Well, i have joined forces partner with the agency that promotes peru from peru to discuss today’s calientes topic, the origins, the process and superfood cocktails make with pisco all right. So are you ready for this because we’re going to have a fun time today, all right so obviously, as a registered dietitian, i recommend if you drink, drink in moderation. Well, the american heart association and the academy of nutrition dietetics recommends for men not to drink more than two servings a day and women no more than one serving a day. What is a serving well 12 ounces of beer if we’re talking about spirits, one and a half ounces, which is a shot if it’s wine, five ounces? Well, now let’s get to the pisco business right, so pisco is the spirit of peru. Just like tequila is the spirit of mexico. I love that alright. So what is pisco well? First of all, let me define what pisco means. Pisco actually means little bird yeah pisco does in the quechua language, which is the language for from the indigenous the andean people, and now pisco also is another state in peru, a department of peru and normally is on the coast of peru. Where there were, i guess, many birds and that’s, why they call it pisco the state and also pisco that’s, where it comes from the pisco state, all right, so pisco, it’s clear as you can see, it actually is versatile, which we’re gon na actually make many drinks.

Today also is flavorful, and is this still is a distilled product all right, so pisco actually comes from wine. I know it’s quite fascinating stuff and obviously wine comes from grapes. So pisco comes from grapes, normally uh, actually not. Normally. We have eight different types of grapes. The peas, you can make pisco from and all of these grapes. These eight different variety of grapes grow in the coastal areas of peru, the southern part of peru quite beautiful place. By the way i love pisco. If you ever go to peru, you must visit pisco, it’s, beautiful, all right so to make pisco. You have to go through three different um stages, fermentation distillation and resting. So let’s talk about fermentation, so you ferment, the grape uh, and then you crush the grape. You get the juice a hundred percent and fermentation means you go from sugar to alcohol now and by the way, this fermentation has to happen in a natural way. The yeast needs to come from the air, so it’s airborne, yeast, no water added, no sugar added. Nothing is added just grapes and grape juice, so once you go through this fermentation now the wine is fermented and you get you you’re about 14 alcohol now needs to go to distillation. Now they put this fermented wine in uh, copper, steel pots, yeah, copper, stove pots to go to the distillation, which means now you need to concentrate the alcohol even higher. So now, we’re going to 38 to 48 percent we’re talking big deal through this process.

Also, nothing is added so once it goes through distillation now the pisco needs to rest, just like wine. Mr rice biscuit needs to rest, but pisco does not. We don’t put pisco in uh, wood or oak like wine. It actually needs to go into a not non reactive container, it can be still stills or it can be glass, but in peru we use ceramic and we call it botijas, and this is where it’s, where it sits for three to nine months. Just like a child is born, the pisco is born nine months for delicious pisco, so there are three types of pisco we’re gon na discuss each of these. While i make the cocktails so just so, you know gelato, puro and mostover all right. So, are you ready for the superfood cocktails let’s get cut, telling not cooking this time cocktail in all right, so the first thing i want to make is el matador, the killer, all right, so el matador for el matador, what i’m going to use is blueberries actually Blueberries also come from peru. Now organic blueberries i buy fresh and then i freeze them to make my matador, which means the killer all right. So we’re gon na add a little bit of grapes in here and i wash my hands by the way and then we’re, gon na add more antioxidant power by adding pomegranate juice, all right and then we’re gon na add for this pisco by the way i’m gon Na use the acholado, let me see here’s the actual laddo the acholato.

Now this is one type of pisco is made out of two, so this is a shot we’re gon na add a gelato there and now we’re gon na so the enchilada i’m gon na taste. This, of course, salud, ah so good. I can’t wait to make this one it’s delicious, so the enchilada is made from the blend of two grapes or more and uh that’s, where this type of pisco is come from and by the way, to fill a bottle of pisco from your child. You need to use six to eight pounds of grapes, isn’t that fascinating. I love it all right. The next cocktail that i made or not so much cocktail, but what i did is i soaked i’m gon na put that here. As you can see, i soaked um pichu berries, so i’m gon na show you here. So you can see it’s soaking, so i soaked dry pizza, berries or golden berries in this pisco. Now, this type of pisco that i use is called pure and also has the name quebranta that’s, the type of grape, by the way, so this pisco pure pure means it comes only from one type of grape. The other one was a blend of two. This is only one kind of grape, the quebranta grape, and then i soaked my pituitary, and now you have a drunken peach berries, so good, very nice, drunken peach, berries, love them all right. Now the next recipe i’m going to make it’s my fruit, salad, and this can be a hit on your padding right.

So for this i just have mixed mango grapes, strawberries and blueberries, and what i’m gon na do is pour pisco over these, and this is what you serve so it’s my tipsy fruit, salad. Now, for this one i’m gon na use, mosto verde by the way, is the most exquisite delicious high end pisco that’s, what it is and by the way, to make mostover the type of pisco. Now to make this pisco, you use 16 to 18 pounds of grapes. Isn’T that amazing so we’re gon na actually pour i mean you can go crazy for more. If you want, but i’m gon na add a shot here for the flavor that’s. All you do and then pretty much you will mix this well and it’s delicious that’s. It and then you serve this and voila. You have a huge amazing fun party, with pisco all right, so now also uh let’s talk about that. You can drink pisco, as is we call it meat and – and i like to use when you have a shot of pisco by the way it’s supposed to be room temperature right. This is good pisco, room, temperature and uh. You just have sips or you have a shot. However, you want to do it it’s up to you. I need to continue functioning for these segments so i’m not going to have the shot, maybe later all right so now. The last thing i want to show you is the classic peruvian cocktail.

If you have gone to peru or peruvian restaurant, you have to try pisco sours, i mean who knows. Pisco sours write your comments. Right now i mean i love pisco sours. Those things can really make you tipsy. You have to be careful, but they’re, so delicious. All right for that. We’Re gon na use the blender there’s different ways to use it. Do it but i’m gon na. Do it in a blender pretending that you’re gon na have a party at home? Now you have a get together with your family, the ones that you are seeing, often or eventually. Finally, when we get together with friends, you can make pisco sour in a blender. So pretty much what you do is you put ice and then, by the way, uh the pisco that i’m gon na use is also the most very, but you can use any pisco i’m gon na use a cup of this all right boom. All right. This is going to be a fun fun day today. All right, then we have a lime juice and you have the recipe card there to make this. This will serve at least three to four people, not two egg white. Yes, so i’m gon na stretch it pisco sour – has protein i’m just kidding all right. So this is egg white. I bought pasteurized egg whites just in case egg whites, and then this is simple sugar that’s. It simple sugar boom all right, we’re gon na put that on the side here.

Oh i’m, already tipsy all right, we’re gon na start the blending here over all right, so that’s it for pisco sours, all right, so we’re gon na serve the in glasses and now we’re. Gon na add a final touch here. So i’m gon na add this here. Oh look at this so nice they said to use uh there you go. I say like i said: maybe two more people can drink this that’s good and now this is uh. Angostura bitters you put a couple drops on top there you go and there you have. Your pisco sour i’m gon na taste this wow salut, my friends. This is delicious so now now that we have all that business done i’m gon na tell you the history of pisco, so actually pisco dates back to the time when the spaniards came to peru and in conquer peru, and so now in 1560 the spaniard francisco de Caraventes introduces the european grape to peru now uh. This was so that they can make wine for the church masses just for masses. Now in 1604, the vineyards of ika, which is near pisco, are thriving producing more than 81 million liters of wine. This was an extreme production that took several other coastal regions. I mean they were making a lot of wine. So now the king of spain learn about these and start taxing taxes, taxes to the wine makers, so the smart people they decided to. No, i don’t want to be taxed, let’s make something else out of this, and this is in 1700 pisco production, overtakes wine production, so they start making pisco out of the wine, and this is how pisco was born.

I love this story and pisco became worldwide known now, here’s. Another great fact that i love in 1830 pisco came to the united states and guess where san francisco, my friends, just like me, i came from peru to san francisco. Yeah pisco came the same way. I followed the pisco way, always all right, so uh and yes, this is in uh, 1830 pisco comes to san francisco by 1849. Pisco becomes a sensation when, with a drink they call it pisco punch and it was egg, actually was a great hit in the united states in san francisco. Everyone is drinking pisco punch and this is a drink made with pisco lime, juice and pineapple syrup. Then, of course, they were having fun until prohibition and then everything stopped right and well sometimes all right. So now is we’re gon na fast forward after prohibition in 1916, an american named victor morris opens a bar in lima. It was the morris bar in lima, and this is where pisco sour was born 1916 and pisco sour similar to the punch. If you tell me, you know, because in the punch they have pineapple here we have lime and sugar all right. So then, after fast forward, the years 1991, the peruvian government declares pisco a national heritage. Now that was the story about pisco. When i learned about it, i said i have to share it with you, because i fall in love with the whole story. I love the stories anyhow, so i hope you have enjoyed today’s caliente topic next time you are going to drink and you want to try something new or not new, remember to have pisco, and maybe you can add some superfoods in your drinks like we did today.

So remember the spirit of peru. Is peace go that’s right all right. As you know, i am in social media in english and in spanish, youtube.