Obviously, the newest official crap today so extreme showdown is the new thing in store. There is, i think, was it five five at 750, each it’s, basically like the thing we’ve had prior to this event, so pull the cards of the ball up to nine rewards, keep going into each cap around to an obstacle. These things are kind of impossible, but we’re gon na do it because yeah, because we are and it’s a new thing and before we actually do get into that. There is also a quest which is based on your top eight, so you’re guaranteed to get you know. Elemental card well meant to be so it’s, basically the top eight anyway, so it would be elemental down by two, so you’ve got obtained from tax. You got your second win as support and pool 300 cards, so not too difficult, but it’s, one of those little time consuming kind of ones. The 750 let’s get into this okay, so pick the cards so it’s kind of like the boogeyman one. If you remember that one okay, so first one matt riddle, okay we’ve got this because sweating um, so we get a little bit of luck. Okay, so we’ve literally lost on the first one. A reason why i say first one because the first one you can’t physically lose uh because it’s like an instant, avoid and the second one’s. You know it has one obscure on the board and i lost it.

So hey! Oh, this guy’s got an extreme card straight off the bat alexa blister it’s, only a rumble but it’s still an extreme car, which is good. I don’t think they’re, always no, not so. We’Ve got shattered there. Um elias and there’s three obstacles on the ball. Now we’re gon na go to the same position again. Doesn’T mean okay, king corbin, okay, so now we’re four obstacles in the board with five cards; the chances of getting one slim but we’re gon na go there. Okay, so our truth: okay, interesting so there’s, five obstacles in the board and there’s four cards, so picking one it’s gon na be the one could be anywhere probably just obstacle and worry guys make sure you. We have been uploading more on the second channel recently, so make sure you go check that out. If you haven’t already, yes, you will have fun. Links are in the description like always: okay, so straight off the bat, the rock neon okay, murphy gothic. Oh, we got becky lynch, the man vanguard, one yeah that’s, what they are now new extreme cards. They like move when you get their pronouns and make them decent, so stone, cold, uh cataclysm so so far, we’ve had two uh, not new ones, but we had two. So it’s decent we’ll, obviously take the any extreme card at this point. 750. So elias um, alice to black sorry lies so kylo reilly neon see we can get another one.

So we’ve lost that so we’ve got one more one more shot of this, so 1750. Let’S, do this hoping we get something decent? All we got to avoid is one obstacle, so please avoid it goes. Kofi kingston cataclysm and okay john cena neon, oh we’ve, got another one: randy orton primal uh, possibly possibly trip right, shattered, uh, so there’s five obstacles on the board with four cards the chance of getting one it’s gon na be slim here. Okay, so we’ve got an obstacle: okay, okay, so you’re one. We are right. We have got you on one, because that was a one prior to prior to this, so we’re gon na have a quick, little gander and new ones before we end this off. So we got um, so alexa bliss, um uh rumble you got i’ve got the the becky becky lynch one and i think now, since they’ve done the updates, you can actually change the images on these, which beforehand you wasn’t able to uh sketch there you go. So i don’t think you wasn’t able to change your images on extreme cards, but now you can so let’s just say, for example, that one yeah whatever like he wasn’t able to do it before so now you can so it’s, pretty cool, so yeah guys.