He is good to go. No minutes restriction on him after an injured ankle in game. Four, a week feed off his energy and toughness here’s tice, finding smart for three and it’s on target here’s lowry trying to answer can’t, maybe that shot by marcus smart will get him going. He was two for 15 in the first round from three point range. The step through and basket for jaylen brown now normally a week off, is a long time and you can get rusty, but especially into these conditions as jacob scores in a basket amen. Giving you an amen on that fred van bleet ognenobi three pointer is good. Second team, foul tice gets past, gasol count the basket and a foul such an important player for the celtic team, good kid and uh. So it was really emotional, it’s, really tough for us, but uh on the side. But didn’t have his balance. Marcus smart, a little shaken up ciaco fell on him. Pascal just one of four here’s walker in transition gets it off the window to push the lead to eight for the celtics. That is a difficult adjustment in the air, so you got the celtics pushing in transition or executing at a high level. Now they didn’t make that laugh with ibaka on the floor. Your level of aggression right here can be different and he has shot the ball so well. Ivaka’S, smart gets the rim. Music he’s been excellent off the bench all year.

Gon na try another three here and rattles it down back to back three back up center spot, but as well as serge has shot it. You got ta, be there on the catch here. He is from kemba walker, nice. Giving for five from the floor. Eight point: boston lead three ball. Smart is good guys like tatum and brown and future. The nba is in pretty good hands brown, rising canning, a three over siaka and a foul four year old, rookie out of ole. Miss was a four year player in college and tough pass to handle williams, able to grab it a lob to brown, and he can’t put it in bit. Williams is there for the minutes to play in the opening quarter of game. One of the eastern conference semifinals game two on tuesday night walker, four three hit it: five of six from three point: land, Music and late; no and rebound and basket by david cleared by ibaka van vliet. Looking to run tries past williams gets to the cup lace. It into the left start for boston shooting 58 here in the opening quarter tata. Moving to his left gets it to drop in for his first basket largest lead of the opening frame 19 for boston. The three c to the east, here’s van vleet Applause davis, got it for three. Eight second difference in the clocks here at the end of the first quarter, tatum gets past one defender, greeted by two more hits: wada maker answers for three 31 year old, but in his second year, he’s played in several leagues overseas here’s powell, with three to go On the corner, from about 28 leadership, to see their impact and it’s a pleasure to go to work with him every day, thank you.

Brad dave back to you oppose fires to tice, had trouble handling the pass and turned it over raptors. Looking to run, ibaka gets the layout brad stevens, just foul called the gasol. Now the raptors, on the other end powell drives right at wanamaker punched out of there by tice. I don’t really feel like celtics have been forced to grind out those matchups on the post all year, they’re accustomed to it and now tatum gets it a jumper to go second quarter after game, one where he had 13 points. Saul averaged four over 10 in a row from the floor hesitation by brown hangs in the air gets the bounce 11 pull the bench with those three fouls, but he does have 11 rebounds. Doubling his previous playoff career, high jumper in the lane is going for. Kemba Applause kananovi able to get to the rim source for the flush one of the great in post season, environments in the nba beaujolais for three, and that is 16 point – lead again for boston, gasol, driving flips it up and it drops in catch and try to Get this to 10, if you’re the raptors you’ve shot it so poorly andernovi blocks walker from behoove, but walker seemed aware of it on that drive. Speaking of shot, blocking wow rob williams, toronto still shooting under 30 for the floor. Here’S tatum beautiful step through and finish, counting and now boston, showing a little bit of zone. Oh gee gets the stop here’s another in the open floor rejected from behind, but they’re gon na say that rob williams got him with the body.

Oh, that was almost ivaca. Trying to back down brown deflected by tatum and tatum on the other end smashes it. What do we talk about him? Three they’ve been one of the best defensive teams all year, walker to smart, one. Second, to go good luck, kemba, good walker beats the buzzer and the lead is up to 17. lowry. Seven points three fouls because saw working on tice and able to get underneath they play through marc gasol in the post, something they haven’t done. A ton of this year, here’s smart with a driving, kick brown corner. Three up and good jalen brown accidentally looks like tatum got him upstairs it’s a five on four for boston. They find the open man – walker 4, 3. Both teams, with a week off basically after their sweeps in the first round, gasol no good on the three and obi, got it back and flush it. That was nicely done. You mentioned the defense. Both these teams finished in the top two and points allowed it’s as smart hits a three Applause: Music campbell walker, the leading scorer for boston tonight, with 15. great pass to tice, who slams it last year, played great upped his level of play this year and has An incredibly bright future williams, with the throw down pocket, pass easy ciaco backing down smarch out of the paint and scores that’s. Just the second battery, not that tough van bleed in the open floor pulls the trigger and buries a triple to talk about fred van vleet.

And he told me that fred changed the game for undrafted, guys of which the time lord the time lord. And where did that? I haven’t heard that one so his rookie season and i may not get everything as tatum drops another one over by smart vanvleet trying to keep the dribble and smart. An excellent defender picks his pocket. It results in a williams stuff. On the other end, you know what so even off ibaka from date, and he was really like fred, then plead against kimball right there fan blade, is wide open. Ibaka finds him, but that’s been kind of the day how the day’s gone for the raptors. Although they end up getting a three jayson, tatum lowry finds a cutting powell who hangs and will be on tatum on the far side, walker trying to free him with a screen. Here’S tatum gets it away in time, go on with scott van pelt the other night. He said you know, since everybody’s been isolated. It’S almost like you, don’t realize that you have had an impact change. Meanwhile, toronto has uh the lead down to 12 here in game, one kyle lowry’s starting to get it going with 15 points: wada maker wing, 3. 15.. When players and teams first started discussing coming to the bubble, there were teams that had the irs higher seed, as pascal just have an extra foul to designate. What can we do to recreate that home court environment, and so this was something that teams were concerned about days off, including this game being postponed, because the players didn’t want to play and obviously an emotional historic athletes from other professional sports teams in america, and even Some college teams followed suit as tatum hits the mid range jumper for lost control at any point in this game and marcus shooting it the way he did today.

That’S now five four point: celtic lead, there’s lowry driving and how about tice tree build around you’ll, get dwight powell back next year, uh some really good pieces, seth, curry, probably one of the more underrated time. Lord print, a t, shirt here’s powell for three, our friends at tnt – will have game six of that series tonight. Ciacom’S floater is good matt thomas on the floor here. The final couple minutes for toronto as brown drives count it and one iterate the coaching staff, while after round one the players can have family or tight friends, the coaching staffs cannot you’re a lot of loved ones. Friends, but you just you it’s, just an unusual situation.