i know, but but we had we, oh man, what a busy friday we’ve had um demo Appointments and the last two weeks have been really busy. I um blood work you have and walmart runs every day and sometimes two times a day, picking up per script well and just things we needed yeah and things we needed and uh and things for mother yeah and pick up moms. I mean that is no problem. We’D love to know i store up actually like if, if mom wants disinfectant spray uh instead of buying one, i usually buy one you know yeah, i would i would. I would buy extra, we do yeah yeah. When you see it, you better get it because you know you know how things are and she likes disinfectant wipes yeah. So we make sure and mom eats great um. She eats a bran every day with raisins in it. Well, raisin bran, i didn’t know if we could say that, but why not it’s not a sponsor of ours? We didn’t say a name: oh that’s, true raising brands, just generic okay and she don’t like the generic. She doesn’t have any brands, but anyhow it’s been a it’s been a good day.

It’S been it’s been a really busy busy week next week, it’s going to be busy again kind of off and on i have i have an appointment monday morning early. I have an appointment on tuesday, early thursday we’re getting a new hot water tank Applause Laughter and our hot water tank is over 15 years old, that’s, very good you that has it hasn’t broken yet, but it’s gas, and it has the pilot, light yeah and the Front of it they’re starting to rust a little bit. He said it wasn’t from the pilot light. It was from the heat from the heat act of the actual hot water tank. I don’t know we had since so we’re. Getting a new one. It’Ll be all good. We had one replaced last year, um our nephew came in and replaced. We said, hey we’re, doing all this different. You know remodeling yeah, so he did put one in for it. So i know we’re good for uh several years now yeah. It should be great, probably as long as we want to be there – oh yeah, and this and really he you know he was honest with this. He said really. You don’t have to replace this now, but we’ve been thinking about it and you know what. If it gets put on your heart – and i know it was yours, it happened. You just better act on me because i know because especially a gas one, if there’s like 40 gallons, you know i don’t want to have a big.

Well, we had a disaster. Our tank broke um many many years ago. Oh, i know what it means you had to go into the insurance it had to be filed with well your floorboards. Oh everything everything got absorbed because they put them now in um, your closet, yeah, and so it went in not just the closet and not just the bedroom, but it go. It backs up into the uh master bathroom, so yeah yeah. Ours is a friend that was doing review yeah and he i mean we actually filed insurance yeah and i don’t want that kind of a thing, and it is 15 years old. So – and that was the last thing on our like to do on like the checklist yeah well, you know when we bought the house, the the inspector gives you a list of you know: green, yellow and red wow yeah. That was one of the last items that we needed to do on that check off list that’s good, actually, because really good, you know it was like this needs to be done. That needs to be done. You know now we have another big deal. That needs to be done, and i don’t know when we’re going to be able to do it, but we need to have some trees. I started saying is that your tree trimming the trees and they’re, so we have oh yeah. We have because she is in the country, their house is just completely surrounded by trees and large trees, not just eating normal they’re, big and then we’ve got some other big ones along the the um, the um property lines.

I couldn’t put that. Did you see my little video earlier about the deer? Yes, that was right out your friend, oh yeah, right out the way, the farm across the front, the farm across yeah, and i was well i’m going to say i was in the bathroom and i told them. No bathroom, but i was in the bathroom and i was i was getting myself together and i looked out the window and there was that deer and i ran and grabbed my phone and i went back and i thought you know i want to get this on Tape because it was just and then immediately a scripture, just popped yeah that as it you know as a deer – yes, because there’s a song and it’s a beautiful song, you could probably find it out on just take that that that little this is your shirt it’s. For the water yeah and then look on youtube, you can find somebody singing it, but it’s a really really pretty song, and i just saw that dear, and i thought you know how good god has been to us and all of us, because you know the last Last several months have been a real challenge, but i have to say we haven’t missed a meal, we haven’t missed any any bills. Uh, you know for those that don’t know our food is we have oh, my gosh. We are good on food and now we stick close to home needing a job yeah and needing a job.

Well yeah, but you know i mean, but even still i told i told dave the other day. I said you know: we’re, just gon na sail this boat as long as we possibly can before. We have to make any big changes. That’S right and i know that god’s got you down: he’s he’s, he’s, the wind and the sail and he’s just keeping us going and so that’s how i feel about it. And today, when i saw that deer out there. I know – and i thought you know – that deer was gleaning – that um he’s eating soybeans well he’s eaten there’s, there’s corn. I started saying they have some corn okay last year, that was a corn, all corn, so corn grows up with the soybeans yeah there’s leftovers right, and so, when you look out through the soybean field, you’ll see stalks of corn here and there – and you know i Don’T know he, but i was thought he was looking at the corn anyways he’s eating. God was providing him a meal yeah and not just him, but others, and then you know in the birds god. Oh yes, the birds. He knows every bird every spirit he takes balls. Yes, so if he takes care of the animals, how much more is he gon na take care of us right so and he has – and i just i guess i want to proclaim to the whole world. She is that that he is a good god and no matter what you’re going through that he will.

He will provide we’ll say that hey, hey, he’s provided insurance for us right now, so we can call the dentist and the eye doctor and all these appointments and your medicines, everything i mean. How can i mean you can’t? He oh yeah and uh we’ve had two really good reports. This week. You know i had a good report last week, yes um and then we we have a pastor friend that had brain surgery a couple years ago, and he had it again this week and he’s home and he’s pain, free and it you know, it’s a it’s kind Of a odd thing, it’s sort of i didn’t even know what it was when when they put it on uh, you know facebook but it’s, it’s, it’s, a facial pain, so it’s, something to do with nerves, i’m sure yeah anyways, but it was pain, but they had To do brains, yeah it’s, what they? Yes, they have to have a specific person he’s a specialist to do it and he did it and when he came out um he had no pain. That is a fan dancing. So you know what he’s just going to get up and preach the gospel more well and then so we just had really good breathing yeah yeah, oh good news, good news, dave’s eyes, hadn’t changed! He don’t need a new pair of glasses. He’S he’s had the same prescription for like five years. You need to just come in sorry, a little more you got to come, you got to stay, close don’t, go back.

Okay, yes, say hi to your cousin. You know – maybe maybe you are close to your cousin and they’re, like a sister or a brother, i’m gon na, say a special shout out to somebody too. He said he made a comment. He said. Y’All are just like a couple of my aunts: i’m, not gon na, say your name, no but i’m gon na say hi g hi, mr g, mr g, mr g h, so we’ll be your aunt any day. Sure you know um would, if you need an aunt. Just say: hey aunt, lynn, how’s it you know how’s it going great pray for this. For me and dan, you know hey, and you know right. Just leave us. Um leave us comments down there. Yes, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. Yes, please thumbs us up thumbs up and um. You know we’re just kind of trying to we’re keeping this sailboat going. The ann lynn show right. Yes, we are going we’re going to keep our going. Keep going and mama is really coming back ma’am and i tell you what guys um, i think in the future, in the very near future that we’re, you know we are on parlor p, a r l e r go to parlor download the app and it’s it’s. The uh equivalent but it’s not of twitter and we’re on twitter, so we’re on both of those and lynch show look us up: facebook and we’re on facebook, it’s, just anne lynn, on facebook, on facebook and uh.

Where else are we we’re on youtube youtube anyway? Isn’T? It amazing yeah, i may go ahead and put this on deal all right, all right, but anyway yeah we love you all. We appreciate you watching. We just wanted to spend a few minutes with you yeah and uh, and – and i know majority of you know – god is good – he is good and um. We got ta look to him in these times, because we live in very um, odd, it’s, very weird, very odd and difficult times, and – and those of you know that there’s other channels that you can go to and you can get the correct information on what is Really going on and uh we support and love them too and uh, but we are just here to like helpfully, hopefully helpfully give you a smile for today. Yeah, you know Music, we care about each one of you and, and we just do and you become you – become family family to us they’re our youtube family, bye, ma’am is coming out, huh Laughter, thumbs up and get that turn. My head hit your head notification. You know i got a natural leaning like this yeah.