You need sweetener. We’Ve got a little blue agave from kirkland’s finest and, most importantly, lime juice. You can make a sweet, sweet and sour mix. Some of the premix stuff is really really bad. Some of it’s slightly less bad. I recommend getting this stuff that’s slightly less bad. If you have to, but even better use some actual lime juice and just make it like that, if you can, you know why not better ingredients, better margaritas so also we’ve got the limes. We’Ve got himalayan pink sea salt because we’re going to salt the rim. So first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take a wedge of lime here: slice down the middle and we’re going to wet the rim of the glass and they tinker there many times here from sag harbor, so we’re going to wet the rim. Here. Just by running the rim of the glass through the lime, you can hold the lime stationary and twist. The glass boom then we’re going to twist it on a plate of salt. So i have a plate of salt here and then we can twist it on its side and voila. Okay. So now we’re gon na put ice in this glass we’re gon na put ice in our cocktail. Shaker and we’re gon na make the drink.

So i’ve got ice here right in our ice box, which is our refrigerator here on board duo and it’s powered by ice. So we’re gon na fill up the shaker with ice we’re gon na pour about an ounce and a half of tequila one.

Two. Three there we go and we’re gon na pour about a half an ounce of orange liqueur voila. So then we can add our little sweetener, so that will do you, lime, juice, good lime. Juice is important, the better the lime juice you can acquire and or make the better margarita you’ll have beautiful. Now we’re going to shake it, make sure you hold the whole apparatus beautiful, take the top off on this style shaker and drain it into your cocktail. Glass serve with the lime garnish. I, like the pinwheel lime, has good surface area, two full circles of surface area of lime to be absorbed, cheers now for extra points.