This is my preview of the all blacks versus wallabies match that is happening this weekend at anz stadium in sydney. It should be a very good match, so the lineups were announced earlier today. So if you do want to see those, i have got them on the channel already uploaded yeah. This is more of my in depth, analysis of the match and if you do enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe. We are on the road to 400 subscribers. So if you want to help out, it would be very much appreciated, but yeah let’s get right into the video right, so the all blacks, they did announce their lineup earlier today and there are three changes to the starting lineup and those are as follows: hoskin saturday Is now playing number eight instead of ari savia, who isn’t actually in australia yet so that is why hoskins satu is slotting into that number. Eight role, even though he hasn’t got a lot of experience. I think he will still do pretty well because he did look strong in those two other matches against the wallabies. So i feel like he will continue that form and it’ll be a good opportunity for him, just like it was for tupo vai taking the spot of sam whitelock, although in this match, sam whitelock is back and tupava’ai is nowhere to be seen because scott barrett is The reserve now another change to the starting lineup is kyle. Turanokiafi is slotting into that number one role.

Instead of joe moody and joe moody isn’t on the bench either. I assume they are just kind of looking after him a bit after he got knocked out trying to tackle ned hannigan in that second match. So i think it is probably the right decision to just hold him off for a little bit longer. He may not be required in this match and you don’t really want to risk any further injury. Definitely not when it comes to head, knocks it’s, just not a good path to go down. So we’ve got a couple new names on the all blacks bench as well. Compared to the last two matches, tyrell lomax is back on the bench. Instead of nippo lula. We have got scott barrett, who is on the bench once again as well. Dalton papalii is the other forward in the reserves and he covers a few positions. So that is a good choice from the all black selectors and then we have also got naila mapei. Who is making his return to the bench? He will be a strong, dangerous man in those last, perhaps 20 minutes or so because i know a few people were a bit concerned about the selections of those reserves with narilao, mape and rico iwani, both kind of being more predominantly centers. Although rico yuani can cover the wing, i feel like they will still have all the players that they need in that squad, the all blacks. So a few people were saying: richie malanga, maybe hasn’t earned his spot at number 10 for this next match coming up and we will have to wait and see how he goes.

He’S had a pretty quiet first and second game, so hopefully he can get it going in this third one, because if he doesn’t, i feel like you’ve got to go with maybe putting bowdoin barrett back at 10 or bringing in someone like a joshuani. Although he’s in a bit of trouble lately, but we won’t go too in depth with that, so those are the changes to the all blacks in this match, still a very dominant sight and if they can play like they did last week, i think that they have A real chance of winning this one and retaining the cup, but then, on the other side, the wallabies, if they can play like they did in that first match it just didn’t, quite click for them. In the second, there were a lot of opportunities that they, unfortunately weren’t able to take, such as when they just ended up dropping the ball right at the like least ideal times, but if the wallabies can take their chances in this match, i feel like we could Be in for a quite a close match, i hope it is close. I don’t want it to be a runaway to the all blacks because i feel like if it’s close, then it benefits everyone, because then it does build up more hype for that fourth match and tell you what, if the wallabies win, then that fourth match it’s all To play for, and it could be extremely exciting, but we will have to wait and see so for the wallabies we’ve got a few changes for them as well.

One big one that i saw was the fact that james slipper is out with a knee injury, which means not only are they losing matt to mueller from last week, but now they have also lost james o’connor, and then i also saw that they have gone with Haylet, petty as fullback instead of tom banks, so that’s three changes to their backline, all at once, which could be risky. But hopefully these new boys will be able to click together so coming in at number 10. It will be noah lalicio and then also the centers uh array simoni. I hope i’m saying that right and maybe simone and jordan pattaya with dane haylett petty slotting into number 15, so it’s interesting, and they also have a couple new names on their bench as well: the likes of fraser mcwright and tate mcdermott. But then they have still got reese hodge and hunter pysarmy as the other two back, so that’s still a strong wallaby side. If they can play the rugby that they have the potential to be able to play. We are in for quite a ripper of a match and i’m very excited for it. Hopefully it does deliver, because i mean the first two have been pretty good to watch and definitely that first one that one was a nail biter, the second one, a little bit more one sided towards the all blacks, but tell you what if the wallabies can win This third one – and we go one all going into the fourth – then that’s, going to be amazing yeah that may sound slightly bad coming from someone who should be an all black supporter, but i feel like in a way like the benefit to rugby, would be a Lot bigger: if australia managed to win this third, one not saying they will but i’m, also not saying they won’t, but if they manage to win this third one, then rugby in a whole, like it’ll, be a very good competition and it will build a lot of Hype for the rest of the try nations games, of course, argentina will be heading into the mix very soon, and those matchups will be very interesting.

I still need to learn a lot of the argentine players because i can’t think of five off the top of my head. Unfortunately, so we’ll have to do that, but anyway i think that’s the end of this preview. There may be a part two, but there also may not be no no promises there.