The high screen roll it’s going to be crucial, go bear, wins the tip ingles handling utah, with the game’s first shot clock already down to six ingles firing from deep cut connelly coming back the other way angles all the way to the bucket there’s jokic good defense. Mitchell, taking on the defensive challenge of guarding murray here, jeremy screens per game than the utah jazz connolly on the baseline, great ball movement coming off a big performance in the previous game, he had 21. murray trying to get downhill off the screen and get ingles double Teamed and good defense by morris intercepting that pass by mitchell, monte morris inside to millsap and mills morris off the millsap screens mark you know i’ve always been a guy who’s had a fat little point guard inside of me: churchill’s been a little bit quiet until now. With the easy slap jokic Music murray boy, that’s playing, he thinks guys are ready to exhaust themselves on both sides mark yeah. He was certainly defiant cassidy. After that game. Six loss has had very good games, offensively against the denver nuggets and the corner made. The catch murray closes out on him, clarkson with a tough shot but that’s absolutely buck. Donovan is a big time. Talent on the offensive end, a guy that can knock down shots and that’s the yokitch in rhythm thought about it. A double team grant, with connolly Music good catch by morris rest in paradise, absolutely thoughts and prayers to the family, also to the georgetown family.

Incredible man said it and before it really gained traction and identity, those great battles – georgetown syracuse, a member of the media. I remember my first meeting with him. I walked over and said coach what’s up. He gets laid early, so the the mindset has got to be he’s got to have his foot on the gas pedal, go, bear niang side pocket three got it c, presented by mountain dew, jazz down 26 21 back game sevens, hey not too loud, not too loud. Now gary harris who jumped dad here in attendance watching clarkson inside with a stop in la he’s, got four points inside tough move and one gary harris he’s, a guy that fell in the draft because of some back issues great find by mike and quickly. The other way, jordan, clarkson punches it home and one tomorrow night right here actually over on espn michael porter, jr quarter, three good utah jazz, shooting just ‘, and they want to post up to joking. They want to take advantage of this matchup jawan morgan got lost simple post up the five man and that’s without scouting you make it sound. So easy shots has two points: murray floater got it donovan mitchell. Trying to see times have changed mitchell with the step late. In that first half by joe ingles, it was unintentional, really happy with their defense, also pointing out that the jazz have no offensive rebounds forced that one up and got man.

You read code really good mitchell, then donovan mitchell looking to eat here got murray on the switch force, murray bounced it off his own foot, conley all day for three: yes, jokic milsap cross court and monster earlier you’re here in orlando, the legend. Yes, the original mr triple double break in the corner: jokic flashes to the elbow bear that’s. Why he’s one of the best defenders in the restricted area and roy a little bit of sauce off glass and a little bit of sauce off glass screen by craig jokich down low and this time jokic gon na try another one and back up to eight let’s, See how the jazz close out this third quarter, they’ve done so well, underneath gobert both have been the picture of offensive efficiency in the fourth quarter and quiet night for connolly until now, game seven that’ll happen, sometimes connolly off glass tipped up it in, but he was Talking to himself at the other end go bare a little bit short. They couldn’t finish. The possession murray inside Applause ingles is going to have to do it. Gobert won’t just got it off in the winner, takes on the clippers jokic Applause. Gobert didn’t go for the pump bacon isolated against gobert. Nowhere to go tough pass inside to craig and harris really denying mitchell the ball. He won’t touch it murray, djokic, the floater on the way and a socket, but they’re getting good looks okay. They just have to trust your game.

I like the way they’re running their sets and getting quality looks forget, tired murray. He pulls up and the jazz do defensively on this ball screen Applause murray got into gobert’s chat Applause, nice bounce pass to o’neal and he finished defense by harris murray switches on to him cross court. Connelly Applause shot clock at five connolly in the paint. Gobert finish: it want to foul make him work for his basket and yeah murray. Just the right read, jokic against gobert backs him down stays on his feet: tough shot 10 on the shot clock. Had it back tapped, he lost it.