Six. You see those numbers there, man, a little uncharacteristic in terms of five walks against twelve nimmo, is ready. King is that third there’s a strike a little gloomy. I i must tell you swing and a miss. He powered it by movement and life on that fast, michael king and then davy garcia, making his made comfortable. So they went with king who’s, been here out to third lemayo it’s your opportunity to pick hope that it gets cloudy before that second game because of shadows, especially this time of year and get guys from leaning out over that fly, ball right field, talkman toward the Line it starts on tick tock, dj lamey will lead off and play third, the dhs loop all the stories that local new jersey, kids, seton hall prep has made the fifth most starts since he broken now it’s hard to quantify luck, but yankees are 17 in broad He’S not going to give in try to hit that ball to right field is john sterling still doing the void is adroit or the thesaurus, and and look some stuff up. You know line drive off the glove of davis in the truck big break for the yankees runs the base. Look at you. This is at some point and cody got it out early kudo. Now the mets playing the infield back. Of course, you give voigt a double on that and there was really no other way to score it, and porcelain was a very tough guy to guess.

Along with he’s, you just try to get a job done, but right here, good pitch to try to drive plate, make sure you make contact to at least get one running strike three hicks down, looking absolutely brilliant way and a good pitch that he saved for that 3 2 count up the middle that’ll get a run in him. Nsp done i mean you could not get a lead off walk and then a double and come up. 3. 2. Oh smith, toward the line here’s one of them, dominic smith match up for aaron boone. As smith smashes that one in the right swing by smith, huge game winning home, run off of chad green on just a good swing, i would look for the left. We’Ll leave his three days in rowing. Just you got to figure that you know you jam by. Only giving up a one run that’s a big cop top well michael. I asked him that very question about their philosophy. Maybe michael king in game, one infield in and alonzo hits a slow ground ball to wait, really get out of this inning without any the mets. I don’t have the numbers in front of me: it’s a how much you’d be surprised really, even in today, 3 1 wade on one hop and wade gets all three mike ford leads off and grounds it to the shortstop. Corners are unhittable, grounded to first alonzo’s, the one out david. Did you go from the stretcher? Did you go for a better sense of rhythm? Then i would go from the wind up an advantage, but even a lefty third davis, Music, trades and malone is actually to see swinging.

The miss by ramos and the indians are talking about is rosario. Your long term answer is jimenez and when you talk to people around the mercer play on this ball mercer, but he sees dj lemay you and wisely says: if there is a play to be made, but you can’t call it late. Let me walk them. Go with the top of the lineup turning over, even if you get caught while michael king also pretty impressed. Yes, you can see definitely it’s all good i’m guessing you were tuned into a bottle of cap run. It goes swung on a nist you’re trying to cover that outside corner. Then you’ll tie yourself up and get through this sanchez with a sanchez popping up trying to do a pick off the umpire snaps, his head back in 2 2 backing up gardner he’s on the track, i’ve already clicked your phone messages for you, you know, leave a Message at the beach right on my my phone line drive base hit for wade. He says with some speed now. This is a combination by the the stands and he could easily walk to second base today’s game, and you know more action more two and two two chop. The second let’s see if they turn two there’s one headed and yes mo, brought to you by your mercedes benz, tri state dealer and he for first pitch fastball and very aggressive, nothing wrong swing and a miss kyle higashioka, who was placed on the 10 day il On august, 8th with a stream, you look at it totally without a motion.

It’S easy, because two in one comes in across the board. You know we forget that he was looped in the left center field. It’S a base hit up it’s, just kind of a looping line. Drive 99. one is looped into centerfield. The base hit for alonso the worst team in baseball, hitting with runners nothing hit hard, but the mets continue to add on one oh and two, oh kind of runs that fastball see exactly where it got him good at bad for mcneal burr, the this fine grass. Yes, it does to get alonzo at second, but alonso got there just ahead of the throw for the force i got if they can get that information down to him here’s what now with lemayo, and that one is under the glove of forward and into right, and That one get but alonso stays put come home. Gary sanchez, very fortunate ones, popped up sanchez, double him up so to fly out to king is not going to uh. Get that last out of the fourth inning is themselves in the yankees yeah, the oh yeah someone’s. The o2: oh, what a good job by crisky three pitches he strikes out and misses out of his 68 pitches. You know i get back to he rounded right into the shift. It’S an unbelievable point there coney, because it is totally against the grain of every other hitters are trying to hit the ball hard. Pitchers are trying to stop that.

You ended up hitting into a double play now, being a little more aggressive would be my get that pitch to give you the opportunity to some scoreless hitting and then how to lead. The game leaves with a shoulder issue and he’s on the eye pitchers in their bullpen and talkman wanted to get out of there and that’s meatballs. So he has 31. If you watch him take five pitches, his approach to the baseball can be five different things. You know hearing that expression when i was on the mound, but he questions his talent to go a lot of times. He’Ll put the brakes on now. After almost getting picked off. Runner goes no doubt about it. I mean when your footwork is this bad boy that ball moves so double for ford and it’s a 2 2 game popped up. Let me see your stance and now wait a minute you’re standing like ken griffey, jr you’re, standing here difficult at the major league level. As a hitter swing and a miss throwing it righty on righty, you can see how far out in front jd dave chop to second there’s one, they can’t three, two, that one is drilled to right field, going back talkman number 329, except for jeff kent for second Baseman’S looking basement and chrisky knows it: well, he went back to it and robinson salute rocket into the stands and ball up and in and it ended up built. Mcneil three hits against porcello a bone spur has been bothering him ball right field, conforto, here’s, tyler.

Last eight games, where they’re one and seven to have the big inning and put people away, as david mentioned, they certainly know porcello. This is his eighth, the middle and a base head under the glove of mcneil in the center. Well, the mayhew does what lello we should mention that canoes home run. Voight.