Today we are dropping on a friday because it’s actually national tequila day. Yes, happy national tequila day everyone. This is our tequila of choice. We’Ve been sipping on today, one with life owl for short, organic tequila. You can see we have both expressions, the blanco and the extra anejo here, we’re going to be jumping right on into what these bottles look like and then do the tasting. So we appreciate you being here with us if you have not done so already hit that like button and subscribe, so we’re gon na move this extra anejo out the way, even though it’s a gorgeous looking bottle and focus on this blanco. So this one with life, organic blanco, 100, agave tequila – we got the owl sitting up in the trees, got a bunch of hearts, uh kind of cool, something that stands out with this bottle. Both bottles actually come with a bracelet, so you can actually remove this and wear this one with life. As a bracelet. Looking at the neck of the bottle, uh organic tequila, owl organic tequila owl. We like to slice our tops with a knife, make it nice and clean on the back, says: there’s a little toast join us in a toast to being fully present listening, deeply speaking with love and being one with life, all right. A lot of usda organic labeling on here bio aggress, certified.

I wonder if this has to do and if, with anything of the flavor affecting the flavor at all, taking a look at this actual extra anejo you’ll notice.

This extra anejo is actually really dark. That’S, a really dark, looking bottle on the front of the bottle. This beautiful hand painted tree got the moon in the back some symbolism and stuff. In a moment, i’m gon na read actually some of the cards that came with this. That kind of breaks down both tequila’s as well so again that one with life, this one comes with a bracelet. I i don’t even want to take it off. I guess they put a little plastic thing, so nobody steals it in the store, but i don’t even want to take it off. I think it makes the bottle kind of pop and stand out a huge fan of this owl. Here i know, even if you are into symbolism, owl is actually a symbol of wisdom. Yes, it is so looking at this bottle. It looks like the bottom is kind of floating there. The way they made this bottle and the tequila kind of floating inside of it. So nothing on the back. Nothing, oh on the sides, relax be happy, be present, listen, deeply, speak, lovingly smile, breathe, go slowly and join us in being one with life i’m feeling it i’m. Definitely feeling it the notes on this. Let me put the camera back. We have already poured out both of these.

We got the blanco right there and we have the extra yejo here. Let it sit and kind of open up for a minute.

The blanco says: it’s crafted with 100 certified organic blue agave grown and produced by tequila las americas, a third generation family, owned farm and distiller in jalisco. This uh, this blanco it’s, smooth, crisp and savory, finishes with light almond and agave sweetness, and each bottle contains its own inspirational message. Beautiful handmade bracelet around the neck of each bottle certified kosher. Certified organic sodalu let’s try this out, so you definitely it’s. Definitely smells crisp. Got that agave definitely got an agave forward smell, take a sip, um, solid tequila. Definitely a solid tequila crispy it’s got um it’s, not burny at all, but you can sense a bit of heat even with the smoothness that savoriness it’s got some warmth to it. As you as you drink it and swallow it, but it’s not spicy at all, that’s a that’s, a solid blanco tequila, absolutely checking out this extra anejo. Looking at the color on this extra anejo are pretty dark. It’S aged five years, it’s an american oak and french oak blend. So my understanding is that they actually age five years in american oak five years in french oak and blend both of those together to get what’s in this bottle. If i’m wrong – and somebody needs to correct me – please drop that down on into the comments but that’s my understanding of how this tequila is being produced.

Right now, it’s a limited special edition: certified organic handcrafted small batch certified woman owned company so that one with life it is a woman owned company it’s, a beautiful handcrafted bottle, the in middle, the middle middle middle.

Taking a look at this it’s actually featuring the earth. So that’s the earth in the background, the tree of life, the seed of life accented with gold leaf and that beaded owl, bracelet so kind of some cool things going on with this bottle, the artwork that details put into it let’s see what it tastes like salute. So wow really you’re getting hit in the nose with a lot of butterscotch i’m getting butterscotch straight from the front. Vanilla caramel it’s, like that creamy very creamy, kind of uh kind of smell let’s, see let’s, get a taste wow super smooth, not one burn, no burn whatsoever. Definitely you get some of that wood from the american oak and french oak, but it’s got just a creamy. Such a silky, smooth, flavor, the mouthfeel on this i don’t know if we could see the tears on here, but i mean it literally coats my entire mouth yeah. You can kind of see it just sticks to the glass that doesn’t even want to move. Wow very silky, very coating of the mouth take another sip. You got honey in there, vanilla caramel. Absolutely this is a phenomenal extra anejo um yeah. No, these are. These are two solid tequilas wow i’m impressed one with life.

If you guys uh see this out in the wild, i would definitely pick up a bottle. I also i just love the whole message behind it. You can even see here, 99 percent peaceful one percent wild.

A lot of details gone into this, i would check out their website. You could kind of read the story behind the brand as well and again, just kind of really incorporating a lot of nature. Some symbolism that tree of life, the seed of life again, the owl with the wisdom, i’m feeling it one with life – is getting our endorsement right now for whatever that’s worth. But no. This is this is good stuff and i would definitely recommend picking up a bottle of this. I appreciate you all being here with us today. If you enjoyed this episode, please hit that subscribe button, if not already hit the like, as well as follow us across all social media.