I guess a lot of us assumptions were being made on how they’d play um, how they’d um be different under dave, rennie and yeah we’ve learnt a lot in these first two games. You know with nick white out there they like to get him running um on the back of some pretty strong bull carries so they like to play that that fast footy um go forward. Footy and uh. Obviously, they’ve got some really skillful playmakers and some hard running backs so it’s a pretty well balanced, um game that they’re playing and um yeah. I wouldn’t say there are too many surprises. We we experienced you know a rampant performance in perth last year, when they everything seemed to work well for them. So i think that’s, the sort of game that they are aiming to play james o’connor’s been starting at 10 for them. The last couple of tc someone that’s played 15 as well as someone who also plays both. What have you noticed about his style and what he’s bringing to that tin jersey? Oh look, i’ve, always admired james. The way he plays the game, he’s got great skill set. Um, you know he can be physical, he can run he can. He can kick, he can do it also um yeah after talking to him after the first couple of games, he’s enjoying that role – and i think he’s only going to get going to improve in it too and just off eden park um getting back to rugby bowden Uh, i i thought you know many of us watching thought it was one of your better tests, um the way you’re able to impact the game and have an influence that you know what what do you take from that into? I guess the australian league of of what’s coming up into in terms of you know the uh the way you’re able to play in auckland and perhaps uh things uh like that, moving forward you’re able to do oh look.

I was just happy to be back playing wearing the black jersey and uh feeling a lot better than in previous weeks, with my little niggle that i’ve been working hard to get on top of so yeah look. I was really clearly excited to be out there at eden park um playing afternoon 40, a great day to run with ball in hand and play the game that i love to to play so um yeah what it means for footy over here um look. I just have to take one day at a time to keep growing um as a player, keep getting better and not get too far ahead of myself because um, you know it is an exciting challenge. We’Ve got coming up um, you know at the moment the conditions over here aren’t too great, so we could be faced with some weird weather footy, but um yeah we’re just preparing well at the moment, um there’s been a lot said across the tasman about the the Impact of of dave rennie on this wallabies side um, as you mentioned before, though the wallaby’s very impressive um in perth last year. Just from your point of view, are the wallabies better or worse, have they improved or are they just different um look that’s a tough question. You know at times i’ve seen them put us under immense pressure in, in particular that first game in wellington uh where we had a draw, but there were a lot of uh times in the second game at eden park where um, you know a couple of balls: Didn’T, stick and we’re.

You know on the back foot and they’re one pass away from putting us under pressure and even that mall try disallowed. You know the i think they’re improving and they they’re a strong side under dave. Rennie um. You know we’ve got a lot of respect for them and what he’s uh doing with them so um, you know we, we can’t focus too much on them. Either we’ve got to um, you know, look after our own backyard and keep growing as this team as all blacks in 2020.. Does it? Does it bother you and does it bother the team that you’ve given the wallabies an opportunity to come home and win this car by by, i suppose, not winning those first two games at home? To what degree does that? Does that bother you or how do you feel about that yeah? Of course it bothers us, you know, but we can’t be too arrogant and and assume that we’re going to win every game at home. We have to. We do respect australia and we are up for the challenge that is presented this weekend. Um. You know we haven’t won the bledisloe cup on the soil for a long time, so we’ve got an opportunity to do that for the first time in maybe 20 or so years, and you know we’re pretty excited about that challenge. You touched on the perth test from last year. Do you look into that match at all, or is it just so different in terms of the plays and coaching set up now, um, look it’s important to remember how you felt in the change room or in the game during those moments and uh use that as Fuel and just little reminders on when things don’t go well what they happen and um.

You know a reality check as to maybe we didn’t prepare as well as we should have so um. Essentially, we don’t want it to happen again um, but each test is different. We have to prepare for this test in sydney this weekend and um yeah it’s good. To be aware of, i think that one just really showed their strengths when everything goes goes to plan and when we don’t front physically and emotionally there’s, been a lot made about the 1015 combination that you’ve been a part of for the last year or so from Your perspective um, do you think it continues to improve that it seemed to work, probably the best it’s had um in that game at eden park? Oh absolutely, i um, i mean i’ve only played one game um this year and i enjoyed that at fullback and yeah.