Five is underway from the arena. Second of our double header of playoff basketball, on tnt with porzingis out. So a lot of tim hardaway jr in game. Four had 21 points. Mavericks have shown they have some balance: that’s a good start. Paul george knocks down his first look: finney smith rips down the board. They have alternated wins in this series, dodge it’s with the runner dallas up 11 7, as we just get underway here in the nightcap doncic all the way in throws it down into second gear and still about that screen by his big man. I mean that’s what you want guys getting you to the lane, giving you a little bit of extra room in cleveland that time doing a good job. George gets a friendly bounce i’m encouraging you guys, because he’s going to play the right way and he’s going to have to spread that ball around that’s, a good look from finney smith, here’s, kawhi, leonard and kawhi leonard, gets his scoring started tonight. That’S hard away on kawhi leonard, they clear it out he backs his way in the turnaround is true. Oh man was that a beautiful play the chance here for the clippers paul george active early on the drive trying to clear some space and george scores at the basket. It’S, not the words of your enemies. That hurt you, but the silence of your friends and i think, that’s the frustration that some nba players feel blake, he’s, 29 years of age and he’s fighting right now.

Hopefully he does pull through this, but we need change. We need to examine why we’re here and own it and fix it. Seven point clipper lead under five and a half to go in this first quarter and kawhi pulls along two and he hits it. Doncic does have a couple of assists. Trying to extend this run gets deep and leonard scores and one exclusive leaping ability he can get to a place where those jump hooks that most can’t deny there’s doncic scores the runner like what coach popper said, and you have to show this, but it’s appropriate fear That right there that cheering not getting each other going they’re saying we got a team y’all that we’re in a dog fight Applause, doncic, trying to turn the corner does so off the glass easy for him. Shot clock down to eight williams goes to work curry’s on him. Behind the back. Kick it morris for three. Yes, Applause, here’s george morris keeps it alive, kawhi runs it down. Shot clock is off leonard, goes quickly. It scores the layup. You have to do that by getting in the defensive lanes getting a couple turnovers early if you’re just joining us once again as george on the take takes on bobon and scores the layup, but he never settles he’s a bucket getter he’s, a hooper he’s, not just A specialist williams drives scores and is fouled by marianovich Applause, curry, another runner and that rattles home.

You know, chris to your point on curry. You look at his game four good to see reggie jackson back in see what he has he’s gon na fire up. A three pointer and squares it up right down the pipe. I only had one house phone that people can call you on now: you’ve got cell phones, you’ve got social media all these people that can come at you with all this advice, coach, doc river said, i hope, paul george is listening to none of them burke uh. To me has just been inspiring in these playoffs when i watch him play, i watch him playing like he’s trying to another shot by paul joy, but this game the other night. He comes into the playoffs with only a few points in the other night. He just goes off. How satisfying is it for him as hardaway hits a three did. The circular basis sign like check check it over? Oh beautiful back door is around that injured, ankle chris yeah they all tighten up and luke is just going to try to keep things loose and speaking of loose. Kawhi gets loose. Second consecutive game. Doncic turns it over. Looking for a foul might give the clippers a block there. Jackson nifty dribbling dishes, one to shaman, who hits a three Applause. Two massive runs for the clippers in this game: doncic whistles, one over to finny smith he’s, got a three other on the bench. Others on the bench get their rhythm going, so you want them to have an extended period of playing time: kawhi, bang, baseline damien, lillard 37 foot dagger last year in portland and then indiana the two years before that george on the lob they set up.

The first play forum in kauai, andrew shamit, they’ll, find george. This feels, like george, is trying to put together a monster game right now in all arrows pouring toward pg 13. prove it every night, and now that everybody’s saying oh, this is the lakers team that we thought yeah that hurts uh the clippers ego a little bit Low kadanchich hits a three george with a rebound clippers, trying to push it down the corner that is shamit for three with the addition of morris to this clipper team shaman now, with 11 points, here’s hardaway answers with a three of his own. I beg your pardon finny smith smith, with a rebound here comes doncic in the mavericks and doncic gets it in deep scores on morris. It’S pulled the trick on sunday that had been the only one. The only walk off in a playoff game for the mavericks as marcus morris hits a three the whole season put in the work and not able to be here to experience the bubble. Thinking about those guys too they’re doing a great job covering these games. Coaching experience run on the show in a playoff game, as rick carlisle is out, here’s lou williams on the take and scores the runner. That was a big turning point in game. One dallas did answer in game two as zubox nice feed and the finish with two hands from ibiza zuba Applause, here’s hardaway, with kawhi leonard on him, bouncy his heart away and the jump shot is good.

Tim hardaway had a nice playoff run here for the mavericks. In this series had 21 points in 35 minutes in game four there’s, an answer by kawhi leonard hi hygiene, geologists, geologists, the skinny jeans, you’re wrong man, kenny kenny’s he’s, a target tonight, man he’s wearing it in that studio, that’s, kawhi, leonard it’s, a three there is Space on the shelf, the greatest here’s delon wright cashes in a three pointer turnovers, have been the story for dallas 11 turnovers tonight and they’ve, given their opponents. 22 points here goes jackson and high off the window. His second playoff series hadn’t scored a point in the playoffs until this year, george fouled by bobon Applause. Just do better sorry, man, sorry, it was montrez harrell for three he’s got it Applause turn the favor for him love, seeing that this is a tight knit group. George leaves it montrez, harold and now they’re up Applause it’s, just pouring it on right. Now the nba app for more details, paul george 13th career 30 point: oh, you could take a playoff game. He adds three more to it. 33 for pg 13. Now you say it’s time: yeah, yeah, it’s, definitely game five for george tonight. Applause harold goes to the cup shreves justin jackson as well jama turns it over jackson, running it up ahead right and a two handed jam coach at 125 career playoff games. First time he’s ever been ejected, it was a frustrating night for dallas and it started in the first half.

As harold puts two more on the board Applause. Patterson, hey he’s got another one. 20Th made three in this game: 20 for 31 65 success rate from behind the arc, as offensive rating goes maverick, set a an nba record with an offensive rating of 116.7. This year, harrell scores again inside the nba presented by kia coming up next ej kenny charles and shaq, hitting him in the head. Yeah hit me on the instagram fans we used to hit charlo in the head with the great dirk nowitzki three pointer in the corner: clippers shoot 63.1 percent from the field tonight, that’s a playoff record as well a record setting night in a lot of ways. They put 154 on the board.