I was gon na make a bourbon peach smash for you today, but then i discovered that friday july 24th is national. National tequila day, imagine that so we’re gon na do some tequila and instead of doing a bourbon peach smash i’m gon na do what do you think a tequila peach smash now? It goes really well with peaches i’m, not a big fan of like those sweet, peachy drinks, you know by and large, but i have no problem with something made with fresh peaches, not a problem. At all i mean i don’t go out and eat peaches a lot just because you know i find them kind of messy and stuff, but they’re ripe right now, they’re, perfect and so let’s make a drink with them that i can handle um. So um a little bit about tequila. Now i did a tequila i’ve done. Two tequila shows i’ve done the margarita and the paloma and um i might have mentioned in one of the first ones, that i’m a little nervous about the keta um. It was a long long time before i could even smell tequila again and that’s for another type of show, but let’s just say: if you’re going to enjoy a tequila drink, enjoy it with something else and not in little glasses like this, with nothing in because you Don’T really enjoy it when you’re, seeing it again, let’s just put it that way.

I had a bad experience where i was not enjoying cocktails and it was many moons ago – and i was very young too young to understand how stupid i was being so um now.

I’M back with tequila, i love a good margarita it’s, always a mixed drink, though never never will i just like drink straight tequila. I can smell it: okay, without no i’m, fine. I’M. Fine. So the peach smash. What we’re going to do i mean you can make like a peach, simple syrup, but it’s a little bit more complicated. So what we do is we just smash peaches in the bottom of our mixing glass and then we um add the rest of the ingredients and shake it and then we’re going to double strain it and so it’s, uh it’s a nice easy way to use peaches. So take the big part of your of your shaker and put six ripe. You know they do smell good um peach, uh quarters and they’re. Well, peach slices, let’s call it so um yeah about six and you wan na make sure that these are really fresh and really ripe, because you’re gon na muddle, okay and we’re gon na put mint in it too mint mint um. And i i will muddle the mint too, but there’s a little caution. I want to give you about mint if you muddle it too hard and too long, it gets bitter and some herbs, you know, react that way.

So i’m gon na muddle, the peaches first and um. You can have the skins on them. It doesn’t matter because they’re not going in the drink, you just want the juice and the flavor of the peach, and then we will double strain it at the end.

Um and i’ll tell you a little bit about that, but um, because you got a lot of gooey peach stuff in here. I mean it tastes good, but it doesn’t look really attractive. Once you start kind of going up the peach there with a muddler um. So you want to strain it pretty good because you don’t want that kind of it looks like baby food. You don’t want the peach baby food in your drink. Maybe you do, but if you’re serving it to somebody it’s not very attractive um with the peaches, you can muddle up them for until your heart’s content, because you’re trying to get the juices out of there and uh, i don’t think you can make peach bitter by Muddling it, i might be wrong, but i don’t think so who doesn’t like a good peach, cobbler or peach pie and it’s funny. You know i just i don’t really think about peaches a lot, but you know i think the folks down in georgia do because you know that’s where they’re a lot of peaches – and you know anyway so muddle that good and then after you’re done muddling it. Then you can just um, throw in first of all it’s good to do this to your mint um slap it around a little bit slap it around a little bit wow.

Who wants that mint now, it’s been in my face. Don’T touch your face: um. That was a bit weird so put about six or seven leaves in there and gently gently muddle them.

Okay, very gently um so that you don’t get that kind of bitterness with it um, but it also will bring out the flavor instead of just kind of putting them in your drink, and you know shaking it so you’ll taste them a little bit um. And then you can garnish it with mint too or whatever you want. So i got a really messy muggler here, see it’s all gooey. So then, um it’s a pretty simple drink after that we’re going to take whichever your favorite tequila is and i’m sticking with tornitos and you’re going to want to do one and a half ounces. Unless you really like tequila, you can do one three quarters or two um but i’m, going to stick with one and a half oops wrong side. Wow. I was going to stick with you. The mustang um use a very posado. If you, if you can it’s, probably the best way to go um a white tequila um, not like not a darker one, but i mean you can hey, remember: it’s! Your life live at drinking the cocktails you like. Who am i to tell you what to do? Um just do it make it so that you enjoy it and then you’re gon na take just um one quarter, ounce of lime juice – and this is my half ounce so i’m, just going to fill that up halfway.

My math’s getting good now that i’m making all these rings, a half of a half, is a quarter and then you’re going to take one quarter of the simple syrup which, as you know, is um half a one part sugar, one part water heat it up until It’S dissolved so there’s that and then we’re going to shake the living daylights out of it after we put some ice in it now i always use my hands don’t it.

But today i have my little strainer double spinner, so i’m, going to put some ice in there like that. Hopefully that’ll, do it and we’ll shake it and try to get that peach incorporated in it. So here we go it’s hard to shake because of that peach grew in there, but you know that you can’t really break that down and get it absorbed into the drink. So don’t worry about it. Just take it hard enough to get everything in there mix together. Okay, now i’m getting better at this. By the way i read up on it, how do you take off the top of a shaker, so we’re going to fill our glass? We have a lot of ice left with some ice max. Have you been taking my ice? She’S giving me a stink guy she’s, like i’ll, take your eyes. You know what i’m using my hands it’s easier. So once again, fill your glass up and then we’re going to double strain.

So double strain is just you. Take your regular hawthorne strainer, now i’m, not good at this. I got ta be honest with you because using two hands for me, you just put it over the top of your glass and put the if you have a strainer like a a fine strainer like this. If not, you know when nobody’s looking just take your um, whatever you know, big strainer, you have see. This is not going to be really easy because it’s so thick it’s taken forever.

We could be here all day. I might have to put you on pause and then just like show up with a drink, but you see why you want to double strain it, because it’s got all that like peachy goo in there, this one’s not turning out to be like a a real smooth. One give me a lot of credit. I don’t stop my videos a lot. You know – and you know, make things better, but i’m gon na do it now, because i have to get something to kind of uh stir that through so i’ll be back with you in two seconds or like a half second, and so here we are with our Great drink, i just took my muddler and just uh muddled, that down and uh it didn’t. Take too long. You know an hour or so so that’s kind of messy we’ll put that over there. But you see why you want to strain it.

You don’t want to drink like that, and then you can garnish it with maybe a peach. Should i do that. What do you think is that two, a little bit too much just before i try this and toast you i’m, just gon na say a little bit about tequila. I talked about it before um, not the part about me not doing well with it, but um. It comes from mexico if it don’t come from mexico, it ain’t tequila. It comes from the jalisco region, jalisco, um and the town is yes tequila and so um much like champagne, much like port port from portugal, champaign from the champaign region of france, um scotch whiskey from scotland uh.

You know that sort of thing, so it has to come from mexico and it’s made from the heart of the agave plant, the blue agave plant and and, interestingly enough, i read recently that um the line that, if it wasn’t for women, we might not have tequila Tequila, so what do you mean? Jude yeah right? Traditionally it was the women who went out and harvested uh what they call the pina pina like means pineapple sort of, because the the heart of the agave plant looks like a pineapple and they roast it. As i told you before and um, and they, however, you make alcohol, i don’t know how you make alcohol. I just know how to drink it um. So it was the women who did that and still today, it seems to be mostly the women so go women.

We are responsible for like tequila, i don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, anyways and um, so just so that you know that little history, it’s national tequila day folks uh, try the peach, smash or another well balanced, tequila drink to celebrate the day. It’S it’s a wonderful drink went down right, like rightly so, i’m gon na toast the women of of the uh town of tequila in jalisco, mexico and say uh here’s to you salud salute let’s, see it that’s a refreshing, drink, yeah it’s, not you know, oddly as Much peachy stuff, as there was it’s, not overly peachy it’s, nicely balanced um and it tastes like an alcoholic beverage with peach in it, but not like super sweet, which is what i i never really want: it’s it’s, really refreshing and and lovely um.

So if, if you kind of like peaches but you’re, not too down with the whole like me, like, i don’t like to eat peaches, because i don’t want to get all the goo and the sticky stuff over me. But, like i said, i maybe i didn’t say it who doesn’t like a good peach, cobbler or a peach pie, and so you know it’s a nice way to celebrate the season to hold on to those waning days of summer dude love summer. Somebody else down here loves the winter, because she’s got a thick double coat and i can put on 20 coats and i still don’t like the winter, so we don’t always see eye to eye on this.

You know going out for three hours to play: anyways so here’s to the waning days of summer to our folks in tequila mexico, uh, happy national tequila day.