We were able to do that for the most part uh and then had some shots at their pen. You know we had some chances. The guys did a nice job of kind of keeping the line moving, making a guy throw the ball over with corey and andy there. So we got we give ourselves a chance in that scenario um you know the plane the knife, as far as i know, there’s nothing illegal about you know so i’ve seen it over the years. You can. You can block that thing with your knee or your foot. Um and really the base runner’s defense is spikes, so i mean if, if he’s going to put his ankle, there then you’re willing to. Basically, if you slide in hard that pop up slide, he basically puts his ankle in the way and it’s kind of fair game. Um one other thing: the fastball tonight i mean jacob was was great as usual, but it seemed like there was a lot of chase uh high out of the zone almost. Why is that such a hard pitch to kind of lay off of that kind of rising fastball with his arsenal, probably as part of the package? There obviously it’s the velo? That is the problem and you know you’ve you’ve. In a sense, you don’t, you don’t, have a lot of time. Uh with him uh you guys, throwing 100. You got to get it going, uh he’s, not exactly a guy.

That shows it to you either. Oh, you don’t want to swing in it because it’s really a tough pitch, but with him you’re trying to it’s almost like you got to get your swing, going. Um it’s just hard to lay off of jordan yeah, hey donna, just thoughts on eliezer tonight. I know it was comparatively speaking to his first few starts, as was one of his tougher outings out there. Just what did you see out then yeah? I i thought that also uh, not quite as sharp tonight uh as as we’ve seen him um, but hung in there right and kind of had his best standing there in the fourth and the reason we were willing that we’re gon na send him back out. We were thinking about lefty right there um, but it looked like he had his best thing in the fourth started, getting some rhythm uh, you know and then obviously we he gives up the home run to to nemo there so uh, but not not quite as sharp, But still you know an outing that he leads us in the game right. He doesn’t leave us down. Five. Six seven runs he. You know we’re down a few, so i mean not his best, but still one of those that he hangs in there with him and gives us a chance to win like we had tonight at the very end of the game. Uh other craig, hey donnie good evening.

Just a real, quick um was there any thought process from the players before the game of potentially not playing the game? It seems like uh, there really wasn’t a delay, but at least around the league there were some uh. You know games being postponed players deciding not to play, and how did that work with your leadership council and your club? Thank you um. I i didn’t hear anything about it. Honestly, there was no real talk of it. It would have been something we would have. Obviously talked about and been open to, obviously with today what was going on um yeah, so i it was something that we would’ve been open to. No players really brought it up. No, you know nobody went into that. I don’t know if that’s, because we’re kind of a younger club or or what that is, but you know nobody really talks about it. Okay, thank you daniel thank you, jason dunn, uh, a couple for you and in the eighth uh, the approach of your ages and and what you saw from them, uh, coming back and in the ninth uh on the vr, trying to steal the base what’s that your Call, or does he just green light, every time he’s on first no he’s, pretty much green green light and he’s got it stolen, easy right, just the the foot thing. So i mean i, i think, it’s a good it’s the right play. We know we’ve got a good combination.

It would have put him in scoring position. Give us two chances to tie a game up um. Obviously you, if you know that that’s, that kind of guy, then you got to use your you got to use your feet. First, uh, probably in the future we’ll be we’ll, be spikes up right when you, when you go into second with him, because what what he was willing to do tonight. So that part is a green light and i was okay with it because it was the right time and he we got a good jump uh and i thought the obviously the the inning that we were able to get back in it. Uh guys battled and didn’t. Try to do too much just kept the line moving, um and you know obviously andy and and corey uh patient, making them throw strikes and – and you know, just a hit away from kind of busting.