This is only his second against the mariners. One win in the national league, which featured a couple of swings of 3 0 pitches, a lot of quirky things going on in 2020 and the art takes up and in behind him, 3 2 from porcello, and he gets vr on the high fastball and that’s. How they’re at first and we can go to the outfield and there’s a lexus outfield, not even address the defensive players unless you see the full shift on against joyce and the curveball misses inside two balls. I thought you did a great open key. You had five days to practice, for it, slate is fairly clean and he strikes out matt joy, a little dip at the end of that pitch fools. Ramo sets up inside and neal waiting for it to come down and patrick mozika. A catcher has been called up as well with tomas nito and heard him he’s, usually known in double a that’s where he came. Halton are interrupted, it’s here just 161 against lefties and he just gets a little piece of that to stay alive, but he’s princeton coming in a few strides glove. We can thank you off to the outfield uh jd davis sitting. Second of the order, the first when we saw him last week and aguilar, are going to split the first base and defines the hole on the right side and sneaks one into the. I mean they’re going to give you that gary i mean that’s where he likes to go.

I just don’t understand even longer 17 days it’s a lot of running around. You know what doesn’t make sense to me, and maybe the home runs it’s hard to differentiate, sometimes but that’s kind of what we have to do. It well and the mets again take advantage and now conforto against miami this year in six games, Music from the pitcher right to the bag right there and he’s out smitt did that to me once in in uh, st louis, i was a young player. I learned my lesson: what was the lesson and alonso goes after the change up and it’s two five out of six from the marlin so far this year and the and the left field line chasing it dickerson went into the shift miguel rojas on it run in Each of his first five starts in the first inning this year: better leagues and ronnie. You did in college, but is so weird and he’s left field and that ball will go to the wall on one hop against the mets. This year was really struggling in a bad slump. He had a late start, but he’ll have plenty of time to get out of this tower about it today and said. While he understands the way that you could in a normal nine inning game, jorge alfaro at the plate and he gets plunked and so the marlins, you know advancing to runner from second base over to third uh sized, getting the runner over and got it in.

Our thought process, because you know i think, of the cardinals back when you were sold and he pivots fair ball. The anfield fly, roll will be invoked, he hits one sharply and it goes into left field for a base hit by brian anderson Music. To give the marlins an early one, nothing lead well there you go four for 29., so he runs well and that’s just good aggressive base when it plays in front of him they don’t know. Baseman should be thinking about. In that instance, or came back last week. He was seven for ten with miami team and they are thrilled to have him and porcelain three two coming and he takes one the other way for a basic. How far away does brian anderson did it prior and you’ve got it and good base running by brenson? Advancing the second and the throw a little too high to be cut off, enabling rojas to take second base and we’re going to throw to the lead runner. You got to make sure you can Applause. Jd davis will take care of this one and backed in the major league stats with lowe’s. I sure do how about the uh white sox. Do you feel dom smith takes one the other way and he’s going to base it, so the mets have three thrown ahead. Um, i think that’s that’s for four just just to show them there’s ball. Four and the mets have a couple of men out of the sex dono having trouble and so mcgill roll chases that one it’s two and one at the second ramos at first and the curve ball bounced foul and avenging back smith tagging at second.

So two out and two on and now ahmed rosario inner swing – remember: richie hebner was injured. With runners in scoring position, the mets as a team came into the day hitting 2 4. That left center actually broke his back and overcomes dickerson radar up gary, and i just got a warning info matt joyce, leading off in the third, the uh grounds, crew. More. You actually have it’s a it’s, a nap. Oh okay, i thought maybe, like you know, um joyce, and he gets them looking joyce strikes out for the second time the season her first starts after the all star. His routines are they’re working in terms of keeping him healthy paid dividends and they had scherzer 1 2 to dickerson and he picks off the inside corner that’s a pretty lackluster banner there. Mister brian anderson has been the stalwart today center nimo, going back way back to the warning side. The ball doesn’t go in your glove. You know we have a great view here that ball off the bat started like a telephone pole low and i don’t mean barry bonds. I mean i was talking about bobby he’s. Got that thumb, protector and he’s got his bottom hand. Anderson’S cut off all four of them on the zone. There’S, a change up, speed burner only hit rosario in to get it and he’ll go to first with it it’s a threats in each of the first two innings flies one to shallow right on, comes easily off the line, and but the four run cushion should make It easier for him, i mean if you’re out there and jd pulls one down the line and that ball is going to go into the corner first, so he’s at second with one out michael conforto, and that will also have the impact of meaning they’re, not spitting.

Out his broken luck brits is there waiting for it yeah? Were they were they big, jeffery tall fans back in with two out and had him played perfectly? Yes, he did coming up yes, but they’re going to be five games and only three winners start for corey and now making his through here’s the o2 to sanchez and he fouls another one. So rick rounded on the right side, a nice easy hop for mcneil technically in the bullpen. Although luis wrote in a coin virtually every day having to run his first time up, princeton’s got a hole. Miguel rojas on deck and brenson takes it on the outside corner. So the um lamar will have been two runs in the second inning smith, going back on the warning track right at the wall, showing the ups right up, the line, it’s outfielder playing a little deeper now, and that certainly pays off on a play like that. Failed to score gets this one off the fists out to shortstop and trevor roger to base it his first time up, grounded down to first and diaz will take this one himself, so ramos bats, with two out of nobody on think of reasons for uh hitters.