The hyundai starting lineup for the yank go that far without allowing a base runner. But the key is for him to get duties on his second game cano at segundo bosse instead of dhing, oh to strike, call and it’s one of the two and he reaches for it, hits it right over the bag. That’S a fair after not allowing a bitch. Look at that, let go with one hand, and only the good hitters can do that here. Bats against lugo, 12 home runs that lined off the glove of davis recovers gets. The added second drive should be caught, but it turns into a very fortunate double play. You can see one two i’ve got him. Looking fastball on the inside corner, lead off with brandon nemo, not playing in game. Two jake marissa gets the start in this pitch and there’s davey garcia right there. His minor league this time doesn’t he mcneil able to waste that one and mcneil went past the mound behind the bag at second hero. The game won her shell up with a very fine glove at third base. Talkman and her shell says get. I think it makes it look bigger than it really is pitching in the major leagues and he gets tom smith looking and that retire seven in a row before their walk off e4 and eleven and have won five in a row. Nice, looking fastball from luke against jacob degrom tomorrow, that’s hit sharply toward the hole in a base hit for clint frazier.

Two odd hit against edwin diaz to bring home talkman with the winning. As it ended the game it came off. The bat did you think, conforto check where conforto was gary smith’s thrown down to first by sanchez and he’s out with the back pick: oh he’s safe. He definitely he did not come off the back. The yankees will challenge the call and clearly it’ll be over this shouldn’t. Take long, oh he’s, safe and they’ll overturn the call one of these days. Frasier has to slide doesn’t he and lugo blows away or shutting out safe at home plate. Let me tag by more than a couple of inches, so if that throws just a little more online, he probably gets him towards five unearned runs gary and swinging a miss and talkman’s down on strats side. Cutting in front is davis plenty of time with pratt. This is three to two cardinals and davis down on strikes that’s the second strike. He came into relief right. Yes, he won uh. He went into two with an out to get in the first round, killed or to left field and talkman edges in closer. After all, he’s 5 9, a height of st louis 1952 movie dan daley, played over comes talkman to call leads off in the top of the third field. Conforto goes back to the warning. Track takes a look. He turned on this ball just bled out over the middle, not known for his power, trying to throw a fastball first pitch strike one he’s, not that tiny ball one strata, one for six.

In this series, all rosario came up and into 18. that’s on the outside corner, and he gets over is not a very good option that was in the other batters box. Well, it’s 6 for 16 in this series: 2 2 coming to voight and he fouls off fast and two thirds and make it ten as he gets voigt to end the top of the right rusting. Whoever used that big old bat gary, though that happened in the national league too, in the 90s, with the brave staff as garcia, strikes out results and is when he struck out 15 against the braves championship series. I mean those those strikers are in this series, including his home, run sanchez on deck and marissnik fouls back to fastball. You know it used to successful right hand, pitcher good pitch. Well pedro was that this news radio 880 make up game of the marlins tomorrow with jacob to ground, on the mound against trevor rock first game. Eight seven in eight innings curveball hit into right field and a base set for hicks hit against lugo and those are the only four hits. Oh he’s been pitching out of the stretch, virtually the struck out five and three innings in this start. Well, mr bentley has a smaller, really yeah and he gets fraser russ. What are you doing in here? You do her. Shell has struck out his first time up and a good curve ball to get ahead on her shallow one and two your go to guy then, who you know to me: that’s hix runs again and that’s ball four, and so the yankees have two men on yes, Um, you know, but ansys is on the intro and his arsenal, not his arsenal, so here’s krabs, because he had just been called back it’s a five run, lead well that’s, not really a vote of confidence.

Is it garrett and the curve ball misses to kratz. Two balls and a strike three two coming and he struck him out so lugo with a high fast one big out for him here in the fourth. Those are his three run five days for chasing, who last pitched against the marlins on two strikeouts tyler wade took him deep and conforto makes the that’s tomorrow’s makeup games a hole and he’s got a base. Hit first met bishop doubleheader loss. I just said you know for a strike: nothing in one everybody’s and michael laid on the fastball and garcia’s got his six. Can you talk about a true 12 to six curve and he gets his spot just off the plate, one of let’s hit them the hole and a great diving stop by smith. Very nice play tyro estrada with a terrific play to help out davey, first time up and up on the right side in foul ground Music fabric tyro estrada lines, one the other way for a base hit, so a strike against chase and shree so he’s home. Well, three for eight in this series, picking up right where he left off before he was hurt. Center back goes mcneal in the gap and he runs a little weeks ago made a nice running play there for the first down, i think jeff another, and then you get more line drives hit right at you. Never fails oh that’s, okay, that’s i mean you had someone pulled me aside, and i was just a beer i’m just a chord by the time you saw him.

A half swing on the splitter and and boy chase is the splitter for strike three x’s one for two in this game and a base it his last time up: Music retrieve. This is down, and now it’s, three and two guy is unbelievable could be done. I mean we’ve been ready to run 3 2 coming to hicks and he misses badly with a 3 2 splitter kariznic is right. There waiting for it and now center fielder, robinson cano drills, one into right field. He’S got to base it over it. I mean how often do you see an outfielder make a play like this? On a ball i mean that is for pete alonso and someone who can relate that’s good advice, not to give advice, one out to left center cutting across his top. Do you get off to a bad start, look at that ball running and saw him off um david peterson, taking possession of it open, advice right but watches oh and two to ahmed. Did you see um chapman two and two well davey garcia, zario and in shallow right fraser? Is there it’s a very nice yankee roster as the 29th man for the and a curveball dribbled up the third baseline kratz let’s? Well, he did the the wise thing here. It looked like it was heading in that direction. Then it took a right turn.