You know the forecast has been pretty accurate right. In fact, yesterday 3 0 straight up and if we go back to august 20th of um this uh this month, the forecast is an unbelievable 23 and two straight up. And if you look at some of the score of the forecast, scores were right on the button. Like yesterday, we had houston right on the button 114 to 80. um. I believe this score was uh. We had 118, it was 119 for milwaukee was the final score, so guys uh the ats forecast. Sometimes, when you look at the score, um it’s pretty accurate when it comes to predicting the the exact same score. In fact, milwaukee was a 118 and we predicted what 1 19 right right here and then 114 for houston, and we said 122 for lakers and it finished what 131 and what was 122 for portland, so it’s, just amazing how accurate these algorithms are and guys Nfl football season, if you thought the forecast was sharp for nba. You should check this out for the nfl football season and college football season for that matter, and you can just get a membership using promo code nfl2020 at to get 25 off your next membership plan here at the website. All right, let’s get to your forecast. Today, for uh sunday august 30th, we got a man. We got a real good one here, kicking off the day at one o’clock easton in orlando.

You got the boston, celtics, who’ve really owned. The toronto raptors this season and this promises to be a great series. Don’T be surprised if this one goes: the full distance of seven games. Looking at today’s line minus two and a half for the raptors over under set at 216., the ats forecast, the computer pick is absolutely crushing me right now, because i’m, a raptor friend but uh. You know i’m going to trade in my uh, my raptors hat and i’m going to put it, you know, look at my wallet and i’m going to take the boston celtics here: 110.64. 105.07, the over under at 215.71. Now, looking at the last game for the raptors 1, 50 22 win over brooklyn, where the boston celtics 110 106 against the 76ers 38 chance of covering for the boston celtics today, 38 for the boston toronto, raptors man, you can get more tight or not toronto. Eight game win streak straight up: two against the spread, where boston on a four game win streak. Now both these teams on a six days, rest uh, so uh, kyle lowry, hopefully he’s well rested for today, and i know he’s a game time decision now. Looking at the line, we had toronto at minus 6.99 and we had boston at minus 6.58 if you were to buy them on a stock exchange and this uh the value index here, the vegas index, whatever you want to call it, we call it the value index.

You want to compare that line to the line and right now, it’s telling you boston is the value play of the day 58 chance of this game going over total. Today, i’m gon na take a look at the sbi right after this, the sbi stands for sports betting index. Let’S see what the bookmaker needs today, because um uh. I know we won yesterday with our under selection in houston and prior to yesterday, it was an overs day. The last couple days i’ll be interested to see what uh the seven day forecast or the seven day. Uh ranges uh for over unders uh dallas, taking on the um la clippers. Now we know porzingis has a torn meniscus, so he’s, probably out for the rest of the series. Looking at today’s line minus 10 for the clippers 238 and a half is the over under ats forecast computer pick gon na lean with the clippers here. 123.84 113.15 right there right on the button right on the 10 and uh 236.99. So it does like it to go a tad under the total 58 chance of covering for the mavericks ‘ for the clippers, the uh. We had the line here for la minus 6.57 and we had dallas at minus 4.07, so good value on the mavericks. If you like them, 22 chance of this game going over the total today, you’re gon na be bearish team against a a bullish, type team and uh. The last four games for both these teams have gone over the total and the first tip off today.

At 3, 30. and then your final game of the night is at 8 30. This evening you got the utah jazz, a two and a half point. Favorite you’ll run a set at 219 and a half ats forecast. The computer pick gon na lean with the jazz. Here: 110.65 107.6, the over under at 218.25 61 chance of covering for utah 43 for the denver nuggets and looking at both these teams. Last two games have gone over the total they’re on four days rest and uh. Looking at the cocoa at 40 percent, we had utah minus 2.84 and we had denver at minus 1.47. You know what guys, when you get uh at this point of the year, everything’s a coin flip, but everything also is a percentage play and the percentage play does favor utah at 61 percent. All right, as promised, we’re going to look at the sbi, the sports betting index and what we do in this segment guys is. We track the current market conditions of all the sports and for this segment, we’re gon na do nba and, as you can see, um the over has really killed it in the last uh couple days since august 22nd, three and one three and one three and one So there’s nine and three nine eleven and three so eleven and three, even yesterday, one and two so we did have the under come in yesterday and on the seven day average. Fifty four point: seven percent the three day average likes the over at 69.

3. So the bookmaker really needs some unders to start coming in to balance out that number uh 52.7. So far, um on the season the overs have come in. But if you look at the one month, average 56.5, so um. I expect some unders to come in here today guys and you know sunday, a lot of people will be watching the numbers will be sharp and just like they were last sunday right. Remember if you recall last sunday um, we said that, let me see last sunday was i’ll, just go back to 23rd and if we go back to the 23rd uh three and one to the over so yeah, so a lot of overs came in last sunday. I thought for some reason, or maybe it was that’s it. I remember – was the ats side um that’s right. It was the a lot of the. If you recall the the um, the favorites were covering four, no four, no two and one, but here the the uh the underdogs had their day. But look at this three and one one and one two and one. So maybe this is like last sunday, we’ve got some under some underdogs gon na big, bring in the who, let the dogs out and start barking today for sunday august 30th, again guys don’t forget. If you go to our website, you’ll see we have uh. Some features at the top here, what you see here, if you just scroll along and all these um, these banners, you like say if you click on this one here, the pvi sos it’s, going to take you this page with a video giving you a tutorial on That feature on the website and we have a video for all the features here at atstats.

com and with nfl football season coming um ats stats is a tool. You’Ll want your toolbox for doing your handicapping and you’ll have a week to uh to do your homework right. That’S the greatest thing about the king of sports, the nfl is the king of sports because the average person you know they work whatever their hours are eight hours, nine to five or eight to four. You know they they come home. They have supper, maybe play with the kids or they have some sports. They don’t have a lot of time to handicap, but with the the nfl, the king of football, you do have the whole week to transition into your your homework and do the get it at the time that you’re able to do it and you don’t feel rushed Like a daily sport like nba hockey or baseball right, so ats, dots is our website and hopefully you’ll, give us a shot and take advantage of our 25 off promo right now, nfl 2020 and get 20 percent off your next membership plan here at etstats.