Oh, that might be seated and comfortable don’t make me stand up okay, but then, if i stand up, this is what happens. Well. No everybody saw what you’re wearing so it works all right, so i’m chilling my shadow tequila, oh, that that would have been smart. I um so this bottle of tequila right here. My brother won a whole case of it from a charity dinner like five years ago, and he graciously gave us one of the whole case. Clearly, we didn’t deserve more than one because we literally opened it for the first time today, i’m drinking margaritaville silver tequila. This is when i make margarita chicken so that’s pretty much why this is empty uh sure i am uh drinking uh, aloe, aloe, cron, tequila and uh. Like i said, i don’t have limes so i’m, just gon na squirt, some lime juice and uh, because i’m sitting at my dining room table, i have muscle on a spoon. So this is a really classy tequila setup we have going on, but i am using himalayan pink sea salt. So if that’s not hipster, i don’t know what is. I was drinking a jetty rum runner earlier with zero food. I couldn’t drive to go. Get me some tequila and i’m hungry, so ray went and got me wines and taco bell themed very thing. I will have to do extra ex workouts tomorrow, buddy, so love to talk about all right, so it’s it’s flick, drinks suck right – if i remember correctly, is that what ray tells you to do? Yes, it’s been a while, since i’ve done a shot.

Okay, already smells like regret, okay hold on oh it’s spilling. I think your idea of having the salt in a spoon was a much better idea than what i’m working with here it’s fine. I just feel tequila all over my leg, okay hold on. I don’t, oh god. Oh this is oh, it doesn’t feel good nope um. This is going to come up so bad, oh god, okay, all right! Well, i just got tequila all over my legs and my dining room chair here. We are hello, the things i do that’s about where everyone this was so last minute decision on doing them. Oh ah, okay, i’m, ready! Whenever you are, and now i got ta figure out how to get the salt from my spoon onto my hands here we go. Are you supposed to lick your hand, then pour the salt yeah? Oh, that might have made it a little bit easier. I think that’s enough salt. I don’t want to like go crazy here. Okay, salt ready here we go wait, tell me yours within the literary lush cup and not like some thin little shot: glass; okay, okay, just making sure! Oh, my god, it’s all over my dining room table. This is why i can’t have nice things. Oh my god, you would have thought you were the one who was drinking earlier. Okay, you can do the countdown miss. Oh wait hold on. Let me unscrew my lime. Sorry, all right now, i’m ready now ready, okay ready! Oh my god, one two, three that wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be tastes like college happy tequila day, happy national tequila day.

I would love for you all to share your videos of you taking shots of tequila. We don’t want to see it feel free to share it on facebook, live and show us how to do things on facebook live because we don’t get it clearly glad we. I had the the lime and the salt, though, please tell me, you’re recording this on gallery view. I am, it does both. I say this and then i’m going to go upload it and be like. Oh no. I was like like by the way we didn’t see. You taking your shot sam, you have to do another one so anyways that was uh uh celebrating national tequila day tomorrow, we’re going to do it via zoom, because this is horribly to do it. On facebook live apparently with us we’re going to do some wine and cheese pairing, because tomorrow is national wine and cheese day. I think i’ll do much better with that. I i agree so everybody uh with that we say: stay lively with your libations. Oh, it burns and i’m going to end. This bye, add white and leave Music cliving. I hate technology. Why am i so old it’s said to swipe and she should appear? Oh god, oh wait, what’s that button Music tip. Oh thank you type and tap so tap to inside. I think sam has to join, and then i can tap her on tommy help me out be on me. You guys want to go outside.

This is super embarrassing. Why am i so old special podcaster it’s so that sam’s invited hi everyone we’re just waiting for sam to get on, so that we can celebrate national tequila day isn’t that exciting? Oh someone left, i don’t blame them. I’D. Come back in a couple of minutes. If i were you all, nope she’s, going on sam, get on well anyways, hello, everyone again happy national tequila day. This might be a zoom thing. This might have to be zoomed and then added up later i’m waiting for sam to get on because once she gets on then i can add her, but she has to be on and viewing it. But why isn’t she on? Oh, she said she is on, never mind hello, so you must be the only one. So then it should be comment in the video sam right. Like hello, maybe i don’t know i saw tommy write something and then his popped up and it was like. I can invite him, maybe because you’re not on your phone and you’re on your computer. We might zoom this there we go. I think we got it. Yay says it’s, adding it says: it’s, adding okay, there we go hold on i’m gon na put my headphones back in. Apparently it only works. Why we finally figured it out because, oh i guess you can see me, take it okay. I guess i can just push this back a little i’m just gon na have one viewer, though i feel better.

Is it me it is? Can i share this? I think you can okay, i’m gon na share. Okay right go on so we have another viewer. Oh brian said he’s the one viewer, okay, wait now: okay share, oh otherwise, i feel so old right now share. We are saying right, it says, share with friends and write posts which one do i do sure i mean isn’t it the same geez. My phone keeps falling over. Oh, i see okay hold on i’m gon na. Try this again right. Post watch us take shots, thoughts and prayers. Welcome, post, oh okay! Okay! I might actually you still hear me: okay, yeah, okay, oh my god, so ted. This guy is feeling really old and incompetent. Also okay and this lag on here is horrible. Is it on your end too, or just mine? Yours is really uh jittery, but i know your service is kind of wonky. This is going so wrong: hello, everybody, okay, so i’m waiting, there’s, some serious live. Okay, you know what let’s we’re gon na end this. Thank you, everybody for tuning in and we’re gon na zoom in and then we’re just gon na show the video after. But i swear it’ll be completely uncut and it’ll be awesome. Thank you for tuning in live we’ll, see you next time when we figure it out. There’S three people. I was gon na say why don’t you um. Can you move your camera closer to your router and just do the shot like from there, like i’m i’m close to my router in my living room, i would have to go outside and then i might lose my internet connection because of the roof.

I don’t know. It’S, stupid and there’s some serious lag. Wait woman’s your life i’m, not your wi, fi rider’s, not outside no, but i think something like with the roof. I’Ll try hold on don’t, mind my house, i put my salt and a spoon, so it looks like i’m doing drugs. Well, what else is new yeah ray said: it’s still pretty bad, and i just moved it literally on top of the router okay, i don’t know i’m, not tech savvy. We all know this.