This season, adams, taking covington down on the box, scores happy start for both of these teams. So far, only six points on the board gilger’s alexander wow – some good pace right now for both teams, but choppy, like you, said covington for three that’s pure, been his whole time in the career. His commitment to excellence, this okc team would not be that good watch. Him operate both on and off the court here such meaningful moments as hardened as the responsibility of james harden on the bench bullet pass harden inside. That was just team defense. This team defense is impressive, look a bad shot last time or a miss shot in here. The double team is still wide open. Three tucker wide open in the corner adams knows he must take advantage inside kicks it. Galadari fires again that one Applause harden crafty all the way in here i mean get out my way. Man i mean what are you doing? You’Re making a scene, i don’t need you to talk to the ref. For me, let me handle this calivary pulling house back he’s gon na fire up another three that one line you know he’s gon na get there rockets shoot a ton of free throws all year over three from three point range for james harden, paul all the way In see, webb said to share notes, but they’re also around the campus and what is – and i think just like the players or just like the staff members or the media members who are in the green zone here and really social media they’ve been a big part Of this too, so shout out to our wnba sisters and also skill, just alexander now see the rockets they switch.

Everything gil, just alexander for three darius baisley lost the handle turnover here comes houston and covington scores the layup easy in transition for the rockets, oklahoma city. Typically, a team that has low turnovers low fouls been just the opposite here tonight: the switching defense and also the amoeba zone, a little bit that they’ve been playing let’s, see if you can get that under control. Two turnovers early austin rivers on the floor and denied knurling tries in this one shooting just 30 percent of the first five games from behind the arc. Gordon on the tape. Floater is good even better, because he’s doing it on the defensive end, just tough to make a shot for him right now. Paul with gordon on him sticks over all tied at 27., just underway in the second quarter, and westbrook goes strong, gordon and it’s blocked. I think gilda’s alexander got that boy. Look at baisley run the floor, nothing there for him, but he was sprinting down the floor. Schroeder let’s get the rim with adams in there now paul kicks it. Good ball movement here, gildas alexander, almost crossed himself up adams in deep scores. He sounds there: dump it inside adam’s, oh he’s, mad at the rim by covington, expecting that if you’re adam’s now tucker fires at three uh, these stats and and houston gets up and get this 52 threes a game here in the playoffs, so they’ll be shooting a Lot martin’s been a little unsteady to start this game.

Basically right with him, three pointer is up and in or is up no here’s hardin harden taking it all the way. Basically, on him, no kalinari back on the floor for billy donovan adams goes to work met with a double team and tonight, when you match up against the houston rockets. So far, so good here’s hardin for three that’s his first times. He probably text him for the game, good luck, son and if we play you we’re going to beat you so a competitive fence. Yeah you don’t want him handling the ball. That was an easy pick for gordon house all the way in and there’s a layup a lot of times guys slow down when they get in the paint to make sure they can gather themselves. Take the contact and finish strong galinari working on house little turnaround is good from behind the arc Applause, gordon on galadari, he’ll, pull it got it so westbrook here’s hard now across the lanes. I love that to be able to trust the the best skill is availability. All tied at 46, adam schroeder, hesitation across the lane, schroeder scooter full take to the basket by schroeder. Here is gordon last chance: heather greenberg yeah. Obviously the emphasis, as you guys said, is the start because of what happened in game. Five george is one for three over two from behind the arc on the run break away. Russ westbrook crosses over kicks it ball movement for houston, now, it’s hard all the way in all right.

He steps into it. Everybody gets a touch, here’s dork, hangs and finish it out of arizona state by way of montreal, another turnover for houston galinari lines, one up and galadari with another three. So the thunder are four for 19 from behind the arc covington fires and that one’s true, we can play them so differently, forcing guys to shoot shots that you want them to take and not commit on the defensive end. Galinari he’s been their best weapon from behind the arc good catch. Looking for help that was tipped by covington but galinari with a shot blake and he hits another one good for it. They go look at schroeder, picking up hardin nearly at the half court line. Working on adam’s, easy for james harden outside, which means he’s, not scared, to fall, he’ll get crossed over or get scored. Oh galadari is feeling it right. Average, nearly 19 a game this year, all the way around the horn again house got it. Another three pointed down danny will house this time now: the shot’s starting to fall here; Applause, paul, strong, paul wow. What a finish now: quick paul intruder, close that gap close the door now paul inside and chris paul. So this is right on schedule for them harden for three he’s got it just crept over the front of the rim. Change the game and who’d have thought as harden goes to the hole to score it. Who’D have thought it would have rendered that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been in the wars.

All these time. Coaching mvps, making guys careers better and and being an innovator was 11 for 15 in game. Five now it’s tort, strong and door in the neighborhood of 25 to 30 minutes. He was real pleased this yesterday. He was able to practice without any soreness, so right now, just over 16 minutes for russ all right, jareth evan, chris paul and paisley, nothing. There finds dord does he got the hot hand? Oh dort, coming wins this year in the nba in the clutch minutes, that’s five minutes five points or less here’s, jeff green for three and that stops at 10, 0 oklahoma city run green sporting, those georgetown hoya shoes. One point game schroeder, on the take and the finish by dennis rooner oklahoma city by three in the ball: fancy dribbling there by paul shoots up and over green and he’s, got it boy. You just knew it haven’t seen much of him in this second half again paul working on green, oh chris, paul into the hands of james harden westbrook on the drive westbrook and one paul working with schroeder. He’S got tort down in the corner. They leave him open. He’S hit a couple of threes already now they swap places with baseley. Three pointer is good. The left handers down to five there’s tucker, a little bit of a scramble here, shot clock to one covington, just gets it off and scores here goes paisley on the drive kicks it to paul wide open for three that’s good chris paul Applause for 14.

, really can’t Find his rhythm, gordon can’t, get the bounce there’s covington, with the offensive board on the putback james harden Applause gordon kicks it, tucker open for three that’s good for okc 18 for houston covington for three that one’s true robert cockatoo and edo run themselves and the lead With the ball Applause, gordon on the drive working on gil, just alexander eric gordon guard line up there closing lineup the three point: guards with galindori and adams step back for harden three point hit for james hart in on their pick and roll defense. Everyone getting to the paint paul for three: oh, a big shot for chris paul one possession game approaching the three minute mark galinari, with a cut had a block by covington 11 on the shot clock, oklahoma city paul’s, had a big half as well played a ton Of minutes now, another three pointer is up: oh chris paul. What a big shot for chris paul again gilda’s alexander, gives it up. Adams Applause didn’t they for houston to get back with the big seven footer and get this on the other end. That shows you why houston is a whole new different team. They never have five guys get back and converge like that before and that started with hardening gordon getting back into play. Here’S schroeder breaks free and scores the layup and give the pick and roll for the switch and paul gets right by him. It’S gon na be a foul as paul broke by covington down oklahoma city by two, the rockets with the shot clock off Music and a turnover as russell westbrook got it.