We’Ll also need grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, a lime wedge i’m, going to do a salt and cayenne rim for this one we’ll need ice and a sugar cube if you’d like to use a sugar cube and then a muddling instrument for that. If you’re going to be doing it we’re using a shaker and we’re, also using a two ounce jigger and a three quarter, ounce digger let’s go ahead and make our drink. Of course, i’ve got my sugar cubes myla family yogurt container after i ate the yogurt and we’ll be putting it in this mixer and muddling it now, i’m, going to add just an extra little bit of lime juice. To make it easy to muddle takes a little drop there we go and you can always use a teaspoon of sugar for this. Instead of a sugar cube, i like muddling it’s a good workout. So then, we’re going to do three quarter. Ounce of the fresh lime juice spilled a little there. I don’t really need the muddler anymore. Two ounces of the jose cuervo tequila Music and my local liquor store had this small bottle. I don’t know if i mentioned it, but tequila is always mezcal, but mezcal is not always tequila so that’s. Why we’re using tequila today, instead of mezcal, which was what my plan was for the day, okay and i’m, going to add the whole can of grapefruit juice? For this little mini, i love the mini cans because they stay fresh and you don’t have to use it all.

Let’S go and put some ice in there and we’re gon na shake it up and we are going to leave the ice in the cocktail we won’t be straining oops let’s do 20 seconds how about 10 seconds on each side. So we get an equal Applause. Workout Applause, so before we straight into our glass and a vacuum was probably created, so we need to set this aside for a second anyway, i have a lime wedge that has a slit cut into it and we’re going to run it around the rim of the Glass, so the rim is nice and wet, and then i’ve got my little salt and cayenne mixture and you can just go with salt. You can go with more pepper, less pepper. This is going to be pretty spicy and really tasty and refreshing. So our vacuum seems to just be settling right now. Oh there we go let’s go ahead and pour this into the glass and you can add more ice. You can also top it off with seltzer, which i’m going to do, and you can make a mocktail paloma.