There pull yourself up a cold one check us out on facebook. If you go on facebook, put in a picture or comment on what you’re drinking today, hopefully there’s some tequila in it, because tequila is a great drink. Oh, i made this special i’m showing all these bottles here, because my friend bobby blue eyes, uh famous guy and uh great cat, great philanthropist throughout the corona quarantine, he’s been passing by my house here and there keeping me company we sit outside. We social distance have a cigar, um and every time he comes. He brings me one of these bottles of don julio in 1942, which is quite the good tequila for those of you who haven’t tried it, but um there’s about six or seven of these boxes around my house, i polished off the final box today so bobby blue Eyes we need your back, but uh polished off the final one with this, which me and the team um will try to finish by the end of the two hours today and my daughter, ava is here as the designated driver, because she’s not old enough to drink. So if nico loses control of the vehicle at any time, uh ava is trained in the remedial skills to at least handle things to keep us afloat. We may need an ark soon. The way it’s raining here in new york it’s been coming down. Cats and dogs for a while and um one thing that didn’t get rained out last night was opening day of the new mlb season.

No fans, thanks to none other than dr anthony fauci, who at one point i was really proud of wow. We have an italian guy who’s in charge of taking over this whole pandemic. He’S like a good old fashioned italian grandpa. I was kind of proud of that being of italian american heritage turns out the guy’s been wrong more than he’s been right. His name is on a number of patents that were filed well in advance of this covid19. So i wonder why the guy, who runs our algae in an infectious disease center, has personal patents on all these vaccines, which is odd and he was buddies with uh bill gates, father there’s a lot of little creepy things going on around him. In case you hadn’t heard it, but um this uh infectious disease expert turns out was the main person that was going to throw out the first pitch at the first game, uh of the washington nationals last night at washington, national stadium, so there’s anthony fauci, and he Did a number of press interviews before this and he was bragging about how uh he was a high school baseball player and he went to regis by the way. Regis is like. Oh that’s, like the harvard of uh new york city, uh schools. You got to be like a genius or connected to get in there, so this guy’s been well endowed uh in the elite class, all the way back to high school.

He was talking about how he was a shortstop used to have a good arm. He used to go in the hole and zip it over the first no problem, i would say of all the things he’s been wrong on the one thing he was wrong on most was. He should never have accepted to throw out the first pitch, because the man’s obviously never picked up a baseball before check this out. Can we see that again? Can i see that again val? Let me see that again, this guy played shortstop in high school right, because throwing a ball is like riding a bike, and you would imagine before you go on national television, throwing out the first pitch at the first major league baseball game for him. A little more like a unicycle, a few lob balls or something um let’s take another look at that. This is interesting, so this guy played high school baseball. Wow talk about small. I mean he’s a little to begin with, but you got to feel small when you’re throwing out the first pitch on national tv of the first game of the season that everybody’s been waiting for and you throw it into the first base dugout. He looked like chuck. Knoblock i don’t know if you guys, remember yankee fans out there remember, chuck knoblock, he couldn’t find first base for a while he’s throwing it into the stands, but then uh. Another thing that dr anthony fauci has been very perplexed on has been this whole mask situation.

First, he said no, no, no! No! You don’t need to wear a mask it’s not going to help anyone. It may don’t worry about masks, leave the masks and the ppp to those who need them. The most you don’t need a mask and then he said: okay. Well, maybe use something like a face covering like a bandana or something, and then they went back and forth cdc who all the mask to mask or not to mask has been the question, but dr fauci is uh has been the one poo pooing sports events, um. No fans in the stands, which is quite boring, the nfl’s probably going to do the same thing um. I want to weigh in that um mlb is going down the same path as jeffrey epstein and galen maxwell and the nfl in committing corporate suicide, because all the players wearing black lives matter does mlb know that black lives matter is a marxist organization. Why are they putting america’s past time? The headline black lives matter on a marxist organization? Is that what they are? I don’t i don’t really understand it, but anyway uh dr fauci has been saying: oh well. We need uh now he’s back on the mask. Masks are good. If you can’t social distance, you should wear a mask and um when he walked out to the mound in front of zero people with no one within a hundred feet of him. Take a look what he was wearing so he’s there’s.

No one around him: okay um, so he says if you don’t need it, if you only need it if you can’t social distance um, but he looked quite socially distanced from the rest of the world, i think there would say 80 million people watching on television um. Two teams: there, probably some media up in the in the stands and stuff a lot of people around, but not a person was near him and there he is on top, throwing the most ridiculous first pitch. I’Ve ever saw since 50 cent. I don’t know if you guys ever seen, fitty sense throw, but it was better than fouchy and still humiliating and then um the good doctor who thinks we should all be wearing masks and social distancing sitting in a stadium equipped for 60 000 people um. Just the three of them sitting directly next to each other um and when on the mound on national television, with no people near him, as you can see, he’s wearing a mask. But when he’s sitting one foot away from his two companions, his mask is off. Her mask is off the guy in the maga hat, for some reason has his mask on, but i doubt that’s even a maga hat i’m making that up, but so uh we’re a tale of two cities with this guy fauci and uh. If you want to keep believing the hype with him, i’m sorry, i’m off the factory train i’m done with it.

I feel like we sprung a leak somewhere or something i hear water pouring in. We may um. If anyone has two goats, two sheep, two uh chickens, two animals, we’re gon na, be uh pulling the ark up to my house here at tobacco largo shortly and um. Hopefully, noah will be joining us but uh. What is that? Ava? Hey this guy fauci anyway um this guy fauci is like um very confused and he’s done some serious damage to our country from a pr perspective, but uh i don’t, know we’ll keep an eye on that. I don’t know why he’s wearing a mask on the mound, with no one around but he’s, not wearing a mask sitting two feet away from someone it’s it’s, all all getting blurry really blurry to me: lots going on in uh down the rabbit hole, we’re going to Talk about pizzagate, some more, some really really interesting news. I want to bring you update on on the whole epstein fiasco and elaine maxwell um. We do have some real patriotic things going on that. I got some great video to show you later on, but um. What i can tell you is um just about this time last year at full uh three years ago, at full force, every media outlet was telling you about how donald trump has no path to victory. During the republican primaries, they were begging him, please let it be donald trump and i’m going to take you on a walk down memory lane today, as we go way back to 2015, when donald trump was in a race against 18 republicans and a few democrats, which Just turned out to be hillary clinton, and i want to remind you for those of you who are getting nervous.

I want to remind you exactly what they were telling us, because they think we’re sheep. Just a few years ago and uh i ain’t gon na say it they are we’ll.